WHereas in these times of publique danger and distraction, there is a recourse unto the City of London of divers persons that are come into the said City and Suburbs thereof to reside, and have taken Houses or Lodgings for their habitations, being strangers and altogether un­known how they stand affected; It is therefore Orde­red by the Commons in Parliament, that the Lord Major of the said City, shall cause a generall search and enquirie to be made from time to time through­out the said City and Suburbs thereof, and to take [...]eciall notice of the said persons and their attendants, and of their names; and [...]r the better discovery how they stand affected, shall tender unto them the [...]ropositions for Horse Money or Plate, and to take their subscriptions, and to in­ [...]orme himselfe whether they doe make their paiements accordingly into the Guild Hall of the said City; And to returne the names of such as cannot give [...] good account of their coming to the said City or suburbs thereof, or that [...]ould refuse to subscribe to the said Propositions, according to their severall [...]states and qualities, that some further course may be forthwith taken by this House in that behalfe.

Hen: Elsynge Cleri. Parl. D. Com.

London, Printed for R. Oulton & G. Dexter, 1642.

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