The Humble ADDRESS Of the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual & Temporal In Parliament Assembled, Presented to HIS MAJESTY On the Sixteenth of December, 1695.


LONDON, Printed by Charles Bill and the Executrix of Thomas Newcomb, deceas'd, Printers to the Kings most Excel­lent Majesty. 1695.

IT is Ordered by the Lords Spiritual and Tem­poral in Parliament Assembled, That the Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England, do give Order, That the Address of this House, made to His Majesty Yesterday, and His Ma­jesties most Gracious Answer thereunto, be forth­with Printed and Published.

Matth. Johnson, Cleric' Parliamentor'

The Humble ADDRESS Of the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual & Temporal In PARLIAMENT Assembled.

WE the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Par­liament Assembled, Having taken into our Serious Consideration the great Mischief which is brought up­on this Your King­dom, by reason that the Coin which Passeth in Payments is generally Clip­ped, and that no other Remedy is like to prove Effectual for Preventing the [Page 4]Increase of this Evil, but to make Clip­ping Unprofitable for the future, Do most Humbly Address to Your Majesty, to Issue out Your Royal Proclamation, That from such Day or Days, as Your Majesty shall think fit, no Clipped Mo­ney, of any Sort, shall Pass in any Pay­ment, as the Currant Coin of this King­dom.

Matth. Johnson, Cleric' Parliamentor'

His Majesties most Gracious Answer to the Address.

THat according to the Lords Desire in their Address, His Majesty will Issue out His Proclamation with what speed the Nature of the thing will Admit.


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