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[Scottish thistle]

A Message from a Committee of both Houses of Parliament, to the Spanish Ambassador, to make stay of Ships at Dunkerk, intended for the supply of the Rebels in Ireland.

THE Lords and Commons have commanded us, to inti­mate to the Spanish Ambassador, the advertisement that they have received of certain Ships lying in Dunkerk, layded with Ammunition ready, to take sale, intended for the relief of the Rebels of Ireland: This they hold contrary to the Articles agreed upon, in the Treaties of Peace be­tween the two Crowns; And therefore the Ambassador is to be moved from both Houses, to send speedily to Dunkerk, and to all other His Majesties Dominions, and unto the King his Master, to make stay of those, and all such Ships, as may carry any supply of Men, Victuals, Money, or any other ayd to His Majesties Sub­jects, that at this present are in Rebellion in Ireland; Which other­wise will be understood to be a Breach of the Treaties, between the Crowns of England and Spain, and so resented by the Parlia­ment.

February 18. London, Printed for Joseph Hunscott. 1641.

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