IT is this day Ordered by the Lords and Commons assem­bled in Parliament: That such Persons as will advance Horses and Armes towards the furnishing of the Thou­sand Dragoneirs, mentioned in an Order of both Houses of Parliament, made the nine and twentieth of Septem­ber last, shall have the Publique Faith for their security for the prices thereof, with such other recompence as the Subscribers of the sixteene thousand pounds mentioned in the same Order are to have, and that Master MAXIMILIAN BARD and others already appointed; for buying Horses for the said Thousand Dragoneirs, or any three of them shall be persons appointed for the valewing and prising of the said Horses and Armes so to be Advanced. And the Horses are to be brought to Moore-fields, there to be viewed and prized.

All persons who are willing to goe Soldiers in the Service under Colonell Sir John Seton as Drago­niers, are to resort to Captaine Henry Legh at the signe of the Sun neare Criplegate and Captain William Stackhouse at his house in Saint Thomas Apostles, and there are to be listed for that Seruice.

Ordered by the House of Commons that this be forthwith printed and publisheds

Hen: Elsinge, Cleric, Parliament. D. Com

Imprinted at London by L. N. for E. Husbands and I. Frank, and are to bee sold at their Shops in the Meddle Temple, and next dore to the Kings Haed in Fleetstreete-MDCXLII.

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