WHereas divers well-affected Persons, Citizens of the City of London, and others, have advanced severall great summes of money, and other supplies for the safety of the King, Parliament, and Kingdome, and also have set forth many Souldiers under the severall Commands of their Excellencies the Earles of Essex and Warwicke: Notwithstanding all which said former Advances, and for the better supply of the said Forces, as also for the more sure preservation and safety of the King, Parliament, and City, which so much concernes the Publique. And no way to hinder or backward the said former undertakings or intenti­ons; divers of the said well-affected Persons, are and doe declare them­selves yet willing and ready, further to undertake and advance a con­siderable number of Souldiers, and them to Arme, maintaine and pay, for severall moneths ensuing, or during these times of dangers and Distractions, for the purposes aforesaid. Provided they may have the Publique Faith of the Kingdome for repayment of all such summes of money, which they shall so advance by way of Loane. All which is Declared by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, to be an accep­table Service to the King, Parliament, and Kingdome, and necessarily tending to the preservation of them. And doe therefore Order that all such as shall furnish Men, Money, Horse or Armes for this Service, shall have the same fully Repayed againe, with interest for the forbea­rance thereof from the times disbursed: And for the true payment thereof, doe hereby engage to all and every such person and persons, the Publique Faith of the Kingdome. And doe further Order, that the Lord Major, and Sheriffes of London for the time being, shall by themselves, and such Sub-Committee as they shall appoint to take the said Subscriptions, who are to order the performance of this Service for the advancement thereof.

John Brown, Cler. Parliament.

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