An Order for the sixe Regi­ments to Advance tovvards READING.
By the Lord Mayor, and the rest of the Committee for the MILITIA of LONDON.

THE Committee for the Militia of London, and parts adjacent within the Lines of Communication, and Parishes mentioned in the weekely Bill of Mortality, apprehending that the taking and possessing of Rea­ding by the Kings Forces, will be a very great meanes to hinder Trade and Victualls, and all other intercourse unto the Cities of London and Westminster, from the West part of the King­dome, to the very great detriment of the said City and parts ad­jacent, and being moved by the Parliament, and also by my Lord Generall his Excellency, have thought fit to propound unto the severall Commanders and Officers of, and belonging to the said Forces, to draw forth speedily, some considerable strength, to joyne with his Excellency for prevention thereof. And finding them most ready and willing to undertake the Service, and sixe Regiments being forthwith to March for that purpose, the seve­rall Ministers of the Parish Churches within the parts aforesaid, are desired on the next Lords day, being the eighth of October, 1643. Effectually to stir up all those Souldiers which belong to the said Regiments, Cheerefully upon summons by Drummes or otherwise, to repaire to their Collours, and to March forth with their Commanders accordingly, the same tending to the preser­vation of our Religion, Lives, and Liberties, and of all that is deare unto us. And all Constables, and other his Majesties Of­ficers within the limits aforesaid, are required to be aiding and as­sisting in the execution of the premises, as they shall be directed by the severall Commanders and Officers of the Regiments afore­said.

Let this be read and published, as is desired.


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