A DECLARATION OF THE LORDS and COMMONS Assembled in Parliament.

For the speedy putting this City in­to a posture of defence, and to fortifie all the passages into the same, Divers Rebels, Tray­tors, and other ill-affected people, in pursuit of a wicked design to alter Religion, being now marching against the Parliament for de­struction of the same, and of the City of London.

Also an Ordinance of both Houses, declaring their Resolutions of making provision for those that shall be maimed in this present war, who are in the service of the Parlia­ment; and for the wives and children of those that shall be slaine.

ORdered by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, that this Declaration and Ordinance be forthwith printed and published.

J. Brown Cler. Parl.

LONDON, Printed for Robert Wood. Octob. 27. 1642.

WHereas divers Rebels, Traitors, and other ill-affected people, in pursuit of a wicked designe, to alter Religion, and subvert the Laws & Liberty of the Kingdom, are marching against the Parliament, and for destru­ction of the same, & of the City of Lon­don, having plundered, spoyled and de­stroyed divers of His Majesties good Subjects in their passage, to the great ter­ror of the people, and danger of the Par­liament, City, and of the whole King­dom; for the prevention whereof, It is or­dered by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, that the Committee for the Militia of the City of London, be autho­rized & required to take a speedy course to put the City in a posture of defence, [Page] to resist and oppose all such Force, to for­tifie all the passages into the same, Sub­urbs and places adjoyning whether the same be within or without the said City, and Liberty; likewise all the streets of the same, and that they have power, and be authorized to leavy the Trained­bands and other Forces of the City as­well Horse as Foot, and to place the same under fit Captaines, and other Officers for defence of the Parliament, City, Sub­urbs, and other his Majesties Subjects, And to lead and conduct the said Forces as well in the places without the said City, and Libertie, as within, and to give battell and fight with the said Rebels and Traytors, their adherents, and all other that shall approach with any force to­wards or against the City, or raise any insurrection within the same, and them to invade, resist, represse, subdue, pursue, [Page] kill and slay, and put to execution of death, and by all means to destroy as e­nemies of the Kingdom; And to per­form all things else needfull for the pre­servation of the Parl. and City, either by water or Land, observing from time to time such other directions or commands as they shall receive from both Houses of Parl. the Committee for the safety of the Kingdom, or the E. of Warwick Lo: General; And for their so doing this shal shal be a sufficient warrant.

The said Lords and Com. do further ordam and declare, That the said Com­mittee for the Militta, & every of them, & all the Commanders and Officers im­ployed in this service, And all other his Majesties officers & Subjects whatsoever in the execution of the premises shall be saved harmless, & defended by the pow­er & authority of both Houses of Parl.


WHereas divers persons now are or hereafter may be in the ser­vice of the Parliament, in the present War undertaken for the preservation of the Kings Majesties Person, the defence of the Religion and Lawes of the Realm, and of the just liberties of the Subjects, who have little or nothing to maintain themselves, their wives, and children, but by their own labours, The Lords and Commons for their [Page] better encouragement in the service, do or­der and declare, that they the Lords and Commons will provide competent mainte­nance and allowance for such of them, as shall be maimed, and therehy disabled by their labour to provide for themselves, their wives or children, as formerly they did. And in the distribution of such allowances and rewards they will alwayes have regard to the deserts and service of each person. And in case any such person shall bee slaine. that they will make provision for the liveli­hood of their wives or children.

And in case any persons of estate shall be slaine, or die in this service, the said Lords and Commons doe declare, that they will take the estates, wives and children of such persons into their protection; And in case their estates shall not at the time of the death of such persons be setled, they will be alwayes assistant to the friends of the party [Page] deceased, in the setling & disposing of their estates in such manner as may bee for the most advantage of their wives and children and posterity know the respect they beare to the memory of those who have spent their lives in the service of the Church and Commonwealth.


Newes from the Armie; As it was brought by the Lord Wharton, and Mr. Strode, to both Houses of Parliament.

VPon Wednesday in the afternoon, October 26. 1642. the Lord Wharton accompanied with Mr. Strode, a Member of the House of Com­mons, came to both Houses of Parliament with a Message from His Excellencie the Earl of Essex, Being a Relation of the Battel fought between His M [...]jesties Forces and them, on Sunday the 24. of October to this eff [...]ct.

God hath given us the Victory, the particulars are these.

Lord Lindsey Generall of the Field for His Majestie, is hurt and taken.

Also Sir Thomas Lunsford, Sir Edward Stradling, and Co­lonell Vavasor, are Prisoners now in Warwick Castle.

And it is said that the Lord VVillough by, the Lord of Lin­seys Son is taken.

Our losse is about 300. whereof of note Sir Iames Ramsey, and Colonell Essex, and Captain Danes Arm is broken.

All our Noble Lords are in good health.

And more, have taken 6. Cullors, and His Majesties Stan­dard. We have also taken five Waggons laden with Ammu­nition and Plate, by Captain Bridges, and a Coach and eight Peeces of Ordnance, the King and Prince being all the while at Sir Edward Copes House at Harwell, and now intends to march towards Northampton with three hundred men.

The Kings losse three thousand.

The rest of His Army is routed, and the Earl of Essex re­mains Master of the Field.


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