ORdered by the Lords and Com­mons in Parliament Assembled, That all the Commission-Officers and others within the City of Lon­don and the Liberties thereof, bee, and are hereby required to act upon the Com­missions they now have, untill the Committee of the Militia now constituted shall think fit to appoint others; to the intent no prejudice may happen to the Parliament or City in the interim, till the Militia be setled. And that they doe obey all such Orders and Directions as they shall from time to time receive from Major-Generall Skippon.

Joh. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.

IN pursuance of an Ordinance of Parliament concer­ning the Commission-Officers within the City of London, dated the 18 of May instant; The Committee of the Militia of the said City, and Liberties thereof; do desire all the Souldiers listed of the Trained Bands at the beat of Drum to repair to their Colours, and to be in readiness under their present Commanders, as they tender the safety of the Parliament and City, in these times of imminent danger: hereof you are not to fail.

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