Dan. 12.

Many shall be purified, and made white, and tryed: But the wicked shall do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand: But the wise shall un­derstand.

Printed in the yeer 1649.

The Word of the Most High: To the Lord General, Lord FAIRFAX, From the Lady Eleanor.

THe generality or scope of this com­mand touching Prophesie, though ceased a time, the Church bidden expresly, Despise it not, but to try the Spirits, needless to be insisted on. Let it seem not therefore strange or hard what is here de­sired, since nothing too hard for him whom ye serve, The Lord of Hosts, that you the Commander of the field, prayed to send forth Harvest-laborers, to be pleased to appoint some faithful by name, the truth of these things for to examine, no true peace without it, concerning what she hath been a sufferer so many years for; [Page 3]no less then the burthen of his word to Great Britain (Anno Dom.) 1625. bear­ing date first of the present Reign, Three and twenty years since; shewing what year in as it were the general Judgment, speak­ing as through a Trumpet from Heaven: So that the Prophets testimony, the Scri­ptures which accords therewith, may no longer wait for their resurrection; that have by Antichristian authority been cru­cified and buried hitherto, like that gold­en wedge or tongue, hidden by him A­chan, author of so much trouble: Even the Prophet Daniel, that greatly beloved man; and John, whom he loved, that bosom Disciple; both testifying of great Britains visitation at such a time, as from his own mouth also (Mat. 24.) after such fearful denounced Judgements, the like never afore or again, bidden therefore, watch, &c. shews of that blessed Man­na [Page 4]their meat in due season, vvhen to be given them, doubtless something to be revealed, a forewarning plain enough.

As from the Kingdom of Heaven being likened unto those virgins, five wise, and five foolish, shall shew you a mystery, how points to the aforesaid acce­ptable year 1625. begins with the blessed Virgins feast (Five and twentieth of the moneth) witness when made at midnight that cry before the Bridegroom; which as betokens the word of God in such a year so to such a Reign directed, that began then; and his marrying with such a one, with the late hour of wedding nights, &c. (Mat. 25.) where the five Talents ac­count given up, a touch gives of the same year too; and for her wisdom anointed with her lamp-oyl spent so much: Mary likewise by name much like that, had a name, She lives, but was dead (Rev. 3.) [Page 5]brought with her a curse in stead of a blessing, Pestilence, never such, and Sword Great Britains portion; as bles­sings great set light by, unaccompanied with no smal corrections, where again up­on his Prophetical Reply to our Saviour Christ (Luke 14.) Blessed is he that shall eat bread in the kingdom of hea­ven (as much to say) lives to see him reign, his foes put under his feet for ever: also Sion, whoso toucheth her, toucheth the apple of his eye, puts forth this Parable, A certain man made a great supper, and bade many; and at supper time sent forth his servant, that intrusted servant, saying, All things are ready (to wit) the Prophets wait, their visions are awake; when the unworthy wretches with one consent and voyce, all began to make excuse, one this, &c. another that had married a wife, could [Page 6]not come without her leave; as by the five yoke of Oxen, paints too unto his being Crowned and married such a year, in whose room the maimed bidden, &c. e­nough of whose company may be had (Luke 14.) in plain English, The careless Stuart by name, justly turned out of Stewardship, what Trust to be repos'd in such a ONE? unto this day not weighing the many Caveats entered, and sacred Statutes, Matt. 24. Noahs days, knowing not his own house, when hee sees it either: as, had the goodman of the house known at what hour &c. would not suffred his house to be broken up, his banqueting house especially, &c.

And again, like as in days of old what doings, vvhen the Son of man is reveal­ed, thus and thus it shall be; marrying, &c. bidden Remember Lots wife her looking back: and vvhere Lord being [Page 7]askt, shall be revealed that secret, and these things be? wheresoever the body is, thither the Eagles resort. The body of an army, those spacious quarters; There­fore what I say unto you, I say unto all watch, have your lights burning, loyns girt, like men expecting, &c of which Oracles not so obstruse hitherto as obvious now. His farewel the prophet Daniels on the house top proclaims it, bidden Go thy way &c. (Dan. 12.) shewing, And from the time the Daily shal be taken away; and the abomination that maketh de­solate set up; Altars adored; giving to understand, As any have eyes may see; Pauls no little one, thus computes the time, There shall bee a thousand two hundred & ninety days: Blessed is he that waits, and comes to a thousand three hundred five and thirty: whereby taking 1000. rests (the year of grace) [Page 8] 1625. calling unto this Jubile year 1649. even Behold I stand at the door and knock, if any man hear my voyce and open the door, I will come in and sup with him, and he with me shall sit, &c. By your leave Sirs, which bars any more kneeling at the Table not onely, but from those words, The daily taken away, shews the Lords Supper how that taken away, unto the foorenoon translated: put­ting no difference between his and their own Suppers: well presaging the evening of time how discerned: what looking for and hastening, &c. vvould follovv it, Pet. 3.

Resting, My Lord, The humble Servant of your Excellence, ELEANOR.

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