Die Iovis 28 Maii, 1646.

FOr as much as many Writs of Error be now brought, and may hereafter be brought, and the Records thereupon be removed into this present Par­liament: And the Plaintiffs in the same Writs oftentimes desire to delay Iustice rather then to come to the determination of the right of the cause. It is therefore this day Ordered by the Lords assembled in Parliament, That the Plaintiffs in such Writs, after the same, and the Records bee brought in, shall speedily repaire to the Clarke of the Parliament, and prosecute their Writs of Error, and satisfie the Officers of this House their Fees iustly due unto them by reason of the prosecution of the said Writs of Error, and the proceedings thereupon: And further, shall assigne their Errors within eight dayes after the bringing in of such Writs with the Records. And if the Plaintiffes make default so to do, then the said Clarke, if the Defendant in such Writs require it, shall record that the Plaintiffe hath not pro­secuted his Writ of Error: And that this House doth therefore award that such Plain­tiffe shall lose his Writ, and that the Defendant shall goe without day, and that the Record be remitted. And if any Plaintiffe in any Writ of Error shall alleage Diminution and pray a Cerciorari, the Clarke shall enter an award thereof accordingly. And the Plain­tiffe may, before in nullo est erratum pleaded, sue forth such Writ of Cerciorari in ordinary course, without speciall Petition or Motion to this House for the same. And if he shall not prosecute such Writ, and procure it to be returned within ten dayes next after his Plea of Diminution put into this House; then unlesse he shall shew some good cause to this House for the inlarging of the time for the returne of such Writ, he shall lose the benefit of the same: and the Defendant in the Writ of Error may proceed, as if no such Writ of Cerciorari were awarded.

Die Iovis 28. Maii 1646.

ORdered by the Lords assembled in Parliament, That this Order be forthwith printed and published.

Ioh. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.

London printed for Iohn Wright at the Kings Head in the Old Bayley. 1646.

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