An Act to transmit into the Chancery and Exchequer cer­tain Orders and Instructions of Parliament, concerning Tonnage and Poundage of Goods and Merchandizes, with the Book of Rates of the same.

BE it enacted by this present Parliament, and by the Au­thority thereof, That one Or­dinance made the sixteenth day of December, 1647, entitled, An Ordi­nance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, for the esta­blishing [Page 2] of the Subsidy of Tonnage and Poundage, together with the book of Rates from the twenty sixth of March 1648, untill the twenty sixth of March, 1651, the book of Rates in the same Ordinance mentioned and the Orders and Instructions in the same specified remaining in the custo­dy of Henry Scobell Esquire Clerke of the Parliament, together with this present act, shall forthwith be trans­mitted into the Chancery, and from thence by Mittimus under the Great Seale of England, to be sent into the Exchequer, for proceeding thereupon to be according to the contents and tenor and true intent and meaning of the same, and that the Lords Com­missioners of the Great Seale shall aswell award under the same Seale a Writ of Certiorari directed to the said Clerke of the Parliament for the certifying of the same into the Chan­cery, as also thereupon a Writ of Mit­timus [Page 3] under the same Seale, with the tenors of the same Orders, booke of Rates and Instructions, and this present Act into the Exchequer as aforesaid and the Certificate and Re­turne of the said Henry Scobell so to be made as aforesaid by vertue of the said Writ of Certiorari, or by any other Writ or Writs to be to him out of the Chancery directed, shall be as valid and sufficient in the Law as if the same had been by John Browne Esquire or by any other Clerke of the House of Peeres. And it is likewise further enacted, That the clause in the Ordinance of the twenty sixth of December aforesaid, whereby the po­wer of Compositions for forfeited Goods and Merchandise is restrai­ned to the Kings Attorney or Soli­citor Generall, as of the Quorum shall be enlarged and given to the Ba­rons of the Exchequer, the Attorney Generall, and Solicitor Generall for [Page 4] the time being or to any two of them, the same former Ordinance notwith­standing.

per Henry Scobell, Cleric. Parliament.

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