[...] JOY to great Cae╌sar, long Life, Love, and Pleasure;
[...]'tis a Health that Di╌vine is, fill the Bowl high as mine is:
[...]Let none fear a Fea╌ver, but take it off thus Boys; let the King live for e╌ver, 'tis no mat╌ter for us Boys.
Second Strain.
[...]TRY all the Loy╌al, de╌fy all, give de╌ni╌al;
[...]sure none thinks the Glass too big here, nor a╌ny Prig here, or sneaking Whig here,
[...]of Cripple Tony's Crew, that now looks blew, his Heart akes too, the Tap wo'nt do, his Zeal so true, and Projects new, ill Fate does now pursue.
Third Strain.
[...]LET Tories guard the King, let Whigs in Halters swing;
[...] let Pilk╌and Sh╌be sham'd, let bugg'ring O╌be damn'd;
[...]let cheating Pl╌be nick'd, the turncoat Scribe be kick'd;
[...]let Re╌bel Ci╌ty Dons ne╌ver be╌get their Sons;
[...]let ev'╌ry Whiggish Peer that Rapes a La╌dy fair, and leaves his on╌ly Dear the Sheets to gnaw and tear, be [...] Land t'attone the grand Affair.
Fourth Strain.
[...]GReat Charles, like Je╌ho╌vah, spares Foes would unking him, and warms with his Gra╌ces the [Page 3] Vi╌pers that sting him;
[...]'till crown'd with just An╌ger the Re╌bels he sei╌zes: Thus Hea╌ven can Thunder when e╌ver it pleases.
[...]THen to the Duke fill, fill up the Glass, the Son of our Martyr, be╌lov'd of the King:
[...]En╌vy'd and lov'd, yet bless'd from a╌bove, se╌cur'd by an An╌gel safe un╌der his Wing.
Sixth Strain.
[...]FAction and Folly, and State╌Me╌lan╌cho╌ly, with To╌ny in Whigland for e╌ver shall dwell;
[...]let Wit, Wine, and Beauty, then teach us our Duty, for none e're can love, or be wise and re╌bel.

LONDON, Printed for Joseph Hindmarsh, at the Black Bull in Cornhill, 1682.

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