AN ADDITIONAL ACT For bringing in all Arrear, and also the Growing Duke of Excise, New Im­post, Customes, Subsidies and Prize-Goods, until the first day of Octo­ber 1659.

BE it Enacted by this present Parliament and the Authority thereof, That all and every the Arrears of money for Ex­cise and New Impost, Cu­stomes, the Farmes thereof, Subsidies and Prize-Goods, or of any other [Page 2] Revenue due to the Common-wealth, by any Person or Persons, upon or before the sixth day of May, One thousand six hundred fifty nine, shall be forthwith Collected, Levied and Paid for the publick use; And that the said Reve­nues of Excise and New Impost, Customes, Subsidies and Prize-Goods, shall be, and hereby are Enacted to be paid by all the people of this Commonwealth, from the said Sixth day of May, until the first day of October, in such manner, & according to such Rules, Rates and proportions as the same was paid, or payable at any time within six Moneths, next before the said Sixth day of May last. And all Acts, Ordinances and Powers, made and exercised by, or under any Power whatsoever, for, or concerning the Paying, Collecting, Levying and inforcing of the said Arrears and Duties, since the Twentyeth day of April, One thou­sand six hundred fifty three, are hereby Enact­ed, Appointed and Declared to be, and shall be in full force for Paying, Levying, Collecting and bringing in the same Arrears and Growing Duties, to all intents and purposes, in as large and ample manner, as if the same had been En­acted and made by Authority of this present Parliament. And it is further Enacted and Declared by the Authority aforesaid, that all and every person & persons, imployed as Com­missioners, Sub-commissioners or other Of­ficers, on the Sixth of May last past, for the Managing, Collecting and Levying the said Duties, shall Remain and continue in their several Imployments, in such manner, and under such Regulations, Alterations and Comptrols, as by the said Acts, Ordinances, or [Page 3] Powers, is Declared and Appointed. And the Commissioners nominated in one Act of this present Parliament, Intituled, An Act for appointing Commissioners for bringing in the Arrears of the Revenue due to the Common­wealth, and no others, are hereby Authorized and Impowred to exercise and put in Executi­on, all and every the Acts, Ordinances, De­clarations and Powers aforesaid, for, or con­cerning the paying, collecting or levying the said Arrears and Duties, in as full and am­ple manner, as any Committee of Parliament for Regulating the Excise, or Commissioners for Appeals, or Committee for Preservation of Customes, were by the same appointed to do, or might have done. And all and every the Iustices of Peace, and all other Officers Military and Civil within this Common­wealth, are hereby injoyned and required (be­ing thereunto desired by the said Commissio­ners, Sub-commissioners, or other Officers of Excise, in their several Counties, Liberties and Iurisdictions) to put in speedy and ef­fectuall excecution, all and every the said Acts, Ordinances, Orders, Declarations and Powers whatsoever, so far as they, or any of them, are any way Concerned therein Re­spectively.

ORdered by the Parliament, that this Act be forth­with Printed and Published.

Thomas St. Nicholas, Clerk of the Parliament.

LONDON, Printed by John Field and Henry Hills, Printers to the PARLIAMENT.

And are to be sold at the seven Stars in Fleetstreet over against Dunstans Church, 1659.

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