AN ORDINANCE OF THE LORDS and COMMONS Assembled in PARLIAMENT: FOR Bringing in of the Arrears for the Garrisons of the Easterne Association.

Die Jovis 10 Decemb. 1646.

ORdered by the Lords Assembled in Parliament, That this Ordinance be forthwith printed and published.

Joh. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.

London printed for Iohn Wright at the Kings Head in the old Bayley. 1646.

Die Jovis 10 Decemb. 1646.
AN ORDINANCE OF THE LORDS and COMMONS Assembled in PARLIAMENT, For bringing in the Arrears of the Garrisons of the Easterne Association.

VVHereas by two severall Ordinances of the third of September, 1645. and the sixth of August, 1646. sixteene [Page 2] Moneths and seven daies Tax was Ordained to be Assessed, Collected, and payed for maintenance of the Garri­sons of the Easterne Association; And whereas a great part of the Moneys payable by vertue of the said Ordinances, is still in Arreare, and uncollected, and by meanes there­of the summes of Money still due to the said Garrisons for their Pay, du­ring the time of their continuance, and to the Inhabitants thereof, and of the Adiacent Counties for Quarters, are become very great: Now that the said Arreares may be brought in, and issued forth according to the true intent and meaning of the said Or­dinances, Be it Ordained, and it is Ordained by the Lords and Com­mons in Parliament Assembled, That the Committee of Lords and Com­mons for the Easterne Association, and the Committees of the severall [Page 3] Counties mentioned in the said Ordinances, shall have Power, and are hereby Authorized to exe­cute the said severall Ordinances according to the Powers and Au­thorities to them thereby gran­ted respectively. And the said Committees are hereby Ordered to take effectuall care for the full and speedy Assessing, Raising, Levying, and Collecting of all the said Arreares: And be it fur­ther Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, That the said Com­mittee of Lords and Commons for the Easterne Association, shall have Power to imploy and dis­pose of all the said Arreares, to the intents and purposes of the said severall Ordinances, according to the Authority to them hereby granted.

Jo. Brown Cleric. Parliam.

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