AN ORDINANCE OF THE Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled: For prevention of the Adjournment of the Courts of Iustice, without consent of both Houses of Parliament.

THe Lords and Commons taking into their serious consideration the great inconvenience that hath come to His Majesties Subjects by the late frequent adjournment of the Courts of Iustice, and by Spies resorting to the Cities of London and Westminster under pretence thereof; for the prevention of the same for the future, doe hereby Order and Ordaine, That in case any person or persons shall at any time hereafter deliver, or cause to be delivered to any of the Iudges of any His Majesties Courts to be held in West­minster, or to any of their Clerkes or Servants, or to any Officers of any the said respe­ctive Courts, or any others, to be delivered to any of the said Iudges, any Writ, Pro­clamation, or other Thing whatsoever, sealed with any great Seale, other then the great Seale of England now attending the Parliament by Ordinance of both Houses, all and every such person and persons shall be pro­ceeded against by the Law-Marshall as Spies; and the Lord Generall is hereby desired forthwith to proceed against every such person accordingly. And it is further Ordered and Ordained, That none of the said Iudges, nor their Clerkes, Servants, or any Officer or Officers of the respective Courts aforesaid, shall presume to Receive, View, or any wayes meddle with any Writ or Proclamation sealed with any great Seale, without first acquainting the Speakers of the two Houses therewith, and receiving and pursuing the directions to be given thereupon from both Houses of Parliament, upon paine of Imprisonment of their persons, Seque­stration of their Estates, and such further punishment as shall be thought meet by both Houses of Parlia­ment. And that no Iudge, Officer, or other person whatsoever, presume to carry, or cause to be carried, any Records, Writings, or other Memorialls from any the Courts at Westminster, or other places in or about the Cities of London or Westminster unto the City of Oxford, or other place where the Kings Forces are, under paine of incurring such, or the like Penalties as aforesaid.

Ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament that this Ordinance be forthwith printed and published.

John Browne Cler. Parliamentorum.

Imprinted at London for Laurence Baiklocke, and are to be sold at his Shop at Temple-Barre. 1643.

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