Die Sabbathi, 12. May 1660.

IT is this day Ordered by the Lords in Parliament Assembled, That all such Person or Persons as have in their Custody, or in the Possession of any other in trust to their use, any Iewels, Plate, Pictures, or any other Goods or Houshold-stuff, belonging to His Majesty, Do bring them to the Lords Committeés to consider and receive Information concern­ing the Kings Iewels, Goods, &c. or to their Assignes, within seven dayes next after the date hereof, upon forfeiture of all such Goods, as shall not be brought in according to this Order, and within the time aforementioned.

ORdered by the Lords in Parliament Assembled, That this Order be forthwith Printed and Published.

JO. BROWNE, Cleric. Parliamentorum.

LONDON, Printed by John Macock and Francis Tyton, Printers to the House of Lords, 1660.

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