The DRAGONS Forces totally Routed by the ROYAL SHEPHERD Wherein is laid open, a horrid and bloudy Plot, as it was contrived, fomented and acted against the harmless Lambs, with the cruel proceedings of the DRAGON and his wicked Councel, viz. General Ram, Col. Bear, Col. Asse, Col. Wolf, Col. Fox, Col. Buck, Col. Bore, Col. Cock, Col. Goat, and Col. Catt Secr. against their lawful Sovereign King LEONIS. Also the manner how they drew in all other Beasts of Prey to the destruction of many thousands of the poor Lambkins; and afterwards how these Rebels were subdued by the young LYON, and the Lambs restored to their Ancient Liberties, &c.

I peep to spy the Dragons treachery

The subtile old Dragon Saint-like doth appear
To all other Creatures that you do see here,
and tels them if they'l enjoy freedom they may
for the Lion's a tyrant that ore them bears sway
Col. COCK.
Gen. RAM.
The Old subtle Dragon.
Col. BORE.
Col. FOX.
[depiction of a map of the world(?)]
Col. Silly ASSE.
Secr. CAT
THe Dragon thus design'd this horrid Plot,
Quoth he, you all are slaves and know it not;
I was the first of Beasts that e're [...]s k [...]wn,
Then why should not each subject [...] [...]s own?
Shall cruel Leo that sad Beast of prey
Longer remain, or over us bear sway?
No, no, Dear friends, we better things may merit,
Be rul'd by me, each shall his right inherit;
Freedom's your due, dear Brethren, then why
Will you be bound that may have Liberty?
At which the Fox cry'd out with might and main,
'Tis thou that art our lawful Sovereign.
Then said the Bear, I am content withall
That you have said, may I be General.
And I the next (cryes out the noble Ram)
One of your ever loving Subjects am,
Then said the Buck, what need I to despair
Who one of your most Royal Counsel are,
The Boare did grunt, for fear he came too late
To sit amongst the rest in pomp and State.
Next did the Cat only desire to be
Chief Scribe, unto the Dragon's Majesty.
The silly Asse his simple Vote soon past
None but the Dragon should be King; at last
The Cock turn'd Cryer, and aloud did call
Unto the rest of Beasts, at which came all;
But none did speak, except the Wolf, and he
Was with the Goat content and did agree
That they would in the Dragons Counsel sit,
And justifie all Murder hee'd commit.
The rest to give this curs'd Council content
Were silent, 'cause they knew it gave consent.
Then streight they rays'd an Army, and did call
The cruel Ram, to be their Generall;
Who soon set forward with a mighty force,
Both Waggons, Guns, great store of foot & horse,
At which came in all Beasts both near and far,
With Bowls, Rings, Bodkins to maintain the War,
Except the harmless Lambkius, who did creep
To the Lyon, who might in safety keep
Them from the Wolf, and all those Rebels who
Did seek to kill them and their Sov'reign too.
He told them that their lives he would defend
Against their foes, though he his blood did spend.
At last these Rebels plac'd in battel Ray,
Did from the Lyon win that fatal day
Wherein he fled, the Lambs they follow'd after,
And many thousands there was left to slaughter.
Thus did the Lyon from these Rebels fly,
Who would have spilt the blood of's Majesty.
Supposing that to friends he safe had past,
But they prov'd foes, and sold him at the last
For cursed Gold, ('twas that their King betray'd,
Which after they unto the Dragon paid
Again) to those who vow'd his Glory more
Should be, than ever it was known before.
But mark their mercy when they had him bought,
'Twas nothing but his precious bloud they sought,
Who without Law, by Will was only try'd,
And (though a Lyon) like a Lamb he dy'd.
The Lyoness and Lyons young, all fled
For fear, because the Dragon banished
His Royal Issue; where they in exile
Did live in grief and sorrow for a while,
Till that Old Dagon's Image down did fall,
Whose Tyranny did make his Subjects all
Lament the Lyons losse, at which they sent
Out Orders for the Lyons Parlament,
Who by a faithful General, did bring
The Lyon home again to be their King,
He soon did set the pretty Lambkins free,
Both from the slaughter, and the Tyrany
Of that curst Council, who once did deny all
The Noble Council, King, and Issue Royal.
Then all the subtle Dragons cursed crew,
For shelter into ev'ry corner flew,
Some got away, some taken were and try'd,
For Treason, and as Traytors, so they dy'd.
Since which the Lyon young doth Reign, God send
Him long to Live in Peace, and so I END.

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