The Propheticall INTELLIGENCER, Shewing The causes why all corrupt Churches of Chri­stendome shall passe away, or de­part; and all their Sees of corrupt Do­ctrine and Discipline shall be abolished, and that the holy City of the Church of new Jerusalem is now comming down from my God out of HEAVEN.

LONDON, Printed by M. Simmons, and are to be sold by John Hancocke in Popes-head Alley, 1647.

The Propheticall Intelligencer, shewing the causes why all corrupt Churches of Christen­dome shall passe away, or depart; and all their Sees of corrupt Doctrine, and Discipline shall be abolished, and that the holy City of the Church of new Je­rusalem is now comming downe from my God out of Heaven.

Revel. 21.1. And I saw a new Heaven, and a new Earth, for the first heaven, and the first earth were passed away, and there was no more Sea.’

SOme falsely gather, that this is to be understood of the Church Tri­umphant, after the resurrection, but what need the Church then to be described, to be comming downe from heaven? it should ra­ther be seene going up to it. And what need shall there be of gates, a Wall, and City, and a Tree, when all the Saints shall be as the Angels of God in heaven? and equall unto them? Math. 22. Luke 20 But the Holy Ghost doth not paint out unto us here, that Angelical happi­nesse of the Saints to come. For it is spoken of matters to be done in this life upon earth, as the sequell shall declare, for it is spoken of a new church that shall be upon earth. For the glory of the heavenly, and pure Church, cannot bee seene, nor conceived off the heart of a mortall man, 1 Cor. 2.9. Neither can it be set forth with words of comparisons of earthly things, but seeing it shall be an heavenly Church, therefore the glory and dignity of it, is commended in heavenly things, and yet the description thereof maketh a way to comprehend in our mindes, hea­venly felicity, for if the glory of the Spouse be so great upon earth, what manner of things, and how excellent are those which God have prepared for his Saints, in the fulnesse of joy? truely our mindes are too dull, and dimme, to meditate of these things, let us turne our eyes to contemplate of this blessed paradise, which shall openly be seene in the world, as 2 Esdras 8.52. For unto you is paradise opened, the tree of life is planted, Rev. 2.7. The time to come is prepared, plenteousnesse made ready, the City builded, v. 18. and rest prepared, perfect goodnesse, and absolute wisedome, the root of evill is sealed up unto you, Dan. 9.24. the weake­nesse, and moth is destroyed from you, and into hell fleeth corruption to be forgot­ten, Rev. 21.8. Sorrowes are vanished away, and in the end is shewed the treasure of immortalitie, v. 4. I follow him as he goeth with Scripure.

Now the interpretation of the new heaven, may be taken out of Heb. 12.26. whose voyce did then shake the earth, but now he hath denounced, saying, yet once more will I shake, not the earth onely but also heaven, where to shake heaven and earth, is by the interpretation of the Apostle, to abrogate the former Church wor­ship, & Temple, to cast off the earthly people, of all Nations, that would not receive him by a New birth, Joh. 1.11. Io. 3.3. And so he will cast off all people that are earthly, of all Nations whether of the Churches, or heathen, that will not receive his counsell to buy of him gould, tried in the fire, to make them rich. 1.Rev. 3.18. The live­ly [Page 2] faith of the merits of Christs death in our baptisme for remission of sinnes, and white raiment (justification) to cloth them, that the shame of their nakednesse might not appeare, and eye salve of the spirit in the scriptures, that men may see Heaven is by a borrowed speech taken for the Temple, the legall worship, and the Church of the Jewes, whereof the Temple was a seate and dwelling place, the shadow of heavenly things, Heb. 8.5. and we know that the Church is cal­led the Kingdome of Heaven, in many places of Scripture, as Psal. 107. Mar. 4.2. So that shake heaven, is to abolish the visible Church, that were of the Jewes, or are now of the Gentiles.

Matth. 13.41.43. Luke 10.9. Col. 1.13.For where God will shake the heaven (first of the Church) and the Earth (of unbelievers) they shall be abolished, Heb. 12.27. but once more saith the Lord, will I shake the heaven. 1. Of the Church, and the Earth, 1. Vnbelievers, Ergo they shall be abolished.

By the Earth is meant in that place, men, corrupt unbelievers, as O Earth, heare the word of the Lord. Ma. 1. O men that are earth, of all Nations of the Earth, and all the Kingdomes of the Heathen, shall be shaken as Hagg. 2, 27. as well as the Churches, For behold saith the Lord I have begun to plague the City which my Name is called upon, and should you escape, you shal surely drinke. Iere. Mi. So God will shake the heaven of the church of Christians, and should the Earth of Turkes and Heathens escape, they shall be overthrowne. Con. To shake the earth therefore is to shake the corrupt unbelieving earthly people out of their places, as he shooke the Iewes heaven of the church, and the Earth of the heathen, because they received not one baptisme into Christs death, for remission of sinnes, but despised the coun­sell of God against their owne soules, and to make a church, and therefore he shooke them downe Luke 7.30. Eph. 4.5. Act. 2.38. Ro. 6.3. So that heaven you see is put for the Church, and the earth, for all corrupt unbelieving people, Therefore as God shooke the heaven, and the earth after Christs death, for their not receiving of him by baptisme into his death, as Ioh. 1.9.10. Gal. 3.27. For every soule that will not heare that Prophet (1. To be baptised in his Name, if he have not, for the remission of sinnes, Act. 2.38.) Shall be destroyed among the people, and they were destroyed from being the church and people of God, and became the Syna­gogue of Sathan. Rev. 2.9. God rejected the old church of the heaven of the Iewes, and set up a new heaven of the Church of the Gentiles, that did receive Christ by baptisme, and faith, as the 3000. did, and the Churches of all Nations. So when God shall have mercy upon the forlorne forsaken Nation, and make them partakers of salvation by Christ, he shall shake the former heaven of the corrupt, Idolatrous, dead, lukewarme churches of the Gentiles, because they believe not one baptisme into Christs death, for remission of sinnes, as Act. Rom. 6.4. and make the dignity and honour of the holy City of the New Ierusalem, of Iewes and Gentiles, to be so glorious, as a new heaven and a new earth. Hence I gather this Doctrine,Observati∣on. That there shall be a new church of the new Jerusalem upon earth, and this I prove by Esay 65.17. For behold I am about to create, new heavens, and a new Earth, as if he should say, I will institute a more pure church, faith and worship in spirit and in truth, and I will take unto me a new people in the Assemblies, wher­of I will be worshipped, and honoured, and I will make a new Earth of new crea­tures, for if any man be in Christ he is a new creature, 2 Cor 5.17. For old things are passed away behold all things are become new, 2 Cor. 5.17. which shall be [Page 3] most plainely verified, when the old churches passe away, and the new Jerusalem appeare, as Esay 43.19. Behold I will doe a new thing in the Earth, now it shall spring forth, shall yee not know it, when may some say, Ans. Rev. 21.5. Behold I make all things new, and he said to me write, for these words are true and faith­full, 1. There shall be a new heaven and a new Earth, a new church, and people, for he that sat on the Throne, bad Iohn write it, and he hath given me a minde to know him that is true, and for to write of things that are true, for if it be true, as it is [...]th Behold I make all things new, then that must be a new church, or else al things shall not be new for as the new heaven and the new earth, which I will make, shall remaine before me saith the Lord, compare the place with this, and you shall finde it agree with this, and cannot agree to the former churches of Ephesus Smyrna, Pergamus, Thyatira, Sardis, Phyladelphia, Laodicea, for they shall passe away, but the church of new Jerusalem shall remaine, For to him that overcometh in the Churches, I will make him a pillar in the Temple of my God, and shall goe no more out, and write upon him the Name of the new Ierusalem, that cometh downe from my God out of heaven, Rev. 2.12. but when is this to be? when the lukewarme An­gell that is neither cold nor hot is spued out of Christs mouth,Rev. 3.16. in Laodicea of England this new Church is to appeare, but now the lukewarme Angels are spued out. Ergo. It is now to appeare, I could prove this by many Arguments but I set downe but five.

Reason. 1 The causes why the Churches of the Gentiles shall depart, and all their Sees of iurisdiction and the new Ierusalem appeare,

Ma. For if there shall be an holy City of new Ierusalem come downe from God out of Heaven, trimmed as a Bride, for her Bridegroome, then there must be a new Church upon Earth, for by new Ierusalem, is meant the Church of God. Mi. But Iohn saw the holy City, the new Ierusalem come downe from God out of heaven. Rev. 2 [...].2. Con. Er­go. there must be a new Church upon earth.

Reason. 2 Ma. That City which shall be foure square and, shall be measured by an Angell a man, with a golden reed, 12000. Furlongs, must needs be upon Earth, for there is neither squares nor furlongs, nor reedes, nor men measurers of any thing there, for all was prepared for thee, before the foundation of the world, Matth. 25, 34. Mi. But the Church of the new Ierusalem, shall lye foure square, and be measured by an Angell, a man, with a golden reed, 12000. Furlongs, Con. Ergo it must needs be upon earth for there is no squares, reeds, or Furlongs, or men measurers, in actuall glory.

Reason. 3 Ma. That City which shall have twelve gates, and twelve Angels, and the Names of the Tribes of Israel, 3. On the East, 3. On the North, 3. On the South, 3. On the West, Mi. must needes be meant of a Church or City upon Earth, for there is no East nor West, North, nor South, in actuall glory, or but twelve gates, or but twelve Angels, for there is more then twelve Legions of Angels there, but the Church of the new Jerusalem, shall have twelve gates, and twelve Angels, and the names of the twelve Tribes of Israel, 3. to the East, 3. to the North, 3. on the South, 3. on the West, as Rev. 21.13. Con. Ergo, it must needs be a City, or Church upon earth, and [...]t shewes it must be a Church of the Iewes, baptized and made new creatures, for the Gentiles have not twelve Tribes, and if there be any gates in heaven, they were [...]t made long before their were any tribes of Israel. v. 12.13.

Reason. 4 Ma. That City which shall have a Wall, with twelve foundations, and in them the Names of the Lambs twelve Apostles, must be new Church upon earth build on the [Page 4] doctrine of the twelve Apostles, Mi. for the Apostles can be no foundation of a Wall of a City in heaven, for it was made before there were Apostles, before the foundation of the world. Matth. 25. But the new Ierusalem shall have a Wall, with twelve foundations, and in them the names of the lambe twelve Apostles, as v. 14. Con. Ergo. It must be a new Church upon Earth.

Reason. 5 That City which shall have the Nations that are saved, to walke in the light of it, and the Kings of the Earth, to bring their glory and honour to it, must be a new Church upon Earth. Ma. For the people that are saved, they shall not need to walke in hea [...]en, for they shall be as the Angels of God in heaven, which flie or passe in an inconceivable time, as the body of Christ to heaven, and the things of the Earth shall bring no honour or glory to heaven, for heaven shall give glory and honour to them. Mi. But the Church of the new Jerusalem shall be such wherein the Nations that are saved, shall walke in the light of it, and the Kings of the Land shall bring their honour & glory to it, Rev. 21.24 (i. e. they shall account it their ho­nour, and glory to be Citizens of new Ierusalem, and bring their subjects to it.) Con. Er­go it must be a new Church upon Earth. I could give more reasons if these be not sufficient.

Objection. Shall there be a new Church upon earth, Then say the Anabaptists, Brownists, Seperatists, Familists, Adamites, Millenaries, Antitrinitarians, Arminians, Soci­nians, Sectaries, and Selectaries. (all which are commonly notable Pharises, and by a superabundance of religion,Which have no as­surance of salvation, for out of the church is no salva­tion nor assurance of it. like scabs and warts, by the abundance of hu­mors, grow out of the body of man, so by the humours of their braine, doe these grow out of the Church, and seperate from it.) then we will goe make a New Church.

Answer. You are greatly deceived not knowing the Scriptures, nor the power of God, for first it must come downe from heaven from my God, Ergo, man can­not build it. 2. That which is of God, shall stand, for God is the builder and foun­der of that City. Heb. 11. But the worke or Church that is of man, shall come to naught, Act. 5. Thirdly, The Church of new Ierusalem, must be built 12000. Furlongs in length, breadth and height you cannot build none so great. Fourthly, The New Church must be built of pure gold, like unto cleare glasse, but you have got none of that to build with, for the gold growes, in the Church of Laodicea, Rev. 3.18. Which wee have forsaken. Fifthly, You have no Iasper stone for your wall, nor fine linnin which is bright and pure, the justifications of the Saints, to trime your Church with, but your Bride hath got a menstruous garment of mans righteousnesse, that sayes stand a part I am holier then thou, or I will stand a part, and separate from you, thus you have neither gold, nor precious stones, nor white raiment to trime your Church, but your builders are all divided, and your language confounded, before you begin you shall build a Babel for the New Church comes from hea­ven, and the builder and founder of it is God, and the government of it must come from God, before we shall have one, as I tould you, three yeares since in my E­pistle to the Booke of the bloud of the Lambe, but you believed it not, but thought you should have had a better Reformation, and government before this time, but are deceived, and not I. It followeth for the first Heaven, and the first Earth, are passed away.

Question. What shall the other Churches then of the Gentiles faile & come to decay, for hath heaven noteth out the Church, as you have proved? Answer. We need not trouble [Page 5] our selves to prove it, for the divisions of all Churches and people against them­selves doe shew it, for they are sending one another to hell as fast as they can, by sword, persecution, hatred, envy and malice; dissention, heresies, sects and schismes and drunkennesse, and covetousness, they make post hast to hell-ward. For where the heaven of a Church is divided against itselfe, it cannot continue, Matth. 12. But the Church of the Lutherans, and of Calvinists, and of Papists, and of English, are heaven of Churches that are divided against themselves. Ergo, they cannot con­tinue, they are heavens that are waxed olde, as a garment and as a vesture shall hee change them The Pope and all his Idolaters, and his ceremonies, the dead faith consubstantiated Lutherans, and the luke-warme faith of the English and Calvinists, shall be spewed out of Christs mouth, Rev. 3.10. And the Heretickes, Seperators from the Church, with the profane unbelievers, shall be rooted out. Ma. For every plant which my heavenly Father planted not shall be rooted out, Matth. 15.15. Ma. But they which will not buy gold, white raiment, and eye-salve, are plants which my hea­venly Father hath not planted. Con. Ergo, they shall be rooted out.

Quest. As touching the reformed Churches; What, shall the receiving of the Jewes bee the estranging of the Gentiles from being Churches? as if casting away the Church of the Jewes was the reconcilement of the world. i. e. Of the Churches of the Gen­tiles, Rom. 11.15. Answ. It is very plaine, because the Apostle certifieth us in that place, that there is a certaine fulnesse of the Gentiles to be made up, which is to be at the calling of the Jewes, vers. 25. for if John saw the former heaven and the former earth departed, then you must appoint them a time to passe away in. And when the luke-warme Angels of Laodicea is spewed out of Christs mouth, i. e. which is the last Church of the Gentiles, they shall passe away for being any more chur­ches; for the former heaven are the Churches of the Gentiles which he saw depar­ted Ergo, they shall passe away.

Object. The Gentiles which are saved shall walke in the light of the new Jerusalem?

Answ. Answ. Then they shall leave the candle-lights of the Churches of the Gentiles (which are called Candlesticks, Rev. 1. they were of, and walke in the light of the new Church that shall be on earth, and be one with them. For blessed is he that doth his commandements, that his right way may be in the tree of life, that bee may enter in through the gates of the City, Rev. 22.14.

Object. And the Kings of the Earth shall bring their glory and honour to that Church of the new Jerusalem.

Answ. An. This makes against you also: for if they doe so, then they shall leave to ho­nour their olde Churches, and their governments, and shall honour the holy City, to be the only true Church. And as we have had Kings of England, that above all the Kings in Christendom have been Kings of Jerusalem. So wee shall have againe Kings of England, that shall be Kings of the Church of new Jerusalem. Let our King hearken to this, for the Kings of the earth shall bring their honour and glory both, vers. 14. The causes why the Churches of the Gentiles shall depart, and their Sees and the Church of new Jerusalem appeare.

Object. It seemes there shall be a flourishing Church of the Gentiles, when the Jewes shal be called. For saith Paul, If the casting away of the Jewes were the riches of the Gentiles, or the reconciliation of the world, what shall their assuming be life from the dead? I answer, it is true; for the Lutherans that escape the bloudy Civill warr, and turne, shall arise out of the dead faith, and the Calvinists and the English shall a­rise [Page 6] out of the luke-warme faith, to walke in the golden street of the lovely faith of the merits of Christs death in one baptisme for the remission of sins, as the 3000. did, Acts 2.38. and so Papists and Heathens shall arise out of their idolatrous and superstitious faith, and embrace the true faith of the new Jerusalem of the Jews and Gentiles, v 24.

Out of which words we gather, that the fulnesse of the Gentiles is not a certaine end of their believing at the calling of the Jewes, as if faith should utterly fall away among the Gentiles; as nothing can be powred more into a full vessell: but that there shall be a more plentifull comming in of all the Nations of the Earth, leaving their olde, dead, luke-warm and Idolatrous Churches, and shall obey the true faith of the Church of the new Jerusalem, as Zach. 14.9. The Lord shall be King over all the earth in that day, there shall be one Lord, (and one faith, and one baptisme saith Paul, Ephes. 4.5. whereas now wee have many) and his Name shall be one, i.e. and the name of his Church shall be one, new Jerusalem, Rev. 3.12. God will write it on them, and one Shepheard, and one sheepe-fold, John 10.16. and Isa 25.7, 8. And the Lord shall destroy in this mountaine the covering that covereth all people, and the vaile that is spread upon all, i. e. the vail of ignorance of their baptis­me into Christs death for the remission of sinnes, Rom. 6.3. Acts 2.38. For few have this vaile of infidelity removed, and the Lord shall wipe all away all teares from their faces, and he will take away the rebuke of his people out of the earth, i. e. at the calling of the Jewes, as Psalm 77.9, 10, 11. For the Kings of Tarshish and of the Isles shall bring presents, whereof the King of England and Scotland and Ireland is a King of the Isles, Ergo, he that is or shall be King, shall bring gifts to the new Je­rusalem, and the Kings of Sheba and Saba shall bring gifts. Yea all Kings shall worship, all Nations shall serve him. Ergo, the King of England, and the Nation of the English, or else all shall not. For such a contradiction cannot be true, that all should serve him, and some should not; that all Kings should serve, and all Nati­ons, though it be not said every particular man of every Nation, for many shal be cast into the lake, as vers. 8. & 27. But all the Kings of the Earth shall be Citizens of the new Jerusalem, for none shall be counted a true King, except hee embrace the faith of the new Jerusalem; that as heretofore the Kings of the Earth have counted it their honour to be Citizens of Rome, and to have brought honour to Rome, and crowned there, so they shall count it their honour and glory to be Citizens of the new Jerusalem, and bring their Subjects to it. The King would have no Pres­bytery, and the Parliament will have no Episcopacy, and the Independents will have none of both. You may heave and shove, and plot by policy to set up a govern­ment, but you shall set up none, as I have told you three yeares since, untill the Church of new Jerusalem appeare, that shall have a government from heaven: for all your labour will be but to pull downe each other, for you are divided, that your house cannot stand, much lesse set up a house or government in such a division, and you will say hereafter I could see further into a milstone then you.

Object. In this common resort therefore of the Nations, how shall the first heaven, i. e. the Church among the Gentiles passe away? must we distinguish the Nations thus? some are Heathens, and some Christians, shall there be an accesse made of those as the prophesies declare, and doe it signifie a departure and revolt of these?

Answ. The vision which these words declare, point at some such matter; for it is said the first heaven parted away, for what other heaven is there amongst men, then th [...] [Page 7] Church amongst us Christians; for the church is called heaven, as in many places of Scripture, as in page 1. The promise made to Philadelphia, of the Calvinists, name­ly that it should be a pillar in the Temple of God, never to be cast out, Rev. 3.12. It was, if they held fast that faith that they had, and did not let any man take their crown from them, i.e. the crowne of their baptisme,The gold of heaven. which is made of the pure gold of heaven, the merits of Christs death in one baptisme for remission of sinnes, which that church in many places have lost, by taking a second baptisme for no remission, but for discipline, and therefore shall have a grievous destruction, as 2 Pet. 2.1. their peace with Spaine which procures it, for whilst they were at war with Spaine, their Sectaries and Hereticks all held together against the common enemie: but now they will all fall apieces as England doth, and the sword destroy them.

Quest. One asketh this question, to what end was this promised to Philadelphia, as a proper and peculiar benefit, if all the rest enjoy the same together with her?

Answ. I answer, it belongs to her no more then it doth to all the rest, for what I say to you saith Christ, I say to all, Mark. 13. so what I say to one Church, I say to all; for the Lutherans few names, and the English, that overcome, and bold fast that they have, and let no man take away their Crown of baptisme, shall be made a pillar of the Temple, and have the name of the new Jerusalem written upon them as well as the Philadelphians. For all the promises are yea and Amen to them that believe and are baptized, as well as to them. For hee that believeth, and is baptized into Christs death for the remission of sins, shall be saved: and the Philadelphians shall be no more, Mar. 16.16. And this appeares to be so by the saying; Let him that hath an eare heare what the Spirit saith to the Churches, not to the Church.

Doct. Now out of these words thus discussed, I gather, that the former heaven, or the Churches of the Gentiles that are now visible, shall depart and passe away, as by many reasons.

Re. 1 Ma. For where there is an unfruitfull fig-tree that cumbereth the ground, the destiny of it, when it hath been digged and dunged, and yet bringeth forth ill fruite, it is to be hewne downe, that another may be planted as the Jewes were. Mi. But the visible Churches of the Gentiles have been unfruitfull fig-trees, that have been digged and dunged, and yet have brought forth ill fruit, as idolatrous, dead, and luke-warme fruit, as Rev. 2. & 3. ch. Con. Ergo, their destiny is to be cut downe,Con. that another may be planted.

Re. 2 Ma. For where the Husbandmen looke ill to the Vine-yard that was let out to them, there it shall be taken away, and let out to others, as the Church of the Jewes was to the Gentiles, Matth. 21.41. Luke 13.6. Mi. But the churches of the Gentiles are Vineyards that have been let out to Husbandmen. i.e. Angels, that have looked ill to them. For by the Vineyard let out to Husbandmen, is meant the Church, as the parable declares, and the Husbandmen were the high Priests, Scribes and Pharises, of the Jewes, and the Idolatrous, dead, or luke-warme Bishops or Pastors of Chri­stians, Rev. ch. 2. & 3. Con. Ergo, the churches of the Gentiles are Vineyards, that shall be taken away from them, and let out to others. i.e. to the Jewes. For the Kingdome of heaven shall be taken away from you (saith Christ) and let out to others. i.e. the Church, which is not only given to the Jewes, but also to the Gentiles, that have abused the Church as they. Re. 3 Ma. For where Christs Ministers are beaten and stoned and killed, there Christ saith he will destroy those murtherers, and burne up their City. Mi. But in the Churches of the Gentiles, as of Rome, France, Germany, Ma. Mi. of the [Page 8] Lutherans, and of England, his Ministers have been killed, beaten, and abused with sundry persecutions, Con. Ergo, he will destroy those murtherers, and burne up their city, you see a shrewd argument, why Rome, Paris, and many cities of the Lutherans, and London, should be burned.

Re. 4 Ma. For where the Church hath been abused, and evill intreated a long time, she will bethinke her selfe of trussing up her stuffe, and forsake them, and goe to another people, as the church of the olde world forsooke them, and got into the Arke, and the church of the Jewes forsooke them, and went to the Gentiles, and the Church of Papists forsooke them, and went to the Lutherans, Calvinists and English. Mi. But the Church have been abused and evill entreated a longtime of the Gentiles. Con. Ergo, shee will forsake them and goe to another people.

Re. 5 Now those heavens that waxe olde as a garment, and as a vesture shall hee change them, and they shall be changed, shall passe away, because they are impure in his eyes, Job 15.15. Now this cannot be so properly meant of the starry heavens as of the Churches; for how should they be impure in Gods eyes, which never sinned; neither can any shew, that God ever imputed any sin to them, or curse, as to the Earth for Adams sake; for they are as God have made them, and they all continue by his appointment.

But the Church of the old World waxed olde, and the church of the Jewes, and the heaven of Papists, Lutherans, Calvinists and England, are waxed olde, because they are impure in his eyes, for he saith he hath some things against them. Ergo, they shall passe away. For the heaven of the visible Churches of England, Lutherans and Calvinists, are not only uncleane at this day in a small manner. (Now mistake mee not, to thinke that I meane the justified people of God of all these 3. churches, for I believe they are cleane every whit.

The causes why the visible Churches shall depart, and the Church of new Jeru­salem appeare perfectly righteous, and holy without spot before the Throne of God. But of the outward visible Church, and all separate Synagogues, that call themselves churches of Hereticks, Sectaries, and Schismaticks, which I count farre worse then the seven churches, because Christ wrote to these by name, and hath his Elect a­mongst these, but he writes not to the other; and if the Fathers say true, hee hath not God for his Father, that hath not the church for his Mother; and the Scripture saith, (God added to the Church such as should be saved.) yet I say the visible church is uncleane, not in a small manner, though it be called by so glorious a name, as hea­ven, which is spoken in respect of the darke dungeon of hell, of the Jewes, Turkes, Heathens, and Papists, then for any heavenly clearenesse of the glory of God in gold of the merits of Christs death, in one baptisme, for a perfect remission of sinnes, or for the glory of the Lambs white rayment, justification for an everlasting righteousness, Shew me a church on Earth that is found in the faith of these three, gold, white rai­ment, and eye-salve, & Phillida solus habebis, let her be thy Love.

Re. 6 Ma. For the Church is defiled with a false faith, or reigning sinne, there the church is uncleane, and shall therefore be removed. Mi. But all the churches of the Gentiles are defiled with a false faith, or reigning sinne, for why should Christ say else, hee hath some things against them, Con. Ergo, they are uncleane in Gods sight, and shall therefore be removed. For what foote steps of one baptisme for remission of sinnes, and of a white raiment, Justification doe remaine? For doe not all visible Churches hold they must goe knocke at heaven gates every day to get a pardon for their sins, as if [Page 9] they were not forgiven, as Col. 1.14. Rev. 1.6. And to wipe off olde scores, as if God did score up sinnes every day, till they pray; and they must goe get God to cast all their sins into the bottome of the Sea, as if they were not cast into the bottom of the red Sea of Christs bloud already, Mic. 7.19. in baptisme into Christs death, Acts 22.16. And confesse God is angry with them for their sinnes, and see sinne in them, and punish them for the same: is not this to ser [...]e an angry God? as all heathens, Turkes and Jewes doe, and not a reconciled Father, which if it were to get remissi­on of sins to the conscience, I would not fault it but to the person, as if that were not reconciled: it crosseth Coloss. 1.21. And the article of the Creed. i. e. I believe the remission of sinnes: as for the Lutherans of Sardis, they are in the dead faith, and their works not perfect before God, Rev. 3.1.2. Their dead workes of hatred to the Calvinists declare their dead faith: And as for the English luke-warme Laodi­ceans, they hold as the Bishop of Canterbury did at his death, he said he hoped God would forgive him his sinnes. Now such as the faith of the great Angel was, such is the faith of most people of the Church. What heathen, Jew, Turke, Papist, or Devill, had not as good a faith as this, to say I hope God is mercifull, and will for­give me my sinnes; he might goe to Purgatory (if there were one) for all this faith. The decay in knowledg of one baptisme for remission of sins, and in the Articles of the Creed, they doe not preach or pray in this faith, that we have redemption, as Colos. 1.14. And that our sinnes are forgiven us for his names sake, 1 John 2.12. It is an hard thing to finde a Minister, that hath assurance of salvation, or that can tell where he had remission of sins,; for few of them believe they were made in their baptisme members of Christ, children of God, and Inheritors of the Kingdome of heaven, or believe, that in the white raiment, they are so cloathed, that God beholds no shame of nakednesse of sin in them. And seeing this faith is lost, what new Errours spring up every day, and broached in many places, olde ones are called backe from hell by hereticks, Anabaptists, Papists, Familists, Adamites, Arminians, Socinians, Brownists, Seperatists, all the profession of unity & spirituall peace turned to blou­dy and civill Warre in all the churches in Christendome. These are fearefull signes, and evident Prognostications, that the Churches are departing.

Re. 7 Ma. For where the churches are fallen from the trueth, it is an argument the church shall depart from them. For thus saith the Lord, Remember from whence thou art fallen, Rev. 3.5. Or else I will remove the Candlesticke out of his place. Mi. But all the visible churches are fallen from the truth, as Papists to idolatry, Lutherans to a dead faith and workes,Re. 3.1.2. and the English and Calvinists to a luke-warme faith & reig­ning sin, usury or drunkennesse; for it was never known that the truth did continue in any one church above 100. years, but they fell from it, as the homily of our church of the perill of Idolatry. 3. p. c. it is 100. yeares since England received the truth, and therefore the time is come by their owne confession, that they should fall from it. Con. Ergo, it is an argument the church should be removed.

Re. 8 Ma. Every kingdome, city or house divided against it selfe cannot stand, but come to nought, Matth. 12. Mar. 1. Mi. But all the former churches of the Gentiles, are king­domes, cities or houses divided against themselves, witnesse the Papists, Lutherans, Calvinists, and English. You see what fighting and writing there is now one against another. Con. Ergo, they cannot stand, but come to nought.

Re. 9 Ma. For where the Sunne ariseth, the light of the candle must depart, for the light of the Churches of the Gentiles, was but as candles, for the churches were but golden [Page 10] Candlesticks, Rev. 1.6. Mi. But the light of the New Jerusalem is as the light of the Sunne, that shall never goe downe, and their light of the Sunne shall be 7. fold, and as the light of seven days. Con. Ergo, the light of the churches of the Gentiles must vanish, because their light is but as candles.

Object. Some say it is not said the former heaven and the former earth went away, but that they departed, as if these words did not respect the churches of the Gentiles at all, but the legall worship of the Jewes onely. For a man may call that the first heaven by right, as which was instituted by God himselfe in the beginning of the World, a little time after the floud. But the Christian people among the Gentiles was neither the first heaven, neither were their Ordinances which are observed of them, the first Ordinances that were delivered from heaven unto the church, so that some would have it taken in this manner, as if it were said, although this people of the Jewes did thirst after their olde rights and worship all this while of their rejecti­on, and did make their bragges of it, that the time would come when they should have power given them one day to exercise their former worship freely, after their old manner, which is the thing they have boasted of till this day. Yet in this re­storing of the Jewes, they shall so wholly frame and apply themselves to the will of God, that they shall willingly renounce their ancient customes, used in the ser­vice of God, which they shall then acknowledge to have had their end in Christ, and by this meanes they shall make it plaine to all men, that the first heaven and the first earth which they hoped to see againe, was departed, was past for ever.

Object. The Pope that would have Saint Peters chair to remain to the end of the world, and all Sectaries that would have their church way as they falsely call it, and all other that are loth their churches should depart, like this interpretation best.

Answ. But this is false to this place of Scripture. For the first heaven cannot be meant of the Churches of the ancient Jewes, but of the churches of the Gentiles; these are my Reasons.

1 First, because the olde church of the Iewes was not called by the name of heaven, for John the Baptist and Christ were the first that preached the kingdome of hea­ven to be at hand, therefore the first heaven must belong to the Gentiles, for the last shall be first, and the first shall be last; i. e. the last Church of the Gentiles shal be the first heaven, and the first church of the Jewes shall be the last new heaven.

2 Secondly, If this should be expounded of of the Jewes church, then there should have been no heaven of a church among the Gentiles, ever since Christs time. But onely the first heaven hath been among the Jewes all this while, and the Gentiles have had none in the 7. churches, although Christ wrote to them, yet they were no heaven or church; too absurd.

3 Thirdly, this must be understood of the church of the Gentiles, because the Jewes were broken off, as Rom. 11.15.24. i. e. from being a church, and the Gen­tiles graffed in, and made an heaven.

4 Fourthly, for the Kingdome of heaven which was offered to them, and preached among them: but they put it away from them, Acts 13.46. The Kingdome of hea­ven was taken away from them, and given to the Gentiles above 1600. yeares, and therefore the Jewes could not be the first heaven, because they did not receive it when it was offered, but despised the counsell of God, & therefore if the first king­dome of heaven was given to the Gentiles, then the first heaven belongs to them. For as Christ came to his owne, but his owne received him not: so the kingdome of heaven was preached to them, but they received it not.

[Page 11]The causes why the Churches of the Gentiles shall depart and the Church of New Ierusalem appeare.

Note Fiftly, This cannot be meant of the Iewes that they are now the first heaven because as the Apostle speaketh of Oxen, doth God take care for Oxen. 1 Cor. 9.9. So doth God take care for Iewes, that are made the Synagogue of Sathan. Rev. 2.9. For that which is so is not an heaven. Therefore the first heaven that passed away is to be understood of the Church of the Gentiles, for the true Church of the Gen­tiles, was the Kingdome of Heaven Matth. 3. & Matth. 13.

Now the causes why the first heaven of the Churches of the Gentiles depart are these.Causes why the Churches of the Gen­tiles de­part.

First the church of Ephesus was a famous heaven, watered with the bloud of the Martyrs, in the 10. persecutions, of the primative Church, built upon the baptisme into Christs death, for remission of sinnes, and faith in the same as Act. 2.38. Act. 8. Act. 10. Act. 16. and Act. 22.16. and on the love of God shewed in the 1 same as Eph. 5.25. Tit. 3.5. Rev. 1.6. But because they forsooke their first love of Christ. 1. e. Their first Baptisme, wherein the first love of Christ was shewed to take a second Baptisme, which they did by the counsell of the Hereticks, Pelagi­ans, and Donatists, that all that were baptized by Hereticks, must be baptized a­gaine, and because they did not know, who was baptized by Orthodox men, they rebaptized the people, which was iniquity of so high a nature, a sinne against the worke of the Holy Ghost, that Christ removed the Candlestick of the church out of that place, by the Turke, and so that heaven is departed.

2. The church of Smyrna, though a famous rich conquering & reigning Church, in 2 the time of Constantine the great, for it was rich as the Lord said. Rev. 2.9. i. e. In the faith of one Baptisme for remission of sinnes, as the Article of the Niceen Creed declares, but in time they followed after Ephesus, as all the other churches of Greece, they forsooke the truth of one Baptisme, the first love of God declared. Tit. 3.5. (as many now doe in these dayes) by forsaking their first Baptisme into Christs death for remission of sinnes, for it was never knowne that the truth did continue in one place, above an hundred yeares, but they forsooke it, or fell from it into some false faith, or reigning sinne. 3 Ma. 3. The church of Pergamus. 1. e. Of old Rome is departed from being a church, because they maintained the doctrine of Balaam. i. e. Idolatry and fornication, and the Doctrine of the Nicholaitans, by Stewes & whore­dome. Mi. Therefore Christ fought against them, with the sword out of his mouth, and Con. they are departed from being true church for where God fights against a church, for sinne by the sword out of his mouth, it must depart from being a true church but the church of Pergamus was such, Rev. 2.16. Ergo. 4 Fourthly, The church of Thiatira, of new Rome. is departed from being a true church, because she suffe­red the woman Iezabel amongst them, which was a Witch, a whore, and a murderesse, and though God hath given her space, yea the longest space to repent of any other, yet she repented not of her witchcraft, in bewitching men to Idolatry. not of her whoredome and abomination, nor of her murdering the Saints, for the scarled coloured Whore is drunke with the bloud of the Martyrs. And therefore Christ hath made her the Synagogue of Sathan. Rev. 3.9. because they [...] them­selves Iewes or a catholique church, and are not, because they have had time to repent and did not, they shall be destroyed. They are divided against themselves, France against Spaine, and Spaine against it selfe, it must downe. Now if any [Page 12] will account the Martyrs, and true believers that lived for 200. yeares before Lu­ther, that suffered the manners of the Iezabel of Rome amongst them, that should have been put away out of the church as Luther, and Calvin, and England did, I account it the truth, but that which is spoken to Iezabel, is spoken to Rome, as their sinnes declare,

5 The church of Sardis of the Lutherans, is departing because they are in the dead faith, which brought forth dead workes, that were not perfect before God. Rev. 3.1.2. and dead in love to the Calvinists, and in love one to another, their faith of consubstantiation is a dead faith, that believe not their workes are perfect before God, by justification, neither can they believe so that live in hatred and persecution of their brethren the Calvinists, that church is divided against it selfe, thus the Sweeds and Danes both Lutherans, were at Warre one with another lately, which have shot downe the one side of their church, from within, and a Papist the Emperour, and a Calvinist is undermining the other side, for both Papists and Calvinists fight against the Lutherans, and they fight one with another, truly if one stone of a church should fight against another, could it stand, no, it must fall. Sixtly, The Phyladel­phian church of the Calvinists, is passing away, because they have not held fast that they had, for they had the true faith, and one baptisme into Christs death for remissions of sinne, taught by Calvin, and that doctrine established amongst them, but many of them have not held fast that they had, but have let the Anabaptists take 6 their crowne, for the crowne of a christian is his baptisme, for therein are all the E­lect crowned,Rev. 1.6.5 10. with the crowne of pure gold, of the merits of Christs death, for re­mission of sinne, and made Kings and Priests to God their father, Rev. 1.9. for as no man is a King, before he be crowned, so no man is a King and Priest to God, till he be baptized, many of them have lost this crowne, by turning Anabaptists, and Sectaries, a Papist, a Lutheran, and an Anabaptist are pulling downe the one side of their church, and a Sectary and a Drunkard are cutting and beating downe the o­ther side, therefore it cannot stand, for Anababtisme and drunkennesse, will destroy any church, wheresoever they grow, witnesse the churches of Greece, and Munster, and many places in Iermany, for Heresie is like Ivie, that kills an Oake by growing over it, and then men cut downe Oake and Ivie too, and so where Heresie is suffered to grow in a church, it kills the church by overgrowing it, & then God will destroy the church, and heresie too, as shall be seene by the church of Calvinists in suffe­ring Anabaptists, it will be the destruction of the church of Holland.

The church of Laodicea, of England is passing away, for Christ spues the Luke-warme 7 Angels, people that are lukewarme in the faith of their baptisme, for re­mission of sinnes, and in the white raiment, for England hath been divided against it selfe, and also Scotland, and Ireland fights against them both, and divided against it selfe, also, The Papists and Cavalleers, have shot great holes in the one side of our church, to get an Episcopacy, but cannot, because Christ spues it out of his mouth, an Anabaptist stands as it were with a rope to pull downe the steeple, for he called it first a Steeple-house, and the Hereticks, Sectaries, and Selectaries, have pulled up all the foundations, as instance, Baptisme, the Creed, the Lords prayer, the Decalog [...], the Eucharist, and Christmas day, and the Eucharist which hath bin as a foundation, of all the seven churches ever since the Apostles time, and so divi­ded as I know not whether the King and Parliament will be reconciled ever, but the Presbyters and Independents will never, for their quarrell is begun, and will never [Page 13] end, for they scould, can such a church stand, no, it must depart and passe away, for the people have so many frothings of religion in their braines, so many opinions and Heresies that they will fall from being a church, to be a Babel, for as the Babi­lonians having a strange phantasie, would begin to build a tower, to reach to heaven, yet had no good materialls, but made brick instead of stone, and had slime instead of morter, this was mans invention, and it came to confusion, for God confounded their language, & scattered them, so many Hereticks & Sectaries have got a conceipt in their crowne, to goe make a new church as a Tower to reach to heaven, for they would all goe to heaven, if they could goe their owne way, and they have concocted brick of the Brownists braine, instead of doctrine, and they have discipline of phan­tasie instead of morter, I am not against doctrine or discipline if they be from hea­ven, but our new church-mungers have no good materialls of gold, white raiment, and eye-salve from heaven to build with, but the new Ierusalem must be builded of pure gold, like cleare glasse, Rev. 21.18 Of the gold of the merits of Christs death in regeneration, for remission of sinnes, and of white raiment, to make the Bride trimme, and eye-salve of the Scriptures, that every thing may be done accor­ding to the patterne shewed in the mount of Gods word. But doe you thinke blinde men are fit to build a church? you will say no, no more are all the Pharises of our time, of all Sectaries and Hereticks, whose froathing faith, or fancie, makes them boyle out of the church, which are blind leaders of the blinde for they leade many from Christs ordinance, for remission of sinnes, and blind in the assurance of salva­tion, for they know not where they had remission of sinnes, but runne after every winde of Doctrine, and know not whether they shall be saved or be damned, or goe to heaven, or to hell, are you fit men, to build a church that are all so blinde that you cannot see spirituall things, so here sayes one, wee will build this way, so there says a second, we will build that way, so here sayes a third, we will build another way, all of you say so, for you cannot see the New Jerusalem, but are divided. Ergo. you cannot stand but come to nought. Matth. 12.

I proceed, of the overthrow, and departing of all corrupt Sees of Iurisdiction.

And there was no more sea, or the sea was extant no more.

Now what is meant by the word sea in this place? we must finde out this ridle, or enigmaticall metaphor, or else we shall faile to finde the new Jerusalem, for it must not be founded on a sea, for it commeth downe from heaven, from my God, but the seas are upon the Earth or the Earth upon them, for they make but one globe, as Cosmographie declares.

1 Now this cannot be understood of the materiall sea, as if when the new Jerusalem come downe from God out of heaven, there should be no more seas, for ships to saile in, for then how should the Kings of the Earth, bring their honour and glory to the new Jerusalem, if there were no more seas, to saile on, which dwell beyond Sea, as v. 24. And how should men goe downe to the Sea in ships and occupy their businesse in great waters, if there were no more materiall sea of waters, to faile in, wherefore as God made heaven and Earth, the Sea and all things therein, so long as the Earth shall remaine, there must be a materiall Sea, for God hath founded the Earth upon the Sea, and prepared it upon the flouds, Psal. 24.2.

2 This cannot properly be understood of the molten Brasen Sea, which Salomon made, 2 Chron. 4.25. For the Priests to wash in, which shall not come into the new Jerusalem, for that Sea of Brasse, and that legall ceremony, or worship never [Page 14] came into the heaven of the church of the Gentiles, therefore much lesse shall it come into the holy city of the church of New Jerusalem, which shall be most free from all legall cermonies, It is true that the Jewes have a proper Sea of their owne of Brase, even till this day: which is most grosse, foule and darke, like to the rage­ing Sea, that the wicked Jewes are like, which foameth out mire and dirt, Esa. 57.20. for they cast out many forged doctrines, out of their owne braine, and legall devises, as touching a Messias to come, and a legall worship with sacrifices, and righteousnes by the law, and many other heads of corrupt doctrines which shall all depart from the Jewes, and shall never come into the heavenly Jerusalem, neither was this in the church of the Gentiles, and therefore this Sea, here spoken of, must be such an one, as was in the heaven of the churches of the Gentiles, that shall be no more.

3 Thirdly, for the Sea here spoken of, is such as the heaven was, as Meyer noteth, a metaphoricall heaven, and a metaphoricall sea, and that is the sea of the Iurisdic­tion of corrupt doctrine and discipline or government, which have been in the hea­vens of the churches of the Gentiles, in their seas, for what hath been more com­mon for these many 100. yeares, then to talke of the holy Sea of Rome, and for the church of England, to talke of the Sea of Canterbury, and the Sea of Yorke, and of the Bishops Sea, as such an impropriation, belongs to the Sea of Norwich, and such a land to the Sea of Eli, and appeales were made to the Sea of Rome, and so were our appeales from one Bishops Sea to another, but there shall be in the new heaven and in the new earth no more Sea, Ergo. there shall be no more Sea of Rome, or Canterbury, or Yorke, and of Bishops, or Lutherans or Calvinists Sea, for all Seas of Iurisdiction of government, of a corrupt discipline, and doctrine, shall now depart, and not enter into the holy Church of the new Jerusalem, and that this is the meaning of the place, these are my Reasons.

Reason. 1 Ma. For if the materiall heaven and earth should passe away, the Sea must not remaine, for the Earth must be with the Sea, for it is founded upon it, Mi. so if the metaphoticall heaven, and Earth of the Church and people passe, so must their Sea (of Iurisdiction) as text, but the first heaven and the first earth of the Churches shall passe away, Rev. 11.1. Con. Ergo, so shall their seas of Iurisdiction, for if a Church depart, then the govern­ment also must depart with it, and where the government of a church depart, the church commonly departs with it, for if a Kingdome depart or passe away must not the government depart with it? Reason. 2 So if a church depart, that had the government of an Hierarchie of a popedome, Episcopacy for Presbytery or Independent, or any o­ther government, for the Sea or discipline of a church cannot remaine, where the church depart, except you can make an accident remaine without a subject, for sub­lato subjecto tollitur etiam accidens quta accidentis esse est inesse, for take away the subject and the accident of it is taken away, because the being of an accident, is to be in the subject, as true reason, and the best Phylosopher shewes.

Reason. 3 Ma. For if we shall have an holy city of new Jerusalem (i.e. a new church) come downe from heaven, trimmed as a Bride for her Bridegroome, then we must have a new government from heaven also (which must not be a Sea, for that was old, and not from heaven) or else it will not be very trimme long. Mi. But we shall have a church of New Jerusalem come downe from heaven, trimmed as a Bride for her Bridgroome Reason. 4 Rev. 21 2 Con. Ergo. we must have a new government, or else it will not be trimme long, for if it be true that God saith, behold I make all things new, then there can be [Page 15] no more a Sea of Rome, Iurisdiction, or of an Episcopacy, or Lutherans or Calvi­nists, or of any other Church that shall passe away, for all these are old, and in that he saith a new covenant, he hath abrogated the old. He. 8.13. And that which is disa­nulled and waxed old, is ready to vanish, so in that he saith, I make all things New, he hath abrogated the old churches, and seas. But it is true that God saith behold I make all things new, v. 5. Ergo, there can be no more Sea of Romes Iurisdiction, or of an Episcopacy, or Lutherans, Calvinists, or of another Church, that shall passe away for then all things should not be become new.

Reason. 5 For every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted out. Matth. 15.13. But of the Sea of Romes Iurisdiction, or discipline, or of the Episco­pacy of England, or of the Sea of Lutherans, or Calvinists, are plants which my heavenly Father hath not planted, if you say, they be, prove it if you can. But you cannot, for the Sea of Rome, was set up by the Pope and Papists, the Sea of the go­vernment of the Bishops, by the Protestants of England, and the government or Sea of the Lutherans by the Lutherans, and the sea of the Calvinists by the Calvinists, now if the counsell of Gamaliel (approved on in Scripture) be true, then they must all come to nought. For every counsell or worke of man shall come to nought, but that which is of God shall stand, Acts 5.28. But the Popedome or Sea of Rome, Sea of an Hierarchie of Bishops, Sea of Lutherans and Calvinists, are counsels and workes of men, Ergo. they shall come to nought, but the church and government of the New Jerusalem from God shall stand?

Reason. 6 Where a great voyce shall be heard out of heaven, saying, behold the Tabernacle of God is with men, there the church must be governed by the Oracles of Gods word, and not by a sea of discipline of men, for the Oracle is in the Tabernacle, but in the New Jerusalem there shall be a voyce out of heaven, saying, behold the Taberna­cle of the Lord is with men, Rev. 21.3. Ergo, there the Church must be governed by the Oracle of Gods word, and not by a Sea of discipline of men.

Reason. 7 For as fishes swimme and live in the Sea, so have Christians sailed, sworne and li­ved in the Sea of Rome, Canterbury of Lutherans and Calvinists, for they lived and walked in their Iurisdiction government, discipline, for as the Sea have drowned many that have sailed in it, so that Sea of Rome, and of Canterbury, and of Lutherans, & Calvinists, that have drowned many mens faiths in perdition, that sailed in them, they are worthy to be no more, but the Sea of Rome have drowned mens faith in Idolatry and purgatory, and the Lutheran Sea have drowned mens faith in confustantiation, & dead faith and workes to the Calvinists, & the Sea of our Epis­copacy, and sea of Calvinists, have drowned many faiths in Lukewarmnesse. Ergo, they are worthy to be no more, all these have drowned the faith of one baptisme into Christs death, for remission of sinnes, for if this faith had swome in other Seas, what needed a Popes pardon a purgatory, a pilgrimage, consubstantiation, and workes not perfect before God, and a luke-warme faith without assurance of salvation.

Reason. 8 Those Seas that have devoured abundance of substance of poore Christians, and worthy to be no more. But the Sea of Rome by purgatory, pardons, and pilgrimage and the seas of Lutherans, and Calvinists, and of our Episcopacy, by licences, visita­tions, and courts, have devoured abundance of substance of poore Christians, Ergo. they are worthy to be no more.

Of the overthrow and departure of all the corrupt Seas of jurisdiction of the churches of the Gentiles. For as the Sea compasseth the Land, and sendeth Springs [Page 16] or Rivers to all parts of the Land, to water it. So did the See of Rome and of Can­terbury, and of the Lutherans and Calvinists, pa [...]se through all the parts of their Dominions, to water them with their Jurisdiction. For who was free in any Popish kingdome from Saint Peters pence, or Inquisition Court, and Ma [...]se, and power of the Pope, and who was freed in our Hierachy of the Episcopacy, from the high Commission, Chauncellor, or Commissaries courts, Synods, Licences, or Parators, or freed in the Lutheran or Calvinists Sees, from their Iurisdiction and Discipline.

Now if the See of the Iurisdiction of the Hierarchy of England be so departed that it can be no more; then the Sees of Lutherans and Calvinists, and of Rome, must follow, because the Text saith, there shall be no more Sea.

But by the decree of God, Rev. 3.16. and by the vote of Parliament, and the Oath of the people, the See of the Iurisdiction of the Hierarchy of England is so de­parted, that it can be no more. (For though King & Parliament were agreed to set up an Episcopacy or Presbytery, but the Independents and Souldiers would never en­dure it, for they rout them where they come) Ergo, the Sees of Lutherans and Calvinists, and of Rome, must follow, because the Text saith, there shall be no more Sea. Judgement is begun at the house of God for their See, what shall become of the wicked See of Rome, even that which came upon olde Babylon, shall come upon the new Babylon of Rome. I will maintaine thy cause, and take vengeance for thee. I will dry up her Sea, and make her Springs dry for the people of Gods cause, Ier. 51.36. See O heaven rejoyce of her; for God will punish her to be re­venged of her for your sakes. For when a mighty Angel tooke up a great stone like a mil-stone, and cast it into the Sea, saying, with such violence shall that great thy of Babylon be cast, and shall be found no more, Revel. 18.20, 21. If the great city of Babylon of Rome shall be so cast, what shall become of their See. He that believes not that Rome is Babylon that shall be destroyed, hath not so good a faith as the De­vill, who knows it is his habitation, vers. 2. and an hold of all foul spirits.

Reason. 10 For as the Sea useth to roare, presaging stormes, which causeth Marriners to be­ware, Ps. 46.3. But he breaketh the raging of the Sea, when the waves thereof doe roare, Jer. 31.35. So when Martin Luther powred out his viall of Doctrine of free Iustification, how did the See of Rome, and Leo 10. roare against him with his exe­crable bull: but the Lord brake off part of that See, and it became a Lutheran, Cal­vinian, and Cantuarian See. And when the Lutheran See began to roare against the Calvinists for consubstantiation, and persecuted them, the Lord hath broken that See with one breaking after another. And when the See of Canterbury roared against the white-raiment christians, and Non-conformists, suspending them, and cast them into prison.On wor­thy Prin, Doctor Bastwick. And though a Shepheard got a piece of an eare out of the mouth of a li­on, Amos 3. yet our Lion loved rost cheekes and eares so well, that he left never a piece. Therefore the Lord hath broken the waves of the Cantuarian and Episcopal See when it roared, and that See shall be no more; and the See of Lutherans, that have roared at the Calvinists, shall be stilled, and the See of Rome that have roa­red and devoured the Martyrs of Jesus shall be dryed up, and shall be burne, and be no more. For as Christ rebuked the materiall Sea when it roared against his Dis­ciples, he stilled it. So because waves of the Metaphoricall seas that have roared a­gainst Reason. 11 his people, he will still them, and they shall be no more; for as the raging troubled Sea casteth out mire and dirt, Esa 57.10. So have the troubled See of Rome Lutherans, Calvinists, and of Canterbury, been like this troubled Sea, for when any [Page 17] troubled their seas, by writing or preaching the truth, they conceived it was against them, how have they foamed out mire and dirt of bloud and persecution.

Reason. 11 Now if there shall no uncleane thing enter into the new Jerusalem, then no such miry di [...]ty Seas shall come into it, Ma. as the See of Rome, Lutheran, Calvinian, or E­piscopall See, for they are uncleane. Mi. But there shall no uncleane thing enter into the new Jerusalem, Rev. 21. Con. Ergo, no See of Rome, Lutheran, Calvinist, or Episcopa­cie shall come into it, for they are uncleane. We finde when the second Angel pou­red out this Viall upon the sea, and it became as the bloud of a dead man, and every living thing dyed in the Sea, Rev. 16.3. That is, when Calvin had powred out his viall upon the sea of Romes corrupt jurisdiction and Doctrine, for a Calvinian go­vernement. For Luther a former Angel had poured out his viall of Doctrine upon the earth. i. e. upon earthly Papists, and there fell a noisome grievous fore upon the men that had the marke of the beast, upon them, and worshipped his image (i. e. upon Papists, which worship the Pope, and call him their Lord) and made them sore. i. e. in conscience, by hatred, malice, envy, railing and persecution of the truth of Luthers Doctrine. But when Calvin I say had powred out a viall of Doctrine upon the See of Romes corrupt Jurisdiction and Doctrine, then the See of Rome became as the bloud of a dead man; for then they began to fill their See of Rome with blou­dy massacres, as of France, Germany, Netherlands, and the bloud of the Martyrs of England; that as when Moses stretched out his rod over the waters of Aegypt, and all was turned into bloud, and all the fish in the waters dyed, Exod. 7.20, 21. So when Calvin the second Angel had powred out his viall of Doctrine on the See of Romes discipline and Doctrine, they became so mad as to murther and massacre the Protestants, (for the Pope was more mad at Calvin then at Luther, as the Papists more hate the Calvinists then the Martinists) then all the fish in the Popes See dy­ed, for their Sea was become as the bloud of a dead man: for they made all the Ca­tholikes believe that they should merit heaven by killing the Hugonits, and they must doe all for the Catholike cause, and sang a Te Deum for the murdering of mul­titudes of Saints, and thus was the See of Rome become as the bloud of a dead man, and thus all the fish of Papists of the sea of Rome dyed in the faith and in conscience For he that hateth his Brother is a murtherer, & you know that no murtherer hath eternall life, or of faith abiding in him, 1 Iohn 3.15. But all that lived in the See of Rome hate their Brethren, and are murtherers, by rejoycing at the martyrdome of the Saints of Iesus. As for the massacres of France, Germany, and now in Ireland, so that all Papists must needs dye, and cannot live by faith in the sea of black bloud, which is also a sea of Idolatry, by Idols of silver and gold, and wood, and stone, by Indulgences, pilgrimages, purgatory, prayer for & to the dead, a sea of whoredome,Re. 9.20 fornication, and witch-craft. How could any thing live in such a corrupt sea of do­ctrine and discipline, when they made all guilty of the murther of Martyrs under the name of Hereticks: and they killed the life of faith into one baptisme into Christs death, for remission of sins, by teaching no man could have assurance of salvation: but he must goe to Purgatory for his sinnes, except it were such a fish as could bring up above twenty pence in the mouth, or some great piece of money; so that as no fish can live mari mortuo, in the dead Sea. So no true faith can live in the dead, bloody idolatrous See of Rome. For all men may see, that per accidens, it was tur­ned into a bloudy, dead, and rotten stuffe, by rejoycing at the murthers of the san­ctified. And concerning our luke-warme see of Jurisdiction and Hierarchy of Eng­land, [Page 18] You will graunt, that it shall be no more; for Christ hath spewed out the An­gell and his Episcopacie out of his mouth for luke-warmene [...]se in faith and con­science. For they made a net of 110. articles, to have insnared many soules, and to have catched many faiths in a new Oath of &c. to be Jure Divino, and to have tyed mens consciences to a raile, and to cringings, and to an high Altar, and to so many Popes weedes of mans braine. How could any good fish live in such pudled waters of a luke-warme sea, but would have dyed in faith or conscience; there­fore because Christ hath spewed the Angell and his Hierarchie out of his mouth, there shall be no more luke-warme sea. And the See of the Lutherans is become nought, and shall passe away, for it hath a name it lives, but is a dead See, lyes in a dead faith, that their workes are not perfect before God; for they hate their brethren the Calvinists, for consubstantiation. They sleepe in sinne, for they will not be a­waked out of the dead faith, though Christ become upon them as a Thiefe, that is, by the judgement of a robbing, killing, and destroying warre; for the Thiefe com­meth not but to steale, and kill, and to destroy, John 10.10. If thou wilt not repent, and remember what thou hast heard of (i. e. by the spirit of Martin Luther) and re­ceived of the white raiment justification, to make thy workes perfect before God, and of one baptisme into Christs death for remission of sinnes. Christ will never leave comming upon thee as a Thiefe; for he hath been upon thee as a Thiefe in judge­ment, to plunder thee by a civill War, and as a Thiefe to kill thee sometimes, man, woman, and child, & he will come upon thee as a Thief to destroy by the Turk: For Christ threatened your church, that he would come on you as a Thief, and now you see he is come; and now see Rev. 16.15. Behold I come as a Thiefe, and therefore he will never leave comming on thee as a Thiefe: and therefore repent, and buy gold, white raiment, and eye-salve, or else the Turke will come to destroy thee, because thou keepest not Christs garments, but walkest naked in sin. Also the Presbyterian See of Calvinists will be abolished for suffering Drunkards, Usurers, and prophane, and especially Anabaptists to swim in their See. Doe you not know, that the deny­ing of their first baptisme was the cause why the Lord sent the Turke into the church of Greece, and removed the Candlesticke of the Church out of that place, because they forsooke their first love, i. e. their first baptisme, wherein the first love of Christ is shewed, Ephes. 5.26. Tit. 3.5.

Of the overthrow and departure of all corrupt Sees of Jurisdiction of the churches of the Gentiles, for baptisme is good enough by whomsoever a man be bap­tized. If they have faith to believe they were then washed from their sins in Christs bloud, Revel. 1.5. For hee that believeth, and is baptized into Christs death for remission of sinnes, shall be saved, Mar. 16.16. It is not said in mans state, or in In­fancy, baptized by a faithfull Minister or a Judas; for secum valet, if he believe: for baptisme administred in the name of the Trinity, the Father baptized, the Son bapti­zed, & the holy Ghost baptized; for if there come true faith that they are washed, sanctified, & justified that evidence it. Now therefore if Christ be, and will come as a Thiefe with the Turke, upon Germany, for that greatest Church destroying sinne of the Protestants, for denying their first baptisme, what shall become of your Sees then? my Text tells you they shall be no more, neither Episcopall, Presbyteriall, or Independent, but a new Jerusalem, and a new government from heaven.

I have thought fit to admonish our brethren the Lutherans and Calvinists, that I conjecture by Scriptures that the Turke shall come and destroy Germany. Reason [Page 19] saies hee is like to come, for his Empire from small beginnings hath risen to such greatnesse by the discord of Christians which you see to be in Germany, and you know that Soliman the Turke did come with 250000. men, and besieged Vienna, but the sins of Germany was not then full, and for the Protestants sake the Turke was defeated and overthrowne by the Protestants, and driven out of Germany, (mark saith Foxe what victories God gives to reformers of Religion.) But now your sinnes begin to be full; hee will come againe, for your sins, and discord procure him. The conjunction not of stars, but of Scriptures I judge by, are these, Rev. 3.1, 2, 3. Rev. 16.15. Dan. 11.41, 42, 43, 44. For the first of these, you know that the church of the Lutherans is the counterpain of Sardis. For you, as they have a name you live, but are dead, i. e. in the dead faith, that have no assurance of salvation by remission of sins. For you believe not your workes are perfect before God, vers. 2. for how can you? when you live in hatred with the Calvinists, for the errour of consubstantiation, and they with you, v. 3. Remember both of you what you have received, i. e. one bap­tisme into Christs death for remission of sinnes, and heard of Luther out of Christs word, of free Justification to make the tree good, & the fruit good: but you have not held fast your first baptisme, but many among you have given heed to the doctrine of Devils, to deny your first love, i e. your first baptisme, and have not repented of this sin, as Ephesus did not, i. e. the Church of Greece, for which God removed the Candlesticke out of their place by the Turk. Therefore because thou didst not watch in the faith of thy baptisme into Christ, he is come upon thee as a Thiefe, and will come by the Turke, and spoile thy Candlestick in thy place; and thou didst not know when he would come upon thee as a thief. Now you know that a Thief commeth not but to rob, to kill, and to destroy, as Joh. 10.10. You see Christ is come upon you with a judgement as a Thiefe, first to rob you, because you have not kept Christs garments unto you by faith, that were given you in baptisme, Gal. 3.27. Therefore he hath been upon you with a plundering, robbing, and spoyling civil war, and he hath been upon you as a Thief to kil you. For many places have bin put to the sword, men, women, and children, by Tilly and others, and he will come upon thee as a Thief to destroy by the Turk. For behold I come as a Thief, and therefore wil come all the 3 ways of John 10. I tell thee Christ will never leave comming as a Thiefe to steale, kill, and to destroy, untill thou awake out of the sleep of this sinne, and repent, and keep Christs gar­ments unto you, that you walke not naked, without a wedding garment given in baptisme, and they see thy filthiness, Rev. 16.15. And for Dan. 11.41. at the end of time, (i. e. of the churches of the Gentiles now at hand) The King of the North (i. e. the Turke saith Brightman, and I judge so too; for the Turke lyes North of the place that Daniel writ in) hee shall enter into the pleasant Land (this cannot be meant of the Land of Canaan, for the Turke hath possessed that for many yeares, Ergo, the pleasant Land must be the church of Christians in Germany, where is a true Church) and many countreyes shall be overthrowne, many churches of Idolatrous Christians, beware Hungary, Poland, & Tran­sylvania, that are in his way to Germany: But these shall escape out of his hand, Edom, and Moab, and the chiefe of the children of Ammon. Now this cannot be meant of the ma­teriall Kingdomes of these 3. spoken so often on in Scripture, for they were destroyed long since, as the Scripture declared they should be, and those places are in the hands of the Turke already, from Tauris to Syria and Ægypt, & therefore shall not escape out of the Turkes hand, as if he should not come there, for those places are in the Turkes hands al­ready, or waste, as Geography and Scripture declare. But this is to be understood of the Spirituall Edom, Moab, and Ammon, of idolatrous Christians: for the spirituall Edom is I­taly. For 1. as the Edomites came of Isaac, but were now Idolaters. So the Italians came of the Church, but are Idolaters. 2. As the Edomites were alwayes hatefull to the Israe­lites, [Page 20] so are the Italians to the Protestants. 3. As Edom would have killed Jacob, and his posterity, was bloudy minded to the Israelites: so have the Italians killed, and are blou­dy minded to the Protestants. 4 As Edom rejoyced at the day of Jerusalem, saving, down with it even to the ground. Ps. 50. So have the Italians at the day of the Protestants, of the Pa­latinate, Bohemia, and of Ireland, rejoyced to kill them, and say down with their Church even to the ground, and yet shall escape out of the hand of the Turke; for the destiny of Rome is to be burnt by the Protestants: for reward her as she hath rewarded you (i. e. Protestants, not Turks) give her double, and in the cup she filled to you (of bloud and fire) give to her, Rev. 18.6. And the spirituall Moab is Idolatrous Spaine. For 1. As the Moabites were affraid the Israelites would eare them up, when they say over against them, Numb. 22 So have the Spaniards been affraid the Protestants would e [...]t them up that lay over against them. 2. As the King of Moab sent for Balaam the false Prophet, that was near the children of his people, to curse the people of God, believing he whom he blesseth is blessed, and he whom he curseth is cursed; so hath the King of Spaine believed that the false Prophet Balaam of Rome that is nigh the children of his people whom he blesseth or curseth, is so. 3. As the King of Moab fought against the true church of the Israelites, so hath the King of Spaine against the churches of Protestants. 4. As wee have heard of the pride of Moab, his stoutnesse and his arrogancy, Esay 16.6. Jerem. 48. So wee have heard of the pride of Spaine, the proudest Nation in Christendome; for onely by pride doe men make War.Pro 49. 5. The Moabites would not let the Israelites dwell with them. For the Lord said, let my banished dwell with thee, Isa 16.6. but they would not. So the Spa­niards will suffer no Protestants to dwell with them. For in the Councell of Toledo, they made this Decree for the King; Nullum non Catholicum permittere in suo regno degere: and he that breakes that Law, that none, that is not a Catholike to permit him to live in his Kingdome, If any King suffer it, let him be accursed, Maranatha, before the Eter­nall God, and be made the fuell of eternall fire. I could give 20. reasons out of Scripture why Spaine is the spirituall Moab, and may hereafter. And the chiefe of the children of Ammon (i. e. Of the spirituall Ammon of France) so that I cannot tell whether all France shall escape the Turke. Bloud may pursue some part of them for their bloudy Massacres, see Ez 35.6. Because thou hatest not bloud, bloud shall pursue thee For as the Ammonites would grant no life to the Israelites at Jabesh Gilead, but upon condition of putting out their right eyes, so the Ammonites of France would grant no life to the Prote­stants, but upon this condition of pulling out their right eye of faith, and therefore slew them. Secondly, As the King of Ammon abused the Embassadors of David, shaved off halfe their beards, cut off their garments by the butocks, & sent them away shame­fully entreated, so hath the King of France dealt with the Embassadorus of Jesus Christ, the Ministers of the Gospell, shaved off beards, and heads, and garments, and shame­fully entreated their. But Christ will avenge it. 3. As the Ammonites have been one of the greatest enemies to the church of the Israelites, in fighting and joyning against them: so have the spirituall Ammonites the French been against the Protestants. Witness the blou­dy Massacre of France, Dan. 11.42. And he shall stretch out his hand on the countreys, and the Land of Aegypt shall not escape. i. e. The spirituall Aegypt of Germany shall not escape the Turke. For 1. as Aegypt forgat Joseph, that had saved their lives by a great deliverance; so Germany hath forgot Fredericus Earle of Palatine, how hee saved their lives, and the Imperiall City Vienna, by a great deliverance, from the Turk, 1529. though he besieged it with 20. assaults. 2. As the King of Aegypt said, come let us deale wisely with the Israelites to keepe them in bondage, least they be too strong for us, and if there be War, to joyne with our enemies. So hath the Emperour and his Councell plotted to deale [Page 21] wisely with the Protestants, to keep them in bondage, left they should be too strong for thē, and joyn with their enemies 3. As the Aegyptians kept the Israelites in bondage to work in bricke and clay, and burn it, and made them weary of their lives; so have the Germans made the Protestants cōsciences work in brick and clay of the Mass, and burn them in the kill of Purgatory, and have made them weary of their lives in serving the Papists Idolls 4. As the Aegyptians would not suffer the Israelites to goe serve the Lord according to the true Religion, nor sacrifice, nor keep a feast to the Lord, lest he come upon them with pestilence or sword, Exod. 5.13. so would not the Popish Germans suffer the Protestants to serve the Lord according to his word, and keep a feast to the Lord, and sacrifice in both kinds, for which he is come upon them with pestilence and sword. 5. As the Lord sent 10. plagues on the Aegyptians for oppressing, & not suffering the Protestants to serve the Lord, so hath he brought 10. plagues on the Germans, because they oppressed, and would not suffer the Protestants to serve the Lord. 6. As the Aegyptians pursued the Israelites into the red sea, and were drowned, so shall the Germans that have pursued the Protestants into the red sea of a bloudy war, be drowned in a sea of bloudy War. 7. As the Israelites when their country was overthrowne, went into Aegypt to dwell there, contrary to the Word of God, that said, you shall return to it no more, and served the Queen of heaven. Therefore thus saith the Lord God of Israel, behold I will send and bring Nebuchadnezzar King of Babel, and he shall smite the Land of Aegypt with death, captivity and sword, and he shall array himselfe in the Land of Aegypt as a Shepheard putteth on his garment, & depart in peace, Jer. 43 10, 11, 12. So because many Protestants in Germany, when their countreyes have been overthrown, are returned to Aegypt to Idolatry, whereof God hath said to the Protestants, you shall return to it no more, 2 Cor. 6.17. But they have served the Queene of heaven by Ave Maries. Now because they agree in sin, the Lord hath a King of Babel the Turk, that will smite the Land of Germany, and array himself with the land of Germa­ny, as a Shepheard putteth on his garment, and return, for so Dan. 11.43. He shal have pow­er over the treasure of gold & silver, and over all things of the spirituall Aegypt of Germa­ny, & departed but scarce in peace. For Daniel saith that the ridings out of the East & north shal trouble him, Dan. 11.44. That is, the tidings of the Eastern Jewes called first, for the 3. gates to the East shew it, Rev. 21.13. and of the Northern Jews converted. 2. that the river Euphrates shall be dried (as Rev. 16.12.) & make the last Jewes a passage into the Turkes Dominions, which shall trouble him, and cause him to return: and he shall go forth with great wrath to destroy (for it is the battel of God) and root out many: for Christ will dip his garments in bloud, Rev. 19.13. But he shall be overthrown, for he shall come to his end, and none shall help him, Dan. 11.45. For at that time Michael the great Prince that standeth for the children of thy people, i. e. the Jewes. And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was, i. e. the hour of temptation, Re. 3.10. and thy people (the Jewes inwardly) shall be delivered, every one that is written in the book of life, baptized into it, & believe.

Now the word but, the tidings out of the East, that shall trouble him, must be when he takes the spoile of Aegypt, which must be at the time of the Jewes conversion. Therefore must be understood of another Aegypt, then that which he won, v. 5.13. When Zelimus going to war in Persia, and Gaurius King of Aegypt troubling him, he returned suddenly, through Syria, & slew the K. and took the whole kingdom of Aegypt, and possesseth it to this day, and therefore shall not goe to take the spoil of his owne Country. But it must be understood of another Aegypt that he shall take the treasures of, at the time of the calling of the Jews, when the tidings shall trouble him, & that is Germany. For old Aegypt would be too near, and therefore he is like to be sent a further journey, from the River Euphra­tes, that the new Christians may have better oportunity to enter into his Dominions. And [Page 22] for Edom, Moab, and Ammon mentioned in Scripture to come to destruction & desolation, Mal. 1.3. They lay upon the borders of the Israelites, & always troubled them. So have Spain, Italy, and France lain upon the borders of the Protestants, and troubled them For as the Apostle saith, doth God take care for Oxen? So doth God take care for Edom, Moab, & Ammon, or those dragons that dwell in them? as Mal. 1.3. To make mention of their es­cape from the Turk, when he shall array himselfe with Aegypt? for those Kingdoms never were Edom, Moab▪ and Ammon, to the Protestants to trouble them. But he meaneth of the spirituall Moab of Spain, as Amandus Polanus calls it, of the spirituall Edom of Rome, and of the spirituall Ammonites of France, which lay upon the borders of the Church of Protestants (and have some people of God to goe out of them) which have been as great enemies and troublers of the Protestants, as these were of the Israelites For what use should we make of the Scriptures that speak of Edom, Moab, and Ammon, If there were not such Edomites, Moabites, and Ammonites, to the Protestants as they were. And thou London, I have been much troubled for thee, I could shew thee how thou hast taken thy bane. Thy Episcopacy is fallen before Romes, and I feare thy City will. For there are 3. things that mine heart feareth, and my face is afraid of the fourth. Treason in a City (as firing an house willingly) the assembly of the people, and false accusation (of the bre­thren and truth) these 3. are heavier then death, Eccl 26.5. Preludiums of ruine, but di­vision overthrows all. O thou City divided within and without: how canst thou stand, & Christ say true, Matth. 12.25. O London wash thy heart from wickedness, thou maist be saved? how long shal thy wicked (and dividing) thoughts remain in thee, Jer. 4.14. La­bour to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. Take Christs counsell, to buy of him gold, white raiment, and eye-salve, and be zealous of these, and repent. For behold I stand at the door & knocke, and will not leave knocking at the door of thy heart, except thou open the door, & hear his voyce, let him in to sup with thee & thou with him, Rev. 3.18, 19, 20. You are divided for a Presbytery, & and Independent government, and some for the old. I have counselled you to agree, but you will not, but will have one. Well, upon these conditions I may consent. First you shall prove your government to be from heaven, for it is prophesied that England shall have a government from heaven, that shall last till the day of Doom. But I am sure the new Jerusalem comes down from heaven, Rev. 21.2. and therefore the government must come with it. 2. That you shall find above one good Preacher for every Shire, to make your Classes or governors of, which if you can do, you will shame all the Parliaments that have allowed our bookes of Homilies to be a good and wholsom doctrine. For these are the words of the 3d. part of the perill of Idolatry, p. 56. l. 23. It hath been continually true, & will be to the worlds end, & in our time, and herein our country too true, that every Shire should scarcely have one good Preacher, if they were divided. Mark, if there shall not be above one good Preacher for every shire, where will you find governours for your Church. 3. That none shall be chosen for a Governour that hath no assurance of salvation. For how should hee set other men to heaven, which knows not whether he shall come there. 4. That no man shall be chosen a governour of a Church that is an Usurer, or ambitiously desire it, for they are most unfit for it, as Abimi­lech and Absolom were. Therefore agree, for you have pulled down one government, and you shall not set up another, nor that again that you had. For I believe my Text, though you doe not: There shall be no more Sea. I tell you plainly you shall not set up, but pull down each other, til the new Jerusalems government come down from heaven & that shal be it that shall reigne. The Presbyters have overthrown the Bishops, & the Independents will overthrow the Presbyters, and the Independents are divided, and shall overthrow the Anabaptists. But the new Jerusalem shall overcome all, For there shall be no more Sea. Written by I. E. Pastor of the New Jerusalem.


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