THe Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, do hereby Order and Declare, That all Commissioners of the Admi­ralty and Navy, the Committee for the Army, the Com­missioners for Appeals and Regulation of Excise and Customs, the Commissioners for the Customs and Excise, the Commissioners for the monthly Assessments, and all other Commissioners, Committees and Officers whatsoever re­lating to the Excise, or any other part of the Revenue, or to the Army or Navy, that were in Office and Employment, the Twenty fifth day of April 1660. shall and are hereby authorised and required to proceed forthwith in the execution of their respective Commissions, Offices and Imployments, and shall exercise the same in the Kings Majesties Name and Stile, according to the respective Powers, Authorities and Instructions to them or any of them, for­merly given or mentioned, to be given and in being, the said Twenty fifth day of April 1660. until further Order.

ORdered, that this Order and Declaration be forthwith Printed and Published.

WILL: JESSOP Clerk of the Commons House of Parliament.

London, Printed by Edward Husbands and Thomas Newcomb, Printers to the Commons House of Parliament.

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