Die Jovis, 10. Decembr. 1646.
AN ORDER OF THE LORDS and COMMONS Assembled in PARLIAMENT, Concerning All Officers and Soldiers that have served the Parliament under the Command and Pay of particular Committees.

ORdered by the Lords and Commons assem­bled in Parliament, That the demands and pretences of all Officers and Soldiers that have served the Parliament in any Counties and Garisons where they have been under the command and pay of particular Committees, their Accompts be made up with those Com­mittees for their actual Service according to Musters; which Committees are to deduct upon their several Accompts, all Free-quarters, Horse, Arms, Money and Goods with which such Officers and Soldiers can be charged; which Accompts so stated, the said respective Committees of such se­veral Counties shall cause to be paid out of such Moneys as they have or shall raise by power and authority of Ordinances of Parliament en­abling them thereunto: And that all such Officers and Soldiers are hereby commanded to forbear their coming up to the City of London under pretences of stating their Accompts here, but are to repair to the Committees of the respective Counties.

ORdered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, That this Order be forthwith Printed and Published; And that the Members of this House that serve for the several Counties, Cities and Boroughs, do send them into the several Places for which they serve.

H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.

London, Printed for Edw. Husband, Printer to the Honble House of Commons. Febr. 8.

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