shall be leavied and paid to the use of the poore of the Parish, where the said offence hath been committed, and that all other Fines, exceeding the said summe of five pounds, shall be to the use of the poore of the Countie, Citie, or Borough respectively, where the said Offences shall be committed, to be disposed by the Justices of the Peace, Majors or Bailiffs respe­ctively, at the next generall Sessions, where and when the said summes shall be adjudged.

It is further Ordered and Ordained, That all Com­mon Prayer bookes remaining in parish Churches and Chappells shall within a Moneth after the pub­lishing of this Ordinance, be by the Church-wardens; or Constables of the respective Parishes, under the penalty of forty shillings to be employed as afore­said, carryed unto the Committees of the respective Counties, where they shall be found, to be disposed of, as the Parliament shall direct.


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