Causes of a publike Fast, and solemne Humili­ation to be kept throughout the Church of Scotland upon the last Sabbath of this instant month of July, being the 25. day thereof 1647.

THat notwithstanding of our solemne ingagement, in the Co­venant, our Obligations from great and singular mercies, and our many warnings from judgments of all sorts; Yet not on­ly doe we come farre short of that sobriety, righteousnesse and holinesse that becometh the Gospell of Jesus Christ, but un­godlinesse and worldly lusts abound every where throughout the Land, unto the grieving of the Lords Spirit, and provok­ing the eyes of his glory to make him increase his plagues up­on us, and to punish us seaven times more, because we con­tinue to walke contrary unto him.

Secondly, That the Lords hand is still stretch'd out against us, in the judgment of the Pestilence, which spreadeth not only in severall places of the Country, but continueth and increaseth in many of the most eminent Cities in the Kingdome.

Thirdly, The great dangers that threaten Religion, and the worke of Reformation, In these Kingdomes from the number, Policy and power of the Sectaries in England, which are like not only to interrupt the progresse of uniformity, and the establishing of the Ordinances of God in their bewty and perfection, but to overturne the foundation already layd, and all that hath beene built thereupon, with the expences of much bloud and paines.

First, And therefore we are earnestly to pray the Lord that the solemne League and Covenant may bee kept fast and inviolable, notwithstanding of all the purpofes and en­deavours of open enemies and secret underminers to the contrary.

Secondly, We are to entreate the Lord on the behalfe of the Kings Majesty, that he may be reconciled to God, and that he may be now furnished with Wisdom and Coun­cell from above, that hee bee not involved in new snares, to the endangering of himselfe and these Kingdomes, but that his heart may encline to such resolution, as will contri­bute for setling of Religion and Righteousnesse.

Thirdly, We are also to entreat the Lord on the behalfe of the Parliament of Eng­land of the Synod of Divines, and of all such in that Land as doe unfainedly minde the work of God, that they may not be discouraged or swarve in the day of temptation, but that each of them in their stations, and according to their places and callings may bee furnished with light and strength from heaven for doing of their duty with faithfulnesse and zeale.

Fourthly, We are to supplicate for direction to our Committee of Estates, that they may discerne the times, and know what is fitting to be done, for securing our selves and incouraging our Brethren.

Fifthly, We are to pray for a spirit of light and of law unto our Assembly, that they may be instrumentall in preserving the truth, and advancing holinesse amongst our selves, and for carrying on the work of God amongst our Neighbours.

Finally, That the Lord would power out upon all sorts of persons in these Kingdomes a spi­rit of grace and supplication, that it may repent us of all our iniquities, and that we may be reconciled to the Lord; that so all the threatens of his wrath may bee removed from amongst us, and he may blesse us with the sweet fruits of truth and peace.


Printed at Edinburgh by Evan Tyler, Printer to the Kings most Excellent MAIESTIE 1647.

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