ARTICLES AGREED By the Duke D'ANGVJEN, Lieutenant Generall of the Kings ARMY in Flanders and Luxenburgh, to the Marquesse De Leden, for the rendition of Dunkirke, and Fort Leon, to the obedience of the King of FRANCE.

ALSO, A Letter from Chester; containing the surrender of DENBIGH-CASTLE in North-Wales; to be agreed, to be delivered to Major Generall Mitton.

And the last Newes from Ireland.

OCTOB. the 19. 1646.

These Papers are examined, and published according to Order of Parliament.

London Printed by E. E. 16461

THE COPY OF A LETTER FROM The City of Chester.


FOR the Rebels proceedings in Ireland, wee hear little since the last only that they increase, and that a Siege is feared at Dublin, to pre­vent which, great preparations are made, and care taken to mend the workes and take in such supplies as is needfull; Digby is gone to Water ford, to treate with the Popes Nuntio: intending from [Page]thence to passe beyond Sea, probably to act their designes; we heare that they are glad there that he is gone out of the Citie; it being said, that had he not come thither (by all likelyhood) there had been an agreement betweene the Parliament, and the Marquesse of Ormond before this.

For newes here in Northwales it is thus, Major Generall Mitton hath had a possible deniall at Cono­way castle, and hath given order to prepare to batter it. Farlish castle will stand or fall with the other 3. it being more considerable, by reason of those with­in it, then of the place it self.

The Major Generall after a long capitulation with Salisbury, the Governour of Denbigh castle, hath agreed to have it surrendred to him.

I hear that there are in Denbigh castle, of Denbigh only one piece of Canon, which was made in the ca­stle since they kept it against the Parliament, and but few Armes, nor any great store of provision. There is with Mr. Salisbury, sir Wil. Gerhard, and some 20 Officers, or thereabouts, and about 2 or 300 soldiers, but few horse. The particulars you shall receive more fully by the first opportunity (God willing.) Holt castle is parlying, and there is hopes of the ren­dition of it also, but no conclusion as yet. On Friday next we are to chuse Officers for this city, (God grant that we have good ones.)

Sir, This is all at this present, to trouble you, from

Your very humble servant E, A.

Articles agreed by Monsier, the Duke of Anguien, Lieutenant Generall of the Kings Army in Flanders, and Luxemburge, to Monsier the Marquesse De-Leden, Gover­nour of the Towne of Dunkirke, for the rendission of the said Towne, and Fort Leon, to the obedience of the most Christian King.

1. IT is agreed that the said Towne of Dunkirke, with the Fort of Leon, and all the fortifications, and dependances be restored to his Highnesse, by the said Marquesse D [...]-Leden, on Thursday next the 11. of this present moneth, in the same con­dition that all is at present, by 7. a clock in the morning, with all the Ordinance, and Ammunitions of warre, and of worth, that are in the said Magazines, of the said Towne, and in any o­ther reserve whatsoever; for the defence and conservation of the said Towne: At which hower shall issue forth of the said Towne the Mr. De-Led [...] with the Sargeant Generall of the battle, all the Collonels, and Officers, and generally all men of warre that are in the said Towne, and Fort Leon, both Horse and Foote, with Armes, Baggage, Matches lighted, Cullers fly­ing, and Drums beating, and 2. Peice of Ordinance without any let or molestation under what pretence soever; and that they shall be conducted the same day (in all safety with a good and sufficient Convoy) to Newport.

3. That on Wednesday next the 10. of the said moneth, at 6. of the clock in the after noone, the gate of the said Towne, called Newport Gate, shall be delivered, and put under the power of his Highnesse to be kept by his forces, which he shall appoint for that purpose.

3. And (for a more easy execration of the present treaty) it is agreed that there shall be (from this present time) a generall Cessation, betweene both parties, untill the said day (viz.) Thursday the 11. During which time there shall be no shooting neither from the one party, nor the other: And that all the forces shall (every one) remaine in their quarters without wor­king, advancing, or having any communication, but such as shall be permitted by (the generalls of) both parties.

4 That (on this present day) Sentinels shall be appointed (by both parties) to stop the further continuation of making workes, onely what shall be permitted to be prepaired, by both parties, and in presence of the Centinels, they advising with the other party, in case that the workes shall happen to fall to ru­ine.

5. There shall be also a Centinel upon the sea port to take care, and advice of what may passe in; or out of it, to whom it shall be permitted to visit all vessels, boates, that shall passe in or out.

6. It is likewise agreed, that all Officers and souldiers of the Navy, and admiralty, the Councellers, Officers, and other ser­vants of the Catholick King, (which are in the said Towne) may go out with the same liberty.

7. As also the said Marquesse De-Leden shall have liberty to march out with 2. Peice of Ordinance aforesaid, and 6. other small peices of Cannon of the Baron of Lamboyes Army, with their Horses, Charets, Officers, and Servants.

8. That all the Inhabitants of the said Towne (as well Ec­clesiasticall as others) of what quality, and condission soever they be, shall be concerned in their Estates, Priviledges, and Franchises, (which they have hitherto enjoyed) without any new charges or impositions.

9. That all (as well the said Inhabitants as residents) in the said Towne, that shall be willing to go forth, with the said Garison, or 2. moneths after, may do it freely without any in­terception, with all their moveable Estates: And 2 yeares space granted unto them to sell their moveables, and dispose of them, as they shall thinke fi [...].

10. It is likewise agreed, that if within the said time (viz.) before Wednesday next at 6. a clock at night, the said Towne shall be releived by land, by the Army of the Catholick King, and that it shall cause the Army of the most Christian King to retire, that then all the said things agreed upon, shall remaine nul: And the said Towne remaine in the same condition that now it is: And in the meane time the besieged shall not receive any succor, neither by sea, nor land, other then that which sh [...]ll forse the seidge to raise; And in case that any shall [Page]put themselves in defence, nor shall make any hostill, out in fa­vour thereof.

11. That if (within the said time) any succor (sent from the enemy) shall enter the said Towne, that at that very same instant, pasports shall be forthwith given them to retire.

12. It is also agreed, that if before the said day: (viz.) Wednesday the 10. a peace (betweene the two Crownes) shall be published, then both parties shall remaine in the same state as at present. And that the present treaty shall not prejudice those at Munster, if published as aforesaid.

13. A pasport shall be speedily given unto him who shall be named by the said Mr. the Marquesse De-Leden to go unto Mr. the Duke D' Amalphi, and to returne in all safety.

14. And for the entire execution of the present treaty (which by our faith and peroll we engadge) there shall be given (this day) for Hostages, from the Sir Marquesse De-Ledens part, one Collonel of the Kings, another of Lamboyes, A Captaine that commands the Spaniards: two Burgases of the Magistrates, and one Officer of the admiralty: And at the same time that the gate of the lowne shall be delivered into the hands of his Highnesse, there shall also be given by his Highnesse (for Hosta­ges) 2. Collonels, and 4. Captaines.

15. The prisoners of either party shall be set at Liber­ty.

16. That Charets and Bela [...]des shall be provided for the sick and wounded, to carry them to Newport.

17. And this present treaty is signed by both parties, one to remaine in the hands of highnesse, and the other in the hands of the Marquesse De-Leden.

Signed. LOƲJS de BOVRBON. DE-LEDEN, Marquesse.

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