AN ORDINANCE OF THE LORDS AND COMMONS ASSEMBLED IN PARLIAMENT Directing the payment of all duties upon the Revenue to be made to the severall Receivers, appointed, or to be appointed.

WHereas diverse Mannors, Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments of Papists, Delin­quents, and ill affected persons in diverse Counties, Cities, and places within this Realm of England, Dominion of Wales, and Port and Towne of Barwicke, by Ordinan­ces of Parliament, are, and others hereafter may be sequestred, out of which there are sun­dry Fee-Farme Rents, Farme Rents, and other payments due to His Majesty, the Queen, and Prince▪ And Whereas the Lords and Commons in this present Parliament Assem­bled, upon the one and twentieth of September last, passed an Ordinance for the siezing up­on, and receiving for the use of His Majesty and the Common-Wealth, all His Majesties▪ the Queene and Princes Revenues, of what nature or quality soever, certaine, or casuall, within the said Realme of England, Dominion of Wales, and Ports and Town of Barwick, together with all the Arrears thereof, and all debts any way due to his Majesty, the Queene or Prince. And to the end that all distracti­ons & confusions of accounts may be avoyded and prevented, and that there may be kept an exact & distinct account of all His Majesties, the Queene and Princes Revenues, or summes of Money which have bin, or shall be leavied or received by Ordinance of this present Parliament, The said Lords and Commons there­fore doe declare, and Ordeine, and be it Ordeined by the Authority of the same, That all and every the rents, summes of Money, and other duties any way due to His Majesty, the Queene or Prince, chargeable upon or issuing forth of any the Mannors, Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, that are or shall bee sequestred as aforesaid, together with all the Arreares thereof, shall be from time to time paid and delivered to the se­verall Receivers, that are, or shall be thereunto appointed by the said Ordinance of Parliament, of the 21 of September last, or the Committee for the Revenue, within the severall Counties, Cities or places aforesaid: And the said Lords and Commons doe further declare, Ordeine, and Command, that all and every the Com­mittees of Sequestrations in the severall Counties, Cities, and places aforesaid, and all Treasurers and Collectors, and all others whom it may concerne, that they give obedience, and conforme themselves to this present Ordinance, and out of the Moneyes raised, or arising of all, every, or any of the said sequestred man­nors, lands, tenements, or hereditaments, they forthwith, and so hereafter from time to time, doe pay the said severall rents, and sums of Money, which are, or shall be due out of the same, unto His Majesty, the Queene or Prince, unto the said severall and respective Receivers within the severall Counties, Cities and places aforesaid, whose severall and respective Acquittance or Acquittances shall be a sufficient discharge to the seve­rall Sequestrators, Treasurers, Collectors, and all others, for such sums of Money, as they, or any of them shall pay according to the direction of the Ordinance.

John Browne, Cler. Parliamentorum.

December 28. Printed for John Wright in the Old-Bailey▪ 1643.

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