A PROCLAMATION Concerning the Payment of the Watch-Money by the Citizens of Edinbrugh.

FORASMUCH, as the Magistrates and Council of Edinburgh, for the Ease and Conveniency of the Neighbours and Inhabitants of this City, has raised an Company of Foot Souldiers' by vertue of a Commission from the Kings most Sacred Majesty for Guarding thereof, and which Company is now actually upon Duty; And seeing in order to their Payment, there has been great pains and care taken by them to make a List of the whole Inhabitants lyable to Watching: and a certain small Sum weekly to be payed by the persons contained in the said List, which are now put in the hands of the Constables, to be Collected by them within their respective Bounds; and whereupon, there is an Act of the Town Council made, the twelfth day of July last by past, which is likewise approven by the Kings Majesty. And the sa [...]d Magistrates and Council considering, That the saids Souldiers has been som time upon Service, and that it will take likewayes sometime for the Constables to Ingather and Collect the said Watch-mony, and to the effect that the Inhabitants lyable in paym [...]nt thereof, may have timeous warning to pay in to the saids Constables their respective Proportions. Therefore, the saids Magistrates, did ordain, one of the Officers of the said Town of Edinburgh To command and charge, in Our Soveraign Lords Name, and in name and behalf of the Lord Provost, Baliffs, and Council of this Burgh, that each of the Inhabitants and Neighbours within the same, contained in the respective Lists, whereof, the Constables has an Authentick double subscribed by the Magistrates, that they pay in to the respective Constables within their Bounds, a Months Watch-silver, which begins from the 24th of August last, (upon which day the said Company entered upon Duty) and that at, or before the seventh day of September Instant, and Monthly thereafter in time coming upon the first lawful day of each Month: Certifying all such persons whose Names are contained in the saids Lists, and who doe not make punctual payment of their respective Proportions, and that Month­ly, as said is, that they shall be poinded to the double value of their saids Months Proportion; Declaring, that the Poinds taken for payment of the saids Watch-mony, shall not be restored unless Redeemed upon Payment the very next day after the poinding: As likewise, with Certification, that those persons who shall be refractory in pay­ment of their said Watch-mony, that they shall be lookt upon and holden as Contemners of Authority, and accor­dingly shall be punished in their persons. And to the effect the Constables may attend carefully upon their Duty in receiving of the said Watch-mony, they are hereby discharged from going forth of this Bu [...]gh unless they lay down some solid Way for Payment in their absen [...]e, of the Proportions of Watch-mony payable by the Inhabitan [...]s within their respective Bounds: Certifying the saids Constables who doe in the contrair, that their Houses shall be poinded to the double value of the Watch-mony contained in their Lists. And ordains this present Proclamation to be Intimat at the Mercat Cross of this City by sound of Trumpet, and the samine to be printed, that none may pretend Ignorance

I. R.
God save the King.

Edinburgh Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to His most Sacred Majesty, Anno Dom. 1682.

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