ORDERS OF THE LORDS AND COMMONS ASSEMBLED IN PARLIAMENT, For the Regulating of those Souldiers that are gon, and are to goe, under The Command of his EXCELLENCY, Robert Earle of ESSEX, Lord Generall for this Expedition.

IT is this day Ordered by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, that the severall Lord Lieutenants appoynted by Parliament, their Deputy Lieutenants, the Justices of the Peace, and other his Majesties Officers with­in the Kingdome of England and Dominion of Wales, shall take speciall care to prevent and suppresse all Ryots, Tu­mults, breaking into, or Robbing houses, breaking into Churches, taking away of the Goods of any person, or taking of Victualls, without due pay­ment for the same, and to take and apprehend all such person or persons as shall doe or commit any such Out-rages as aforesaid, and to proceed a­gainst them according to Law. And it is further Ordered, that the Com­manders and severall Officers, shall give their best assistance for the appre­hension and punishment of all such persons which shall be found guilty of the misdemeanors aforesaid.

WHereas there have bin diverse Complaints made unto us of many disorders committed by the Souldiers in their marching, and in such places wherein they have bin quartered or Billited, which disorders (as is infor­med) have bin partly occasioned by the neglect of their Officers to goe along with them and Conduct them: It is therefore Ordered by the Lords and Commons Assembled in Parliament, that the Lord Generall be desired to give Command to all his Officers, that they take care to attend according to the Duty of their severall places, that the Souldiers thereby may be hereafter kept from stragling up and downe the Countries: And to that end to lay his Command upon the Officers of each Compa­ny, both in the Marching, Quartering, and Billetting, to bee in Person a­mongst the Souldiers themselves, to prevent any disorders whatsoever, & punish such as shall offend.

ORdered by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, that these Orders be forthwith Prin­ted and Published.

John Browne Cleric. Parliamentorum.

August 19. London Printed for Iohn Wright. 1642.

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