THE OVERTHROW OF THE Scottish Army: Or a Letter sent from Lievtenant Generall CROMWELL to the Committee of Lancashire sitting at MANCHESTER, shewing the utter Routing of the Scottish Forces.


LONDON, Printed for JOHN BELLAMY; 1648.

To the Committee of Lancashire, sitting at MANCHESTER.


IT hath pleased God this day to shew a great mer­cy to this poor Kingdom, by making the Army suc­cessfull against the common Enemy. We lay last night at Mr. Sherbournes of Stonihurst, about Nine miles from [Page 2] Preston, which was within Three miles of the Scots Quarters,; we advanced betime the next morning towards Pre­ston with a desire to engage the enemy, and by that time our Forlorne Hope had engaged the Enemy, wee were a­bout Foure miles from Preston, and thereupon we advanced with the whole Army, and the Enemy being drawne out upon a Moore, betwixt us and the Towne, the Armies on both sides in­gaged, and after a very sharpe bout con­tinuing for three or foure howres, it pleased God to inable us to give the E­nemy a Defeat, which I hope we shall improve by Gods Assistance to their utter ruine. And in this Service your Countreymen had not the least share; wee cannot bee particular, having not [Page 3] time to take an account of the slain or Prisoners, but wee can assure you, we have many Prisoners, and many of those of quality, and many slain, and the Army dissipated; a Principall where­of with Duke Hambleton is on the South side of Rible and Darwent Bridges and wee lying with the greatest part of the Army close to them, no­thing hindering the ruine of that part of the Enemies Army, but the night; it will bee our care that they shall not passe over any Ford beneath the Bridge to goe Northwards, nor to come over betwixt us and Whaley. We understand that three Companies of Colonell Generall Ashtons are at Whaly, we have seven troops of Horse and Dragoons, that we believe lye at or near Clytherow [Page 4] this night; I have sent Orders expresly to them to march to Whaley, to joyn with those Companies that you shall improve of your Countrey Forces to­wards the ruine of this Enemy; you perceive by this how things stand, to wit, the Enemy is broken, most of the Horse being gone Northwards, and we having sent a considerable party in the very heeles of them; and the Enemy having lost almost all his Ammunition, and near 4000 Arms: so that the grea­test part of their Foot is naked. And therefore in order to this work, we de­sire you to raise your Countrey, and improve your Forces for the totall ruine of that Enemy which way soever they go; and that you shall accor­dingly do your part, doubt not of their [Page 5] ruine: We thought to speed this unto you, to the end you may not be trou­bled if they shall march to you, but improve your interest as aforesaid; and that you may give glory to God for this unspeakable mercy.

From your very humble Servants, Oliver Cromwell, Ralph Ashton.
Mr. Winstanley,

SInce the sealing up of my Letter, wee have more good newes come in to us. Yester­day upon Standish-moor they had a hot dis­pute, many slain and taken: some report at both fights neer four thousand slaine; they came running through Wigan in a bleeding condition; the Enemy is running through Warington, some skirmishing is still amongst them at Goose-green, and Ashton: we are sen­ding out more Forces towards Wigan to helpe to beat the running Army, and catch them as they goe: This day is a glorious day in Lancashire; if you were in our County, you would rejoyce to see what a refreshing gale is come amongst us. I rest, Yours

Henry Mollineux.

Wee see it made good, That when Gods people are brought low by their oppressors, the Lord rai­seth them up.


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