DIRECTIONS Given by Anthony Daffey, For taking the Safe, Innocent, and Successful CORDIAL DRINK, CALLED ELIXIR SALƲTIS, Truly Prepared by me Ellen. Daffey, now Living in the Square in Salisbury-Court, in the House that was formerly Dr. Brown's, near Fleetstreet, a large Golden Ball being over the Gate.

The First general Observation.

FOR such Persons as are opprest with Chronical Distemp­ers, whether the Gout, Stone, Collick, Ptisick, Dropsie, &c. and have divers years been tortur'd and bow'd down under the burden of them: I say, for Distempers habitual to, and radicated in the body, it cannot be rationally expected, that this or any means under Heaven may on a suddain effect their Cure, any more, than that a small shower of rain (after a long season of Sum­mers Drought) should presently revive the parched and dying [Page 2] Flowers and Herbs of the Field, and restore them to their lively verdure and greenness: To Persons therefore infected with these Chronical Distempers, and disposed to use the means of this my Drink, I give this advice, that they take the same according to the ensuing particular Directions, and patiently wait upon the Almigh­ty Physician of Soul and Body for his Blessing, and I doubt not, but they (as well as others have) will find very much relief, at least by ease of their pains, if not the perfect cure of their disease; which some aged Persons have happily experienced. Moreover, let not the Patients (having taken this Drink) impatiently expect its ope­ration of working with them on a sudden; for Experience hath found that on some Bodies it is 6 hours, some 8, and on some 12 hours, before it works; and in most Distempers, its operation is so gentle and moderate, that the Patients may (with safety) follow their business and occasions, either at home or abroad.

The second general Observation.

LEt the Patient (afflicted with any of the Distempers, in the Book of my Cordial Virtues mentioned) have a due regard to the state and condition of his or her Body: If the Body be Costive, (as most generally persons under such distempers are) the first dose (if the age, and strength of nature will permit) to be three spoon­fuls at the Patients going to bed, and the like dose at the up-rising in the Morning: But in case the Body be Laxative, then let the first dose over-night be one spoonful, and another at the up-rising in the Morning, and so let the Dose be encreased by one spoonful each time, if the Patient's strength may admit, till it comes to three spoonfuls, (which without good advice) none is to exceed. In taking the same, let the Patient use as much exercise and stirring as strength of Body may admit. Here likewise observe, the Patient ought to avoid Melancholly, and keep a good dyet; and it is con­venient to make a mess of Broth, or something warm an hour after the morning Dose, which is found more proper than Posset-Ale.

The third general Observation.

THis Drink hath been many Years experienced of so innocen [...] and sure operation, that it may be safely taken at any season of the year; for neither heat nor cold can obstruct its influence or operation on the Body. Moreover, this Drink will retain its Virtue though kept two years together (as divers persons have found) but I suppose it may be kept much longer. Another Vertue and innate Property of this Drink (distinguishing it from all other Physick whatsoever) is, that at the Patients leaving off the same the Patients Body remains not Costive, but in a very good health­ful temper and lightsome condition.


LEt the Patient (having competent strength of Nature) take Three Spoonfulls of this Elixir in the Morning fasting, and the like Dose last at Night; the which course let be followed so long as the Patients strength of Body will bear it, and especially if the pains be found to move from one joynt to another: I advise the Patient to be active, and use as much stirring exercise as con­veniently may be. Here Note, that after four Doses, or twelve Spoonfulls taking, the Patient may (if the same be found to work five or six times a day) intermit a day, and then return to the Drink, taking then two Spoonfulls in the Morning, one spoonfull an hour before dinner, and two Spoonfulls last at Night; but let not the Patient, finding not his expectation answered, on a sudden lay aside the further use of this Choice Remedy; for although some have been Cured of this torturing malady in taking but of one half-pint Bottle of this Drink, yet some require a pint, and others more, according as the Disease hath more or less seated and riveted it self in the Body.

The Stone or Gravel in the Kidneys.

IF the Patient's pain lye most either in the Reins or the Flank, it is an indication, whereby he or she may conclude, the Ma­lady is the Stone or Gravel in the Kidneys; then the Patient's Body and strength of Nature admitting, let him or her take the Dose [Page 4] Dose, or three spoonfuls last at Night and first in the Morning and presently after it, use as much stirring exercise as may be; and although Riding may at that time be burthensome, yet it would prove very profitable and advantagious; for by using extra­ordinary exercises and agitaitons of the Body divers have been the sooner discharged of this torturing Distemper, as hath been experienced by Mr. Crawley (in the printed Sheet of this Drinks Vertues mentioned) by taking but three Spoonfuls of this Drink, and riding ten miles upon it, voided three Stones, each as big as a Horse-bean, (as he himself testified.)

STONE in the Bladder.

LEt the Patient afflicted with the Stone in the Bladder consi­der the bigness of it, and take the full Dose of three Spoonfuls last at Night, and the like first in the Morning continuing the same for three days; then intermit two days and return to it, then taking only two Spoonfuls last at Night, and the like Dose first in the Morning▪ which course let the Patient observe, and by the Lord's Blessing the Stone will be found to wast gradually, and in conclusion, to come away; but Patience is to be exercised, for although Thomas Hinde voided away the Stone in nine Spoon­fuls, or three Doses taking, yet that great Stone voided by the said Mr. Crawley was high twelve Months in wasting before it could come away, and was then rendred so soft that it crumbled away between the singers.

Exulcerations of the Kidneys.

FOr the Exulceration of the Kidneys, rendering the patients Urine like Blood, let the Patient keep the Direction of the Second General Observation, and so first open and clean the Body for two days, and then for two days Night and Morning, take one spoonful or two, (according to the Measure of strength) and then intermit two days, and after take one Spoonful at night and one in the Morning, and one an hour before dinner: this me­thod in taking the same hath, by the Lords Blessing, been found eminently successful in the healing and cleansing any Exulceration in the Reins or Bladder.

Collick, and Griping in the GƲTS.

LEt the Patient (at any time of pain) take three spoonfuls, which may ease or mitigate the pain; and if he or she be not dischar­ged of the Pains, let him or her take three spoonfuls more five hours after; but if the Patient be of a costive or corpulent Body, let such a one take a Dose of four spoonfuls in the Pain-fit, and (if the pain continue) four spoonfuls more six hours after; for this Distemper is usually sadly violent, and must be follow'd close: And this means (thus taken) fails not, by the Blessing of Almighty God, to become Master of this sad Malady. Afterwards (for cleansing the Body of the dregs of it) let the Patient lessen the Dose according to the Di­rections of the Second general Observation.


LEt the Patient weigh and consider the Three general Observations, and (according to direction thereof) open and cleanse the Bo­dy for four days,; and after that, take only half a spoonful when the Cough is perceiv'd coming upon him or her, and one spoonful an hour before Dinner; and this course (follow'd) will by degrees gain power over, and waste the Distemper, yea, and strengthen Nature against it: And this course may be taken even in Winter, when the Distemper is predominant and strongest upon the Patient; by which means he or she will (by the Lord's Blessing) find their breath free, and the Cough exceedingly abated, if not taken away: but as to youthful persons that are not far gone in this sad Malady, a Pint of this Drink in the Spring, and as much in the Fall, taken as before directed, will, by God's blessing, not fail of a perfect Cure. And unto aged People afflicted with this Distemper, it doth so far aid Nature, and strengthen them, as in the following Winter to render their Lives pleasant to them, provided always that the Patient be moderate in drinking, and have a care to prevent taking cold, and keep a good Diet.


IF it be predominant upon the Patient, (known by the bigness of the Belly, swelling of the Limbs and Face) let the Patient take four spoonfuls first in the Morning, and the like Dose last at Night, for four days together, then intermit two days, and afterwards keep to three spoonfuls at Night, and the like Dose in the Morning.


THe [...]curvey, known by knots in the flesh, and blue spots in the skin. Let the Patient keep to the Directions in the third general Observation, having due regard to the strength of their bodies, and take the drink two days, intermitting two days for the space of a month, and then take only one spoonfull in the morning and another an hour before dinner.


LEt the Patient take the ordinary Dose of three Spoonfuls at night, and three in the morning, for six times without inter­mission, and doubt not but (by the Lord's blessing) the same will be found successful to his or her Relief and Cure, tho' the height of the distemper had brought the Patient very low, and nigh the gates of death: And I would advise others, and particularly such as are apt to drink much Wine (bad and sophisticated Wines being very frequent and fatal in this City and elsewhere) that they do upon the least illness and indisposition of Body apply themselves unto this choice Remedy, either the same night or the next morning, or both; for this Drink is experienced a choice Antidote for pre­venting of Surseits (insensibly stealing upon men) and expelling out of the Body that malignant Matter which is the occasion and rise thereof.


LEt the Patient, when first smitten with this Visitation or with illness, accompanied with any symptom of the Distemper (re­gard being had to the direction of the three general Observations) take three spoonfuls, or less, of this Drink (according to the Pa­tients strength or weakness of Body) and so proceed as occasion shall require; and I question not, but (through mercy) the same will be found an effectual means, as well for overcoming the Di­stemper, as for strengthening Nature, and restoring Health (unless the Patient's Visitation be the Messenger of Death) as hath been happily experienced, and will be attested by divers persons in my own and other Families, which staid in the City in the time of the last great Visitation, and were Visited, and yet through God's goodness do still remain in the Land of the Living.

Fits of the Mother, and Vapours from the Spleen.

LEt the Patient (having regard to the direction of the general Observations) begin with one, or with two Spoonfuls of this Drink, and so continue and raise the Dose, according to what the Patients strength may admit, remembring that the greatest Dose prescrib'd does not exceed three Spoonfuls, and let the proper Dose be taken at any time whatsoever, when the fit is found to be coming upon him or her.


LEt the Patient duly observe the direction of the three general Observations, using as much stirring Exercise, as strength will permit; and in four days time, she will, by the blessing of God, find her Distemper diminish, and in taking of an half pint Bottle, the Cheeks and Lips will return to their former Rose-colour.

CHILDRENS Distempers.

FOr CHILDRENS DISTEMPERS, whether the Worms▪ Rickets, the Stone, Convulsions, Gripes, Kings-Evil, Joynt-Evil, or any Distemper proceeding from Wind or Crudities, gen­dred by means of undigested Matter, (the effect of their cold and weak Stomachs) which is the granted and original cause of these their Distempers: The way of administring this drink must be on this manner; to a Babe of a month old, give (in time of its affliction) half a Child's spoonful thereof, mixed with dou­ble the quantity of small Ale, not exceeding this dose, nor oftner [...]han once in 12 hours time. To a Babe of half a year old, let the dose be half a middling spoonful of the drink, with double the quantity of small Ale. To one of a year old, one spoonful, with the like quantity of small Ale. To a Child of four years, one spoon­ful of the drink alone. To one of seven years old, two spoonfuls, and to one of 12 years old, two spoonfuls and an half; in any of these Distempers, not exceeding one Dose in twelve hours, except only in the Gripes, and then one Dose every five hours; where ob­serve, that in most of these Distempers it hath pleased God so to bless this Means, that two Doses have been found successful to Babes and Childrens cure. Here note, That the strength of the Child and its Distemper will be a surer Guide for apportioning a proper Dose, than the Child's Age.

The Stone in Babes and Children.

ANd if the Distemper be the Stone, observe the same Directions in administring this Drink to Babes and Children (of all Ages) as is above prescrib'd for those under other Distempers, except only that Distemper of the Gripes; and this Drink gradually wasteth the Stone, and turns Stones to Gravel, bringing them away as soft as Meal, and brings away Worms as Skins; it also brings away a slimy Sub­stance, some black, some green, (the cause of these Distempers) which manifold Experience hath fully confirm'd.


MOreover it hath also been experienced, that unto a Child of seven years old (afflicted with the Gripes or Convulsion-Fits in extremity) there hath been found necessary the same dose, as for a Man, being three spoonfuls; and five hours after the like Dose.

Consumptions, bad Digestions.

LET Consumptive Persons of either Sex take one spoonful of this drink an hour before dinner, and another such Dose an hour after dinner; for many weak Consumptive persons have, through the Lord's blessing, experienced the same very successful in strength­ning weak Nature; converting their food into good nourishment▪ and instrumental in restoring their strength.


LET the Patient (an hour before the expected time of the Fit) take three spoonfuls, being at what time soever; and two Spoonfuls six hours after: which done, let the patient observe the Directions of the second general Observation.


LET the Person afflicted diligently follow the Direction in the second general Observation; it having been lately found to be successful.


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