AN ORDINANCE OF THE LORDS and COMMONS Assembled in Parliament; Commanding all Officers and Souldiers, upon pain of Death, to repair to their Colours within Eight and forty hours after notice of this Ordinance.

IT is this Day Ordered by the Lords and Commons in this present Parliament assembled, That all Officers and Souldiers (other then such as shall have leave or License, from the Lord-Generall, or other Commander in chief, shall and do within Eight and forty hours after notice of this Ordinance) upon pain of Death repair to their severall Colours: And all Officers are hereby injoyned to take speciall care to keep their Souldiers together, as they will answer the contrary at their extreamest perill. And for the more speedy and effectuall execution of this Ordinance, It is further Ordained, That the severall Committees of the severall and respective Counties, Cities and places, shall immediatly upon receipt hereof, cause the same to be pub­lished, in every Market-Town and Parish-Church within their respective Limits. And it is further Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, That the Committees and Deputy-Lieutenants of the severall Counties aforesaid, or any one of them shall apprehend every Souldier, who after publication hereof shall not repair to their Colours, according to this Ordinance, and commit them to prison, and with all convenient speed take order, that every person so committed, may bee sent to his Commander in chief, To the intent they may be proceeded against ac­cording to the course of War: And every person, that after publication of this Ordinance, shall willingly harbour or entertain any Officer or Souldier, that hath or shall depart from his Colours (without the Passe of his superior-Officer) shall, for every Day that he shall so harbour or entertain, forfeit the Sum of Ten Shillings, to be leavyed by the Warrant of the said Committees, or any two of them, by Distresse and Sale of the Offenders Goods; And the Committees are hereby required and injoyned to leavie the said Fines accordingly.

ORdered, That Colonell Manwaring be required to cause this Ordinance to be published by sound of Drum and Trumpet in London, and Lines of Com­munication: And those Committees and other persons to whom it doth appertain without the Line, are also required to publish the same in their severall Counties, Towns and Parishes where any Souldiers are, by like beat of Drum, and Trumpet.

H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.

London, Printed for Edw: Husbands. 1644.

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