AN ORDER OF The Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, FOR Putting in due execution the Laws and Ordinances for observing the Lords-day, and publique Fast days, and for preventing of Dis­orders and Tumults on those days.

UPon Information of the great Disorders and Tumults committed in Moor-fields the last Lords-day (being the Lords-day) by divers loose irreligious people in disorderly Ale­houses, It is Ordered by the Lords and Com­mons assembled in Parliament, That the Lord Major, Iustices of the Peace, and other Of­ficers of the City of London and Liberties thereof; and the Sheriffs of London and Mid­dlesex, the Iustices of Peace and Officers of the County of Middlesex and Westminster, and the Liberties; the Iustices of Peace of Surrey, and the Borough of Southwark, be hereby enjoyned to take especial care, That the Laws and Ordinances for the due observing of the Lords-day, and the publique Fast days, be observed, and put in strict execution; and that they do suppress all unnecessary Alehouses, & all Alehouses where any disorders shalbe committed. And the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled do Declare, That they will take notice of all Iustices of Peace, or other Officers, as shall not with diligence perform their duties in putting in due execution the Laws and Ordinances for the observing of the Lords-day, and the publique Fast days. It is further Ordered, That this Order be forthwith printed, and published the next Lords-day by the several Ministers in London, Westminster, and Lines of Communication, and at the next quarter Sessions in London and Middlesex, and in the Borough of Southwark, and at the next Assizes in the County of Surrey.

  • Io: Brown, Cleric. Parliamentorum.
  • H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.

ORdered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, That this Order be forthwith printed and published.

H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.

London, Printed for Edward Husband, Printer to the Honorable House of Commons. March 24. 1646.

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