Die Veneris, 28 August. 1646.

ORdered by the Lords and Commons Assembled in Parliament, That Tues­day, being the eight day of September, now next coming, be set a part for a day of Publike thanksgiving within the Ci­ties of London and Westminster, Lines of Communication, and weekly Bils of Mortality, and ten miles about, For the great blessing of God upon the Forces of the Parliament, in the reducing of the se­verall Castles and Garrisons of Worcest­er, Wallingford, Ruthen, Ragland, and Pendennis; And that the Lord Mayor of the City of London doe take care, that the Mini­sters of the severall Churches and Chappels, within the City of London, and Liberties thereof, may have timely notice hereof.

Jo. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.

LONDON: Printed for John Wright, at the King Head in the Old Bayley. 1646.

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