AN ORDINANCE OF PARLIAMENT, whereby a Committee of Lords and Commons is appointed to receive, prepare, and consider of Propositions for the speedy reliefe of IRELAND.
Die Martis, 1 Julii. 1645.

WHereas late informations are come from severall parts of Ireland, and more particularly from the pro­vince of Munster, importing the great extremities and danger that Kingdome is reduced unto, which must of necessity be taken into a serious and speedy consideration; Be it therefore ordained by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, that the Earle of Kent, Earle of Pembroke, Earle of Salisbury, Earle of Denbigh, Earle of Bolinbrook, Lord Willoughby, Lord Mountague, Lord Howard, Mr. Hollis, Colonell William Jephson, Sir John Clotworthy, Sir John Evelin senior, Mr. Whitehead, Mr. Robert Goodwin, Mr. Lisle, Mr. Raynolds, Sir William Brereton, Mr. Maynard, Mr. Rigby, Colonell Moore, Mr. Roll, Sir Walter Earle, Mr. Knightly, and Mr. Tate, or any five of them, be a Committee to receive prepare, and consider of propositions for the speedy re­liefe of that Kingdom, and particularly for the Province of Munster, and to prepare them in such order for the two houses of Parliament as may most facilitate the affaires of that distressed Kingdome; And are to sit constantly for the affaires aforesaid Tuesdaies, Thursdaies, and Satturdaies, and oftner, as occasion shall require, in such place as they shall think fit.

  • Jo. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.
  • H. Elsynge. Cler. Parl. D. Com.

IT is now resolved and thought fit by the Committee above mentioned, that their place of meeting and sitting shall be at the Chambers called the Queens Court in Westminster. And that the Ordinance and this their resolution be forthwith printed and published, to the end that such as have or shall have propositions to offer for the reliefe of Ireland may know to whom and to what place to repaire with the same.

Signed by order of the Lords, H. KENT. Signed by order of the Commons, WILLIAM JEPHSON.

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