AN ORDINANCE BY THE LORDS and COMMONS Assembled in PARLIAMENT; For the preservation of the VVesterne parts of the KINGDOME.

John Brown Cleric. Parliamentorum.

LONDON, Printed by R. Ohen and G. Dexter, for Henry Overton, and are to be sold at his Shop in Popes head Alley. MDCXLII.

Die Sabbati 24. Decemb. 1642.

WHereas diverse persons well affected to the good and safety of this Kingdome, have con­tributed in Money, Plate and Horse, for suppression of the present Rebellion, and Insur­rection by Papists, Delinquents, and other Malignant persons in the Westerne parts, un­der the Command of Sir Ralph Hopton, and his Adherents Rebells, and Traytors: and for the rrliefe of the good Subjects there. It is there­fore Ordered, and ordained by the Lords and Commons now assembled in Parliament, that all and every such Person and Persons, as have alreadie, or shall raise, either Money, Plate, or Horse for the said service, shall bee satisfied and repaide again with in six moneths, with in­terest for the same, out of the first moneys that shall be levied and raised in the Counties of [Page 2] Cornewell, Devon▪ Sommerset, Dorset▪ wil [...]shire and Southampton, and the Counties and Cities of Bristoll, and Exon. and the Towne and County of Poole, upon any Order or Ordi­nance of one, or both Houses of Parliament. Or by any other Levies or Collections, made or to bee made in the said severall and respe­ctive Counties, and Places for that end & pur­pose; And it is further ordered and ordained, by the Authority aforesaid, that Hugh Sow­den, and Thomas Young of the City of London, Merchants, shall be Treasurers for the receiv­ing and disbursing of all, and every summe or summes of money which shall be raised for the use abovesaid, who are hereby nominated, constituted, and appointed Treasurers, and Receivers as aforesaid.

And it is further ordered and ordained, by the Authority aforesaid, that the said Hugh Sowden, and Thomas Young, shall and may pay and deliver out of the said Contributions, such moneyes and Horse to such Person, or Per­sons, and in such manner, and forme, as the Committee of the Lords and Commons for the defence of the Westerne parts, or any foure or more of them, by any writings under their hands shall limitt, appoint, and declare: And that the Warrant or Warrants of the said Committee, for the issuing our of the said Mo­neyes, or deliverie of the said Horses; or of any foure, or more of them, together with [Page 3]the Acquittance, or the Acquittances Receipt or Receipts in writings, under the hand of the Person or Persons, which shall bee appointed as aforesaid by the said Committee, or foure or more of them, shall be a sufficient discharge to the Treasurers or Receivers in this Ordinance named, for so much money, or such Horse or Horses, as shall be comprehended in such Ac­quittance, or Acquittances, for the issuing out, and payment of the said summe, or summes of money, or delivery of such Horse and Horses respectively.

And it is further ordered by the Authoritie aforesaid, That the Treasuers and Receivers shall not at all pay any summe, or summes of Money, or deliver, or cause to bee delivered any Horse or Horses, or Plate to bee by them received upon any other direction, Warrant, or demand whatsoever.


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