SInce our last we have an account, that the late Earl of Argyle did on the twenty sixth of the last Month march from Campletoun in Kintire with two Troops of Horse (such as could be had in that Country) and seven hun­dred Foot to Tarbert, and met three hundred of the Ila men, and two hun­dred more were expected, where they were all to Muster the twenty eight. His three Ships came from Campletoun on Tuesday; and the next day went into Tarbert, the greatest carrying thirty Guns, the other twelve, and the third six; He has another small Vessel with him which he took upon the Coast loaden with Corn. The twenty ninth he loosed from the Tarbert accompanied with Auchinbreck, (who we have already told you had joyned him) and came into the Town of Rosa in the Isle of Boot, where he took a nights Provision for himself and his men. The thirtieth he sailed round the Island with his three Ships and twenty small Boats, and came again to the Town of Rosa, and fired seven Guns at his landing, having with him, as we are informed, in all about two thousand and five hundred men. He endeavours to perswade and encourage the People to rise with him by assuring them that there are already great Risings in England, as you will see by a Letter all Written and Signed by himself, directed for the Laird of Lupe, which is herewith sent, and is as follows.

Loving Friend,

IT hath pleased GOD to bring me safe to to this place, where several of both Nati­ons doth appear with me for defence of the Protestant Religion, our Lives and Liberties, against Popery and Arbitrary Government, whereof the Particulars are in two Declarations emitted by those No­ble-men, Gentle-men, and others, and by me for my self. Your Father and I lived in great Friendship, and I am glad to serve you his Son in the Protestant Religion, and I will be ready to do it in your particular when there is occasi­on. I beseech you let not any out of fear or other bad prin­ciples perswade you to neglect your Duty to GOD and your Countrey at this time, or to believe that D. York is not a Pa­pist, or that being one, he can be a righteous King. Then know that all England is in Arms in three several places, and the Duke of Monmouth appears at the same time upon the same grounds we do, and few places in Scotland, but soon will joyn, and the South and West wants but till they hear I am landed, for so we resolved before I left Holland. Now I beseech you make no delay to separate from those abuse you, and are carry­ing on a Popish design, and come with all the men of your com­mand to assist the Cause of Religion, where you shall be most wel­come to

Your Loving Friend to serve you, ARGYLE.

P. S. Let this serve Young Loigie, Skipnage and Charles Mc. Echan.

We have certain advice that His Majesties Yacht the Charlotte is come into the River of Clyde, the Commander of which does dai­ly expect the Kings Ships upon that Coast.

Edinburgh, Re-Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to His most Sacred Majesty, Anno Dom. 1685.

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