THe Lords and Commons in Parliament having well accepted the obedience and readinesse of those Officers and Souldiers who have complied with their Orders, have Ordered and Ordained, and by authority aforesaid doe Order and Ordaine, That all and every the said Officers and Souldiers aforesaid, shall be freed, exonerated, acquitted, and discharged, and are in and hereby declared and adjudged from henceforth to be free, exonerate, acquit, and dischar­ged of and from all and whatsoever prosecution, judge­ment of life or member, paines, penalties, and punish­ments whatsoever incurred, or that shall, may, or can, might, could, should, or ought to be inflicted, prose­cuted, had, or pursued against them or any of them, for or by reason of the said pretended offence or offen­ces of their departure from their said Colours, or from under the command of the said Sir Thomas Fairfax, or from or under the command of any Military Officer or Officers under him whatsoever.

ORdered by the Lords assembled in Parliament, That this Ordinance be forthwith printed and published.

Joh. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.

London printed for John Wright at the Kings Head in the Old Bayley. 1647.

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