THE CASE OF Francis Earl of Carlingford: Humbly offered to the Honourable the House of Commons.

FRancis Earl of Carlingford is seized of a small Estate in Ireland which is not forfeited, but is charged with Debts and Incumbrances to near the value thereof, and among others, there are claimed as due upon the said Estate some dormant Debts to Forfeiting Persons, which Forfeited Debts by the Bill now de­pending will be vested in the Trustees.

There is a Stated Debt of 4000 l. due from the Crown to my Lord Carlingford; as also the King, since the War ended, directed Ballimote, the Chief Seat of his Family of considerable Value, to be Demolished, for the Safety of that Country; and in the late War, and on all Occasions in the several Stations he hath been in Abroad, he hath most Zealously and Faithfully and to good Ef­fect performed all the Services in his Power, not only to His Majesty, but for the Publick Good of England; of which His Majesty was so well Apprized, that he was Graciously disposed to Discharge the said dormant For­feited Debts, but the same was not actually done.

Wherefore, on the said Considerations, he Humbly proposeth a Clause, to Impower the Trustees to enquire into the Truth of the said Debt due to him from the Crown, and Damages by demolishing his Seat, and doth not propose any Sa­tisfaction from any other Forfeiture or Estate, but only that they may discount to him what they shall think fit out of the Debts claimed as Forfeited, and pretended due upon his own Estate, and doth not expect otherwise ever to be Satisfied or Repaired.

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