FOƲRE ORDERS Of great Consequence Of the LORDS and Commons Assembled in PARLIAMENT.

  • 1. Concerning the speedy le [...]vying and collecting of the Moneyes upon the Weekely Assessements, or otherwise.
  • 2. Concerning the demolishing of all Altars, or Tables of Stone, within every Church or Chap­pell, and also for the Removall and taking away of all Tapers, Candlesticks, and Basons from the Communion Table, and to remove the said Table from the East-End of the Church.
  • 3. For the more strict Observance of the Moneth­ly Fast, according to a late Ordinance of the Lords and Commons for that purpose
  • Likewise an Order for a strict enquiry throughout every Parish, of all Papists or Delinquents, who have any goods, debts, chattels, personall estates, lands, tenements, or otherwise, within their respe­ctive Parishes, and have not contributed according to the propositions.

ORdered by the Lords and Commons Assembled in Parlia­ment, that these ORDERS shall be forthwith Printed and published.

John Browne Cler. Parliamento.

May 17. London Printed for R. B. 1643.

An Order of the Lords and Com­mons assembled in Parliament, for the speedy levying of the Monies upon the weekely Assessements and otherwise.

IT is now ordered by the Lords and Commons in this present Parliament assembled, that the severall persons ap­pointed by the Ordinance of the third of this instant May, and instructed for the bringing out of divers counties therein mentioned perfect, and speedy accounts of the weekely Assessement towards the maintenance, of the Army, doe also use their best endeavours for the discovery and finding out all other monies, levy­ed, or to be levyed and collected by any Act of Parliament, or Ordinance either by way of Subsidy, or of Loan, or con­tribution [Page] for England or Ireland, which have not been brought into the Treasu­rers hands appointed by such Acts or Ordinances to receive the same; And particularly such Monies as are yet un­collected, or not brought in upon the Act for speédy contribution towards the re­liefe of Ireland: And an Ordinance of the Lords and Commons of the Thir­tieth of Ianuary last, for a new Loan and contribution for the same purpose: And that they receive certaine Infor­mation of such Monie, either from the Commissioners, Sheriffs, collectors, or other persons imployed therein, doe take course that the same be duly and spee­dily leavyed and payed to the respective Treasurers or Receivers aforesaid, and have power to send for the collectors and Sub-collectors within their several counties for the speédy effecting therof.

Iohn Browne Cler. Parliamentorum.

At the Committee for the Demo­lishing of Monuments of Superstition or Idolatry.

BY vertue of an Order of the House of Commons, and agreeable to a Bill passed by both Houses of Parliament, for suppressing of divers Innovations in Churches and Chap­pels; This Committee doth require you and every of you to take away, and de­molish every Altar or Table of stone within your Church or Chappel, and to remove the Communion Table from the East end of the said Church or Chappel, and to place the same in some other convenient place of the body of the said Church or Chappel; And to re­move and take away al Tapers, Can­dlesticks, and Basons from the Com­munion-Table in the said Church or Chappel; And to take away and de­molish [Page] [...] [Page] [...] [Page] all Crucifixes, Crosses and all I­mages and Pictures, of any one, or more persons of the Trinity, or of the Virgin Mary in your said Church or Chappel.

And this Committeé doth further re­quire you to take downe and demolish all Crucifixes, Crosses, Images, or Pictures of any one, or more persons of the Trinity, or of the Virgin Mary, up­on the outside of your said Church or Chappel, or in any open place within your Parish, whereof you are to give an account to this Committee before the Twentieth day of this present Month.

To the Churchwardens of the Parish-Church or Chappel of [...] and to every of them.

WHereas the Lords and Commens in Par­liament, have made an Ordinance for the more strict and solemne keeping of the dayes of publike Fast, which are not by all persons duly observed, even in these times of publike Calamity to the great dishonour of God, and the contempt of the Authority of both Houses of Parliament.

Now that more particular notice may be given unto all such that shall offend herein, before any exemplary punishment be inflicted upon them, It is Ordered by the Commons now Assembled in Parliament, that all Constables (or their Depu­ties) shall the day before every publike Fast, re­paire to every House within their severall and respective Liberties, and charge all persons, that they strictly observe the Fast, according to the di­rections in the said Ordinance.

And they shall upon the said dayes of the pub­like Fast, walke through their said Liberties, di­ligently searching for, and taking notice of all persons, who either by following the worke of their calling, or sitting in Tabernes, Victualling, or Alehouses, or any other wayes shall not duly observe the same, and they are hereby required, to returne the names of all such persons as they shall find so offending, as also such Informations as they shall receive against any other persons within their Liberties guilty of the least offence [Page] unto the Committee for Examinations, that so they may be proceeded against for the contempt of the said Ordinance; And all Constables are to observe these directions from time to time, so long as the said Publike Fast shall be kept, with­out expecting any further Order.

H. Elsynge Cler. Parlia. D. Com.

BY Vertue of an Ordinance made by both Houses of Parliament, for the seizing and sequestring of the Estates of Delinquents and Papists, in the said Ordinance mentioned, these are to will & command you and every of you, per­sonally to be and appeare before us at [...] by [...] to declare and give notice to us of all such Delinquents or Papists as are within your Parish, or that have any Goods, Debts, Chattells, personall Estates, Lands, Tenements, Rents, Revenues, or profits therein, or issuing from thence, and hereof faile you not, as you will Answer the Contrary at your perils.


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