A DECLARATION AND ORDINANCE OF THE LORDS and COMMONS Assembled in PARLIAMENT, For the Seizing and Sequestring of the Estates, both Reall and Personall, of certaine kinds of notorious DELINQUENTS, to the use, and for the maintaining of the ARMY raised by the Parliament; And such other uses as shall be directed by both Houses of Parliament, for the benefit of the Common-wealth.

With the names of the Committees who are employed in the severall Counties of this Kingdome, for the execution of this ORDINANCE.

Ordered by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament▪ That this Ordinance be forthwith Printed and published.

  • Jo. Brown, Cler. Parliamentorum.
  • Hen. Elsinge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.

LONDON, Aprill 1. Printed for Iohn Wright, and Iohn Franke. 1643.


THE Lords and Commons assembled in Parlia­men, taking into their serious considerations the heavy pressures and calamities which now lie upon this Kingdome by this unnaturall Warre raised against the Parliament; And that not­withstanding all their faithfull and uncessant endeavours, for the preserving of His Majestie, and the whole Kingdome from the mischievous and restlesse designes of Papists and ill-affected persons (whose aime is the extirpation of our Religion, Laws, and li­berties.) Yet their Counsells and practises are still so prevalent with His Majestie, and the hearts of many people so misled and beguiled by their false pretences and insinuations, that nothing can be expected but ruine and desolation, unlesse God in mercy prevent it, and incline His Majesties heart to the faithfull advice of his great Counsell of Par­liament; which hath ever been, and is (under God) the chiefe support of His Royall dignity, and the security of all that wee have or can en­joy. And for that it is most agreeable to common Justice, that the estates of such notorious Delinquents, as have bin the causes or Instru­ments of the publique calamities, which have been hitherto imployed to the fomenting and nourishing of these miserable distractions, should be converted and applyed towards the supportation of the great char­ges of the Common-wealth, and for the easing of the good subjects therein, who have hitherto borne the greatest share in these burthens.

Be it therefore Ordained by the said Lords and Commons, That the Estates as well reall as personall, of the severall Bishops hereafter men­tioned, that is to say, Of William Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, Iohn Arch-Bishop of York, Thomas Bishop of Daresme, Robert Bish. of Lichfield and Coventry, Ioseph Bishop of Norwich, Iohn Bishop of Asaph, Robert Bishop of Oxford, William Bishop of Bath & Wells, George Bishop of Hereford, Mathew Bishop of Ely, Godfrey Bishop of Gloucester. Iohn Bishop of Pe­terborough, Morgan Bishop of Landaffe, Iohn Bishop of Worcester. And of all such Bishops Deans, Deanes and Chapters, Prebends, Arch-dea­cons, and of all other person and persons Ecclesiasticall or Temporall; as have raised, or shall raise Arms against the Parliament, or have bin, are, and shall be in actuall Warre against the same, or have voluntari­ly contributed, or shall voluntarily contribute, not being under the power of any part of the Kings Army at the time of such contributing any Money, Horse, Plate. Arms, Munition, or other aid, or assistance, for, or towards the maintenance of any forces raised against the Parli­ament, or for the opposing of any force or power raised by authority of [Page 2] both Houses of Parliament; or for the robbing, spoyling plundering, or destroying of any the Kings Subjects, who have willingly contri­buted, or yielded obedience to the commands of both Houses of Parli­ament: and of all such as have joyned, or shall joyne in any Oath or Act of association against the Parliament; or have imposed, or shall impose any Taxe or Assessement upon His Majesties Subjects, for, or towards the maintenance of any forces against the Parliament; or have, or shall use any force or power to leavy the same, shall be forth­with seized and sequestred into the hands of the Sequestrators, & Com­mittees hereafter, in this Ordinance named, and of such other persons as shall at any other time hereafter bee appointed and nominated by both Houses of Parliament, for any County, City or place within the Realme of England or Dominion of Wales, Which said Sequestrators and Committees, or any two or more of them in each severall County, City, or place respectively; are hereby authorized and required, by themselves, their Agents and Deputies to take and seize into their hands and custodies, as well all the money, Goods, Chattells, Debts, and personall Estate; as also, all, and every the Mannors, Lands, Tene­ments and Hereditaments, Rents, Arrerages of Rents, Revenues, and profits of all and every the said Delinquents or persons before specified, or which they or any of them, or any other in trust for them or any of them, or to their, or any of their use or uses, have, hath, or shall have, and also two parts of all the money, Goods, Chattells, Debts, and per­sonall estate, and two parts of all, and every the Mannors, Lands, Te­nements, and Hereditaments, Rents, Arrerages of Rents, Revenues, and profits of all and every Papist, or which any other person hath in trust for any Papists, or to the use or uses of any Papists, and to let, set, and demise the same, or any part thereof as the respective Land-Lord or owner thereof: may, or might have done, from yeere to yeere: And shall have power to call before them, or any two of them; all Stew­ards, Bailyffs, Rent-gatherers, Auditors or other Officers, or servants, as well of the said Arch-bishops, Bishops, Deans, Deans and Chapters, Prebends; Arch-deacons; as of all and every other of the said Delin­quents, or persons before specified; and to send for, or take any books of Accompts, Rentalls, Copies af Court, Roll, or other evidences, Writings, or memorialls, touching the premises or any of them, and thereby, and by all other wayes and meanes, which to the said Sequestrators, or any two or more of them shall seeme meete and necessary to informe themselves as well of the said severall Delinquents and every of them, as of their severall estates, and possessions, Rents, Arrerages of Rents, Revenues, and profits, Goods, and Chattels, Estates reall, and personall, and the true value thereof, and of all things concerning the same, or a­ny part thereof: and to appoint any Officer or Officers or other person or persons under them for their present expediting of this service: Which said persons are hereby authorized and enjoyned to performe and execute all and every the commands of the said Sequestrators, or Committees, or any two or more of them respectively, in and concer­ning [Page 3] the premisses? And shall have such allowances for their paines and charges in that behalf, as the said Sequestrators, or Committees or any two or more of them, shall think fit. And the said Sequestrators or Committees, or any two or more respectively, their Agents, & Deputies within their severall limits shall have power, and are hereby authori­zed and required to enter into all and every such Mannors, Messages, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments; of all and every the said De­linquents, or persons before specified; and to receive such Rents Ar­rerage of Rents: Herriots, Issues profits, sums of money, debts, and o­ther duties as aforesaid, to them or any or them, due or payable, by their, or any of their severall and respective Tenants, or other person or persons: Which said Tenants and other persons are hereby requi­red to pay the same to the said Sequestrators or Committees, or any two or more of them accordingly and not to, or to the use of the said Delin­quents, or any of them; yet so nevertheles, That in respect of the hardnes of the times, and the great charges, which otherwise lie upon the said Tenants and others, by occasion of this present War, every such tenant which shall pay to the said Sequestrators or Committees, or any two of them s aforsaid, shall upon their obedience & conformity to this order, be con­sidered out of the said Rents, Revenues, & Profits, & shall be discharged of his whol rent against his Land-lord, or any other, to a whom the same is due, being such Delinquents as aforesaid; and as well they the said tenants, as every other person or persons, which shall pay any Rent, sum of mony or other thing, according to this Ordinance, shall be protected and saved harmeles from any forfeiture penalty, or dammage, which he or they may incurre by not payment of his, or their said Rent, sum of Money or other thing according to his; or their lease, Coppy, or other agreement, by the power and authority of bo h Houses of Parliament.

And i [...] any such Tenant or Tenants, shall refuse to pay his, or their Rent or Rents, The said Sequestrators, or Committees, their Agents or Deputies, according to this Ordinance, at such times and places as the same shall become due and payable, The said Sequestrators or any two or more of them by themselves, their Agents or Deputies, shall have power to distrain for the same, and to take all other advantages for non-payment thereof, as the Land-Lord might have done.

And the said Sequestrators, or any two or more of them, shall have power to sue for, and recover any debt, sum of Money, or other duty owing to the said Delinquents or persons before specified, or any of them; As also to give discharges and Acquittances for any Rent, sum of Money, debts, duty, or other thing, which they shall receive out of the Estates of the said Delinquents or any of them; and shall be ac­comptable from time to time for the same, and for all such other things as shall be had, or taken by them, their Agents or Deputies; and for all their receipts and payments, and other Acts, for, or in respect of the premises, to both Houses of Parliament, or to such as they shall ap­point; and shall pay in all such sums of Money, as they or any of [...] shall receive out of the said Estates, unto the Treasurers at Guil [...], [Page 4] London, and shall keep Books of accompts; and shall be from time to time subject to the further Orders and directions of both Houses of Parliament, for allowance to the said Delinquents, or otherwise as cause shall require, of all their receipts and payments. And the said Se­questrators or Committees, or any two or more of them their Agents and Deputies, shall have power to call to their Ayd and Assistance, the Trained-Bands, Voluntiers, or other forces, of, or within their severall Counties, Cities, or places respectively, or any other person or persons, dwelling in or neer the place, to compell obedience to this Ordinance, where any resistance shall be made, or as oft as need shall require. And shall have power to punish such person or persons, as they shall finde refractory, negligent, or faulty in the said service, by fine and impris­onment, such fine not exceeding the sum of twenty pounds; or to cer­tifie their names to the Committee of Lords and Commons, appointed for this service: who shall have power to send for them, or any of them, and to commit them to such prisons, and places, and for so long time as they shall thinke fit. And the said Trained-Bands, Voluntiers, and other forces, their Commanders and Officers; and also the severall Constables, Headboroughs, and other Officers, and persons within their Limits, are hereby required and enjoyned to be Ayding and As­sisting to the said Sequestrators, or any two or more of them, as oft as they shall be thereunto required.

And it is further Declared and Ordained by the Lords and Com­mons, That all and every of the said Sums, Rents. Revenues and Pro­fits, Estate Reall and Personall of all and every the said Delinquents, or persons before specified, shall be imployed to the use, and for the maintaining of the Army and forces raised by the Parliament, and such other uses, as shall be directed by both Houses of Parliament, for the benefit of the Common-wealth.

Lastly, it is Ordained. That all and every the said Sequestrators and Committees, shall have allowances for their necessary charges and paines in and about the premisses, as they shall be allowed by both Houses of Parliament; And that aswell they, as all others who shall be employed in the said service, or shall doe any thing in execution or performance of this Ordinance, shall be therein protected and saved harmlesse by the power and Authority of both the said Houses. And if any person or persons shall finde him or themselves agrieved with a­ny Act done by the said Sequestrators their Agents or Deputies, or any of them concerning the premisses, and shall not be therein relieved by the said Sequestrators upon complaint made to them, or any two or more of them; then upon information thereof given to both Houses of Parliament, or to the said Committee of Lords and Commons before men­tioned, such further order shall be taken therein, as shall be agreeable to justice. Provided, that where any former Ordinance hath bin made by both Houses of Parliament, for the seizing or sequestring of the Estates of any of the Delinquents before specified, within any County, Citie or place, and accordingly executed there, this present Ordinance [Page 5] shall not be put in execution, till further order be taken by both Hou­ses of Parliament. Provided also, that all and every the said estates of the said Delinquents, shall be chargeable and lyable for their proporti­onable part of such other publique charges or duties to be set or allow­ed of by both Houses of Parliament, as they ought to pay, if this Ordi­nance had not been made. And to all such other charges, duties, pay­ments, or other rights which are or shall be due, or payable, or of right belonging to any other person or persons out of the premisses other then to such Delinquents as aforesaid, the same to be payd and disbur­sed by these Sequestrators, or any two of them respectively.

Provided also, that where no Committees are named by this Ordi­nance, in any City or Town which is a County of it selfe, there the Committees for the County at large next adjoyning may execute this Or­dinance, within every such Citie or Town, till other Committees shall be named and appointed for the same, by both Houses of Parliament. And that where no Committees are herein named for any County, City, or place, such other persons as shall be hereafter nominated by both Houses, shall have the like power to execute this Ordinance in every such County, City, or place, as the Committees in this present Ordi­nance named have.

Provided also, and be it further Ordained, That all and singular such Revenues, Rents, Issues, Fees, profits, sums of money, and allowances whatsoever, as have heretofore been, and now ought to be paid, dispo­sed unto, or for the maintenance of any Colledge or Hospitall, whose Revenues or any part therof, have not been employed for maintenance of the War against the Parliament, Grammer-Schoole, or Schollers, or for or towards the reparation of any Church, Chappell, High-way, Cawsey, Bridge, Schoole-house, or other charitable use, payable by any the Corporations, or persons whose Estates are to be sequestred by this Ordinance, which are chargeable upon, or ought to issue out of, or be paid for, or in respect of their Estates, lands, or possessions, or any of them, other then such Delinquents as aforesaid shall be, and continue to be paid, disposed, and allowed by the said Sequestrators, or any two or more of them, as they were and have been heretofore; Any thing in this present Ordinance to the contrary thereof, in any wise notwith­standing.

FOr the County of Bedford, Sir Beauchamp Saintjohn, Bedford. Sir John Burgoyn Baronet, Sir Thomas Alston Knight and Ba­ronet, Sir Koger Burgoyn Knight, Sir Oliver Luke Knight, Sir Samuel Luke Knight, Thomas Rolt, Thomas Sadler, Iames Bever­ly, Humphrey Monox, Edward Osborn, Robert Stanton, and Sa­muel Brown, Esquires.

For the Town of Bedford, the Major for the time being.

For the County of Berks, Sir Francis Pil [...] Baronet,Berks. Sir Fran­cis [Page 7] Knollis junior, Knight; Peregrine Hobby, Henry Martin, Koger Knight, Henry Powle, Thomas Fettiplace, and Tanfield Vachell, Esquires.

For the Town of Reading, the Major for the time being, Henry Martin, Tanfield Vachell, Esquires.

Bucking­ham.For the County of Buckingham, Sir Richard Ingolesby, Knight, Henry Bulstrode, Thomas Terrall, Richar [...] Greenvill, Esquires; Sir Peter Temple Baronet, Sir Thomas Sander [...] Knight, Anthony Ratcliff, Thomas Westall, Esquires, Sir William Andrews Knight, Bulstrode Whitlock, Iohn Hampden, Arthur Goodwyn Richard Winwood, Esquires.

Cam­bridge.For the County of Cambridge, Sir Dudley North, Sir Iohn Cuts, Sir Thomas Martin, Knights, Captaine Symond, Dudley Pope, Esquiers; Sir Miles Sands Knight, Francis Russell, Oli­ver Cromwell, William Fisher, Thomas Thompson, Thomas Becket, Walter Clopton, Robert Castle, Thomas Bendish, Iohn Welbore, Robert Clark, Michael Dalton junior, Thomas Parker, Thomas Ducket, John Hobard, Thomas Castle George Clapthorn, John Towers, Ed­ward Leeds, and William Marsh Esquires.

For the Towne and university of Cambridge, the Major for the time being, Oliver Cromwell, Master Iohn Lowry, Master Willian Welbore, Talbot Pepys Recorder, Iohn Sherwood, Samuel Spaulden, Thomas French, Robert Robson.

Chester.For the County of Chester, Sir George Booth, Knight and Baronet Sir William Brereton Baronet, Thomas Stanley, Henry Manwaring, Henry Brooke, Iohn Bradshaw, Robert Duckenfield, Henry Ver [...]on, Iohn Crew, William Marbury, Esquires.

For the City of Chester, William Jaunce Major, Iohn Alaersey, Peter Leigh, William Edwards Merchants.

Cornwall.For the County of Cornwall, Sir Richard Carew Baronet, Francis Buller, Alexander Carew, John Trefusis, Iohn Saint Aubin, Richard Erisey, Iohn Moyl, Francis Godolphin of Tremonegue, Thomas Gewen, Iohn Carter, Thomas Arundell, Esquires.

Devon.For the County of Devon, Sir George Chudleigh, Sir Iohn Pool, Sir Iohn Northcot, Baronets; Sir Edmund Fowell Knight, Sir Samuel Roll, Sir Shilston Calmady, Sir Nicholas Martin, Knights; Sir Francis Drake Baronet, Robert Savery, Henry Wal­rond, Francis Rous, Edmund Prideaux, Henry Worth, Hugh Fortes [...]e, Arthur Vpton, Iohn Yeo, William Frye, George Trobridge, Esquires, the Major of Plimmouth for the time being, Master Iohn Waddon.

[Page 7] For the City of Exon, Christopher Clark Major, Richard Sanders,Exon city Thomas Crossing, Walter White, and John Makewell, Aldermen, James Gould Sheriffe.

For the County of Cumberland, William Lawson, William Briscoe,Cumber­land. Thomas Lamplough, Richard Barwis, John Barwis senior, Esquires.

For the County of Derby, Sir John Curson Baronet,Derby, Sir John Gell Baronet, Sir John Coke Knight, Francis Revell, Nathaniel Hallows, and James Abney Esquires.

For the County of Dorset, Denzill Hollis, Sir Thomas Trenchard,Dorset. Sir Walter Erl, Knights, John Brown, Thomas Treg [...]n [...]ll, John Bing­ham, John Hanham John Trenchard, Dennis Bond, Richard Broder [...]p, William Sa [...]a [...]ge, Robert Butler, William S [...]denham junior Esquires, Richard Rose, John Henley Thomas [...]ely, Thomas Erle Esquires.

For the Towne and County of Pool, Henry Martin Major, George Skut,Poole. William Skut, Anthony Wait, William W lliams, Aaron Durell, Richard Mayer, and Havi [...]and Heely, Aldermen.

For the Towne of Dorchester, the Major for the time being, Master Iohn Hill, Master Richard Bury.

For the County of Durham, Henry Warmouth, George Lilborne,Durham. Tho­mas Mi [...]ford, Robert Hutton, Thomas Shadforth, Clement Fa [...]thorp Richard Lilborne, Francis Wren, Iohn Blakeston, Henry Draper, Iohn B [...]akenbury, Esquires.

For the County of Essex, Sir Thomas Barrington Knight and Baronet,Essex. Sir Henry Mildmay of Wansteed, Sir Martin Lumley Knight and Baronet, Sir Harbott [...]e Grimston K [...]ight and Baronet, Sir Richard Everard Baronet, Sir William H cks Baronet, Sir Thomas Cheeke, Sir Henry Halcroft, Sir Wil. Rowe, Sir Tho. Honywood, Sir Wil. Martin, Sir Iohn Barrington Knights, Sir Wil. Massam Baronet, Wil. Massam, Iohn Wright, Oliver Raymond, Harbottle Grimston, Iohn Sayer, Iohn Burket, Anthony Luther, Timothy Middleton, Thomas Cok [...], Deane Tyndall, Iames Herne, William Goldingham, I hn Atwood, Iohn Sorrell, Richard Harbackenden, Henry W [...]seman Ro­bert Smith, Robert Browne, William Atwood, Nathaniel Bacon, Iohn Mead, Robert Wiseman o [...] Mayl [...]n, Isaac Allen, Hasely, Samuel Friborne, Peter Whitcombe, Robert Young, Ieremy Aylet, William Collard, Robert Craine, Robert Calthrop, Arthur Barnardisto Esquires.

For Colchester, the Major for the time being, Harbottle Grimston,Colche­ster. Henry Bar [...]ington [...]t.

For the East Riding of the County of Yorke, Ferdinando Lord Fa [...]rfax,E [...]st-Ri­ding. [Page 8] Sir John Hotham Knight and Baronet, Sir William Strickland Baro­net, Sir Philip Stapleton, Sir Thomas Rymington Knights, Richard Rymington, John Hotham, John Anl [...]bey, Richard Darley, Henry Darley, John Allured Esquires.

North-ri­ding. For the North-Riding, Ferdinando Lord Fairfax, Sir Hugh Cholmly, Sir Henry Fouls, Sir Thomas Norcliffe, Sir Mathew Boynton Baro­nets, Sir William S [...]effield Knight, John H [...]t [...]am B [...]an Stapleton, Henry Darly, H nry Anderson, John W [...]stall, Chri topher Perchey, George Trotter, Mathew S nel, John Legard de Malton, Francis Las­sels, Geoffery Gate, John Den [...], Thomas Robinson, Francis Bointon, Christopher W [...]ters Esquires.

West-ri­ding. For the West-Riding, Ferdinando Lord Fairfax, Sir Thomas Maleve­rer Baronet, Sir William Lister, Sir Edward Rodes, Sir William Fair­fax, Sir John Savill, Sir Thomas Fairfax Knights, J [...]hn H [...]ham, Charles Fairfax, Henry Arding on, John Farrer, William White, Thomas M [...]leverer, George Marwood, John Robinson, Thomas Stockdale, Thomas Westby, John Bright, Thomas Bosevile, God­frey Bosevile, Captaine Edward Brigs, and Iohn Ellis Esquires.

York city. For the City of York, Sir Thomas Fairfax, and and Sir Thomas Wid­drington Knights, Thomas Hodgson, Iames Hutchinson, and Iohn Vaux Aldermen, Sir William Allanson, Thomas H [...]yles.

For the Towne and County of Kingston upon Hull, Sir Iohn Hotham Knight and Baronet, Thomas Ka [...]kes Majo [...], Iohn Hocham, and Pe­regrine Pelham Esquires, Lancelot Roper, Iohn Bernard, Ioshua Hall, Nicholas Denman, and William Fapple Gentlemen.

Glocester For the County of Glocester, and County of the City of Gl cester, Sir Ro­bert Cook-Knight, Nathaniel Stephens, Iohn G orge, Edward Ste­phens, John Stephens Esquires, and Thomas Pury A [...]dermen, Sir Iohn Seymour Knight, Thomas Hodges, Iohn Caddrington Esquires.

Bristoll. For the City of Bristoll, Richard Alworth M [...]jor, Ioseph Iackson, and Hugh Browne Sheriffs, Richard Hallworthy Alderman, Luke Hodg [...]s, and Henry Gibs.

Hamp­shire. For the County of Southampton, and the Town and County of Southampton, and the Isle of Wight, Sir Henry Worsley, Sir Wil Lewis Baro. Sir Tho. Iervois, Sir William Lisl, Sir John Leigh, Sir Henry Clerke, Sir John Compton, Sir Richard Kingsmil Knights, Robert Dillington, Robert Wallop, Richard Whitehead, Richard Norton, Iohn Doddington, Richard Iervois, Iohn Lisle, Iohn Button, Edward Hopp r, Iohn Balkley, Thomas Clerke, Iohn Kemp, Richard Major, Francis Saint Barbe, Nicholas Love, John Fielder, William Whither, Thomas [Page 9] Chandler, Iames Tut, John Pitman, and Iohn Hook Esquires, George Gallop, and Edward Exon, Aldermen of Southampton, and the Ma­jor of Winchester for the time being.

For the County of Hertford, Charles Lord Viscount Cranborne,Hertford Robert Cecill Esquire, Sir Iohn Garrat, Sir Iohn Reade Baronets, Sir Thomas Dacres, Sir William Litton, Sir Iohn Whitterrong Knights, Richard Iennings, Ralph Freeman, William Lemon, William Priestly, Iohn Heydon, Alexander Wild, Richard Porter, Adam Washington, Es­quires. For Saint Albans, The Major for the time being, Iohn Rob­tham, Ralph Pemberton, Gravely Norton Esquires.

For the County of Hereford, Sir Robert Harley Knight of the Bath,Hereford. Sir Richard Hopton Knight, Walter Kirle, Edward Broughton, Hen­ry Vaughan Esquires.

For the City of Hereford, Sir Robert Harley Knight of the Bath, Walter Kirle, Richard Hobson, Iohn Flacket, Henry Vaughan, Es­quires.

For the County of Huntington, Sir Thomas Cocton Baronet,Hunting­ton. Sir Iohn Hewer Knight, O [...]slow Winch, Terrill Iocelyne, Thomas Temple, Iohn Castle, Oliver Crumwell, Abraham Burwell, Edward Monta­gue, and Iohn Bulliley Esquire.

For the County of Kent, Sir Thomas Walsingham,Kent. Sir Anthony Wel­don Knights, Sir John Sidley, Sir Edward Hales, Sir Humphrey Tuf­ton, Sir Henry Heyman Knights and Baronets, Sir Michael Lewsy Baronet, Sir Henry Vane Iunior, Sir Edward Scot, Sir Edward Bois, Sir William Brook, Sir Peter Worth, Sir George Sands, Sir John Honywood, Sir James Oxenden, Sir Richard Hardresse, Knights, Augustine Skinner, Richard Lee, Thomas Selliard, Iohn Bois senior, Thomas Blunt, and Samuel Short Esquires.

For the City of Rochester, the Major for the time being, Sir Anothony Welden, Sir William Brooke, Sir Thomas Walsingham, Richard Lee, Esquire, The Major of Tenderding for the time being, William Bois, William Iames, Mark Dixwell, Henry Samford Esquires.

For the City and County of Canterbury, the Major for the time being, Canter­bury. Sir William Man Knight, Sir Edward Master Knight, John Nut, Tho­mas Courthope Esquires, Auerey Saving Alderman.

For the County of Lancaster, Sir Ralph Ashton,Lancaster and Sir Thomas Stan­ley Baronets, Ralph Ashton of Downham, Ralph Ashton of Middleton, Richard Shuttleworth, Alexander Rigby, John More, Richard Hol­land, Edward Butterworth, John Bradshaw, William Athurst, Peter Egerton, George Dodding, Nicholas Cunliff, John Starke, Thomas [Page 10] Brich, and Thomas Fell Esquires, Robert Cunliff, Robert Curwen, and Iohn Nowell Gentlemen.

Leicester. For the County of Leicester, Henry Lord Gray of Ruthin, Thomas Lord Gray of Groby, Sir Arthur Haslerigg Baronet, S [...]r Edward H [...]rtop, and Sir Thomas Harsop Kn [...]ghts, William Hewet, Iohn Be [...]oridge, Peter Temple, George Ashby, William Roberts, Richard Bent, Ar­thur Stanley, W [...]liam Danvers, Iohn Goodman Esquires.

For the Towne of Leicester, Richard Ludlem now Major, William Stanley Alderman.

Lincolne Lindsey parts. For the County of Lincolne, Sir Iohn W [...]ay Knight and Baronet, Sir Edward A h [...]ough Knight, Sir Samuel O ld Knight, Iohn W [...]ah, Willoughby H [...]rkm [...], E w. Whitchcot, El no [...]d Anderson, Edw. Rositer, and Iohn B [...]oxho [...]me E [...]qui [...], Sir William Army, Baronet, Sir Ha [...]ond Whitchcot Knight, Sir Iohn Brownlo [...], Sir Thomas Trollop Baronets, Thomas Harcher, Sir Christopher Wray, Thomas Grantham, Thomas Lister, Iohn Archer Esquires, Sir Wil iam Brownlow.

For the parts of Holland, Sir Anthony Irby, William Ellis, Iohn Harrington E quires, the Major of Boston for the time being, Tho. Hall, Thomas Welby, [...] W llesby.

For the City of Lincolne, and the close of Lincolne, the Major for the time being, Thomas Grantham, Iohn Brokholme Esquires, Robert Moor­crot [...], William Watson, and Stephen Dawson A [...]dermen.

London. For the City of London, and all within the jurisdiction of the Lord Major, the Lord M [...]jor and Aldermen, Aldermens Deputies, and Common-counsell m n of the said City.

Middlesex For the C [...]unty of Middlesex, Sir Gilbert Gerard Baronet, Sir Ed­ward B [...]kham Knight and Barone [...], Sir Richard Springall Baronet, Sir Iohn Franklin, Sir Iohn H ppesl [...]y, Sir William Roberts, Sir Iames Harrington, Sir Robert Wood Knights: Lawrence Whittaker, Justinian Pager, William Swallow, Iohn H [...]cksley, Thomas Wil­cox, Iohn Morris, Richard Datton, and Iohn Smith Esq [...]ires.

Westmin­ster. For the Liberties of Westminster, Sir Robert P [...], Sir William Ashton, Sir John Corbet Knights, John Glyn, John Trenchard, and William Wheeler Esquires, John Brigham, George Beverhasset, Anthony W [...]thers, and William Barnes Gentlemen, Josias Fe [...] ­dall, William Bell Esquires, [...] Tu [...]key, [...] Col­chester, Steven Higgons.

[Page 11] For the County of Norfolke, Norfolke. and the City and County of the City of Norwich, Sir Thomas Woodhouse, Sir Iohn Hol­land, Baronet. Sir Iohn Pots Baronet, Sir Iohn Hubbert, Baronet, Sir M les H [...]bbert, Sir Thomas Huggen, Knights, Iohn Cooke, Iohn Spelman, Philip B [...]ddingfield, Samuel Smith, the Sh [...]riffe of Norwi. The Bailliff [...] of Y [...]rmouth. Thomas Toll, and Iohn Percivall of Lyn, Thomas Wind­ham, Francis Iermy, Robert Wood, Gregory Ca [...]sell, Iohn Haughton. Thomas Weld, Martin Sedley, Thomas Sotherton, Esquires, Sir Edmond Mountford Knight, William Havingham, William Cooke, Robert P [...]ich, Es­quires, Sir Richard Berne, Sir Isaac Asley, Sir Iohn Pulgrave Knights, and Br [...]gge Fountaine, Iohn Tooly Esquires.

For the County of Northampton, Sir Rowland Sain John,Nor­thampton Knight of the Bath, Sir John Norwich Knight, S r Gilbert Pickering Baronet, Sir Richard Samuel Knight, John Crew, John Barnard, Edward Harvey, Edw Farmer, Iohn Nor­ton, Iohn Chappool [...] E quires, S r Iohn Drayden Baronet, and Richard Knightly Esquire, Sir Christopher Yelverton, Knight and Baronet, Zouch Tate E [...]quire, Philip Holeman Esquire, Thomas Pentlow Esquire.

For the Towne of Northampton, the Major for the time being, Thomas Martin, and Iohn F [...]sher Alderm [...]n.

For the Towne of Newcastle, J [...]hn Blakeston Esquire.New-castle. Northum­berland.

For the County of Northumber [...]and, Sir Iohn Fenwick Ba­ronet, Sir Jo. Daleve [...]. Kn ght, T [...]mas Middleton, William Shaftoe, Michael Welden, and Henry Ogle E quire.

For the Towne of Barwicke upon Tw [...]ed, John Sleigh Major,Barwick. Sir Robert Iackson Knight, Ralph Salkel [...] E quire.

For the County of Nottingham Francis Perp [...] Esquire,Notting­ham. Sir Francis Thornhaugh, Sir Thomas H [...]c [...]inson Kn [...]ght, Francis Thornhaugh Ioseph Wid [...]erpoole, Robert Reyns, Gilbert Millington, and Iohn Hutchinson Esquires, Sir Francis Molineux Knight, Charles White, and Henry Ireton Esquires.

For the County of the Towne of Nottingham, the Major for [Page 12] the time being, Iames Chadwicke Esquire, Huntington Plumtrey, Doctor in Physicke, Iohn Iames, Alderman, and Iohn Gregory Gentleman.

Oxon. Rutland.For the County of Oxon.

For the County of Rutland, Sir Edward Harrington Kt. Evers Armyn, Robert Horseman, Iohn Osborn, Christopher Brown, Robert Horseman Junior, and Thomas Wait Esq

Suffolke. For the County of Suffolke, Sir William Pleyters, Knight and Baronet, Sir Nathanael Barnadiston Knight Sir Willi. Spring Baronet, Sir Roger North, Sir Thom. Barnadiston, Sir William Soame, Sir Iohn Wentworth, Sir Phil. Parker Knights, William Heveningham, Natha. Bacon, of Froston, Nicholas Bacon, Maurice Barrow, William Blois, Henry North, Robert Brewster, Brampton Gourdon, Francis Ba­con, Theophilus Vaughan of Beckles, William Cage, Wil­liam River of Bilson, Edmund Hervey, Iohn Gourdon, Thomas Coale, Esquires, Iohn Basse, Francs, Brewster, Gentlemen. The Bailiffs of the Towne of Ipswich that now are, Iohn Sicklemer, Richard Puplet, Iohn Aldus Gentlemen, Nathanael Bacon of Ipswich. For S. Edmonds Bury, Samuel Moody, Thomas Cole Chaplin, the Bailiffs of the Town of Alborough for the time being, Thomas Gibs, Alderman, Thomas Iohnson.

Surrey. For the County of Surrey, Sir Richard Onslow, Sir Wil­liam Elliot, S. Robert Parkhurst, Knights, Nicholas Stough­ton, George Evelin of Wotton, Henry Weston, Arthur Onslow Esq Sir Ambrose Brown Bar. Sir Anthony Vin­cent, Knight and Baronet, Sir Iohn Dingly, Sir Mathew Brand, Knights, Edward Sanders, Robert Holman, Robert Houghton, George Evelin, Francis Drake, Thomas Sands, George Myn, William Muschampe Esq Sir Iohn Howland, and Sir Iohn Evelin Knights, Robert Goodwin, George Fairewell, and Iohn Goodwyn, Esquires, Richard Wright and Cornelius Cooke, Gentlemen.

Sussex.For the County of Sussex, Sir Tho. Pelham Baronet, An­thony Stapley, Herbert Morley, Thomas Whitfield, Iohn [Page 13] Baker, Harbert Hay Equires, Herbert Springate of the Broyle, Ralph Coper, Hall Ravenscroft, Edward Apsley, John Downes, William Cawley, Edward Higgons, Thomas Chate, George Oglander, George Simpson, John Busbridge, Thomas Midleton, James Temple Esquires, Cpataine Tho­mas Collins, Captaine Carl [...]ton, Captaine Everton.

For the County of Somerset, Sir John Horner,Somerset. Sir Thomas Worth, Sir George Farwel Knights, Clement Walker, Alex­ander Popham, Edward Popham, William Strode, Richard Col, John Harrington, John Hippesly, William Long, John Preston, Henry Henley, Henry Scamford, Iohn Pyn, Iames Ashe, and Iohn Ash [...] Esquires, Roger Hill, George Serle, and Iesper Chaplyn Gentlemen, Richard Capell, VVilliam Bull, Robert Harbyn, Iohn Hunt, Robert Blake Esquires, The Major of Bridgewater that now is.

For the County of Salop, Sir Iohn Corbet Knight,Salop. William Perpoint, Richard Moore, Thomas Witton, Thomas Ni­chols, Humphrey Mackworth, Andrew Floyd of Aston, Lancelot Lee, Thomas Hunt, and Iohn Corbet Esquires.

For the City of Lichfield, Lichfield City. The Bayliffs of the said City for the time being, the Sheriffe of the said City for the time being, Michael Noble Esquire, Richard Draffgate, Richard Baxter, and Thomas Burnes Gentlemen.

For the County of Stafford, Sir Rich. Skeffington Knight,Stafford. Rich. Pyott, Michael Rydolph, Edward Manwaring, Mathew Morton, Iohn Birch, Ralph Rudyard, Michael Lowe, Mi­chael Noble, and Edward Leigh Esquires, Sir Walter Wor­tesley, Sir Edward Littleton, Sir William Brereton Baronets.

For the County of Warwicke, Warwick. the new Major of the Citie of Coventry, Sir Peter Wentworth Knight or the Bath, Sir Ed­ward Peyto Knight, Iohn Hales, Godfrey Bos [...]ell, Iohn Barker, William Purefoy, Anthony Staughton, George Ab­bot, Thomas Boughton, William Colemore, Thomas B [...]s­net, William Iesson, Gam [...]iel Purefoy, and Thomas Wil­lough [...]y Esquir s.For the County and City of Coventry, Iohn Bark [...]r, Isaack Bromick, and Robert Phillips Esquires.

[Page 14] Wilts. For the County of Wilts, Denzil Hollis Esquire, Sir Edward Hungerford, Sir Edw. Baynton, Sir Nevill Poole, & Sir Iohn Evelyn Knight, Edward Baynton, Edward Tucker, William Wheeler, Edward Goddard, Alexander Thistlethwait juni­or, Iohn White, Edmund Poole, Thomas Moore, Iohn Ashe, and Robert Iennour Esquires.

Westmer­land. For the County of Westmerland, Sir Henry Bellingham, Knight & Baronet, George Gilpin, Edward Wilson, Nicho­las Fisher, Thomas Sleddall, Rowland Dawson, and Allen Bellingham Esquires, Roger Bateman, Richard Branthwait, Robert Phillipson, and Gervace Benson Gentlemen.

Worcester For the County of Worcester, Iohn Wilde, Richard Creswel Serjeant at Law, Humphrey Sallway, Edward Dingley, Edward Pit, Thomas Greves, and William Ieffryes Esquires.


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