Vpon occasion of the late Victories a­gainst the Rebells, and for the future suc­cesse of the Forces.

PVBLISHED By His MAIESTIES Command, to be duly read in all other Churches and Chappels within this his King­dome, and Dominion of WALES.

Printed at OXFORD, By LEONARD LICHFIELD, Printer to the University. 1643.

A PRAYER FOR THE PRESERVATION Of His MAJESTIES Person, and for the Peace of the Kingdome.

O Lord guard the Person of thy Servant the King.

Who putteth His trust in Thee.

Send to Him and to His Ar­mies help from thy holy Place.

And evermore mightily defend them.

Confound the designes of all those that are risen up against Him.

And let not their rebellious wickednesse approach neere to hurt Him.

O Lord heare our Prayer.

And let our cry come unto Thee.

O Lord God of Hosts who givest victory unto Kings, and didst deliver David thy Servant from the pecill of the Sword, heare us, we beseech thee, most miserable sin­ners, who doe here powre out our soules before thee, entirely desiring the protection of thine hand upon thy Servant the King: let Him finde safety under the shadow of thy wings, and pre­serve his Person as the apple of thine owne eye. Suffer not that sword which thou hast put into his hands to be wrested out by the hand of man: but blesse his Counsels with successe, and his enterprises with victory, that he may goe on to be a terror to all those that oppose him; and to be as the dew of the latter raine upon the hearts of all those who doe still remain Loyall to him. And O thou who takest no delight in the misery of one single sinner, spare mercifull Lord, spare a great, though most sinfull Nation, pitty a de­spised Church, and a distracted State, heale up those wounds which our sinnes have made so wide, that none but thine owne hands can close them. And in the tendernesse of thine unspea­kable compassion hasten to put so happy an end unto these wasting divisions, that thy service may be the more duly celebrated, thine Annoynted more conscientiously obayed, that the Church may be restored to a true Christian unity, and the Kingdom to our former Peace, and that for his sake who is the Prince of Peace, and that shed his [Page 3]pretious bloud to purchase our Peace, even Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom with thee O Father & the blessed Spirit be &c.

A PRAYER OF THANKS­giving for His MAJESTIES Victory over the Rebells at Edge-hill.

O Thou God of Hosts, who goest forth with our Armies, and pleadest the cause of thine Anoynted against them that [...]trive with him, We acknowledge with all lowlinesse of mind, that it is not our sword, nor the multitude or Our Host that hath saved us, but it is thy hand alone that hath disposed of Victory to thy servant the King, that hath co­vered His head in the day of Battaile, and hath kept His Crowne from being thrown down to the ground: Not unto us therefore, not unto us, but unto thee, O God, do We give the praise, beseeching thee to accomplish the great work thou hast begunne for us, to continue the bles­sings of good successe on the head of our Sove­raigne, and on His Army, that the happinesse thereof may flow from thence to the very skirts [Page 4]of His People; to continue the fear and conster­nation which thou hast already cast upon the Hearts of those who have Rebelliously risen up against Him, to enfeeble their strength, to infa­tuate their Counsels, to undeceive and disabuse the seduced part of them, that they may know and feele, that to take up Armes against thy Vice­gerent, is to fight against heaven, that so by a timely and conscientious submission to the just Authority of him whom thou hast set over them, the effusion of more blood may be prevented, the Peace of this distracted Kingdom setled, Faction may be cast out of the State, and Schisme out of the Church, to the advancement of thy glory, the Kings honour, and the Peoples good. Grant this, O God, for thy old mercies sake, which thou wert wont to show unto this Nation, that both Prince and People may joyne in giving praise to thee, who livest and raignest world without end. AMEN.

A thanksgiving for His Majesties late great Victory over the Re­bels in the NORTH.

O MOST Mighty God, whose dwelling is above the heavens, yet humblest thy self to dispose of all things done either in heaven or earth, who in thy unsearchable judgements hast suffered the Sheba's of these times to blow the Trumpet of Rebellion in every corner of this Land, but withall hast justly turned this sufferance of thine into their Ruine; We praise and magnify thy great and glorious Name, that having given of late to thine Anoynted so many pledges of thy Favour, thou hast yet added to that heap of blessings a New and Notable Vi­ctory over the Rebels in the North; Goe on, O thou God of our Salvation, goe on, as thou hast begun; leave us not, we beseech thee, till thou hast accomplished the great work thou hast so apparently taken into thine own hands; Passe by our personall sins, O Lord, though they cry loud, hear them not, but look to the Righteousnesse of our Cause; See the seamlesse Coat of thy Sonne torne, the Throne of thine Anointed trampled on, thy Church invaded by Sacriledge, and thy peo­ple [Page 6]miserably deceived with Lies. See it, O God, (as see it thou dost) and vindicate what thou seest upon the heads of those who lead these wretches to destruction, till by their frequent overthrows (if nothing else can possibly reduce them) thou hast scourged them into obedience, & tamed these Enemies of thine and ours into a desire of peace, that so having at last subdued their hearts (which is the best of Victories) thy David may return to his Ierusalem in peace, and thy people once more joy under his Government, blessing thy goodnes which hath wrought this for us through the Me­diation of thy Son Jesus Christ, to whom with thee, and thy blessed Spirit, be all praise, and glo­ry world without end. AMEN.

A Thanksgiving for His Majesties late great Victory over the Rebels in the VVest.

O Most Glorious and Powerfull Lord God, without whose aid▪ and influ­ence all our strength is weaknesse, and our counsell folly: we thy unworthy Servants in a gratefull commemoration of thy frequent and often repeated blessings, with humble and unfai­ned hearts offer up to thee the sacrifice of prayse, calling Heaven and Earth to witnesse with us, that [Page 7]it is thy Power alone by which we stand, thy Strength by which we prosper. Particularly we magnifie thy holy Name, O God, for that late great Victory, wherewith thou hast graciously bl [...]st our Sove [...]aignes Forces in the West, where thou gavest not the day to the strong, nor measu­redst out successe according to the numbers, but madest the weak chase the mighty, and [...]n hand­full overthrow an hoast; shewing by a [...] evident testimony or thy presence, that the Arme of Flesh strives in vain, when the Arm of God doth fight the battaile. In pursuance of this thy unspeakable goodnesse, we humbly beg of thee, O Lord, to continue in all our dangers the like speciall assi­stance to us, to break the speare of the Disobedi­ent, and melt the hearts of the Rebellious into wa­ter, to strike the minds of the perverse, with a true touch of that Conscience, which they goe about to stifle, and a true sense of that duty to thine A­noynted, which they labour to forget, that we thy miserable and distressed people, may no longer groan under those heavy Judgements, which our sins have pulled down upon us, but may at last be reunited and knit in the happinesse of a long wisht for peace, and with one mind, in the same true Re­ligion, worship thee the onely true God, and obey our King whom thou hast set over us: grant this, O mercifull Father for thy deare Sons sake who raigneth with thee, and thy holy Spirit world without end. AMEN.

A thansgiving for the Queenes Safe Returne.

O MOST mercifull Lord God, we farther render thee all Praise and thankes, for that thou hast been pleased to extend thy hand of deliverance unto the Person of our gratious Queene; that thou hast made her an in­strument of so much good to this Kingdom, and brought her safely hither, through so many dan­gers both by Sea and Land. Lord make the King and his people daily more and more happy in her, that as by thine especially favour she is already become the Mother of so many hopefull Princes, so she may be daily fruitfull in the addition of more blessings to us, through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom with thee, and the Holy Ghost, be all Honour and Glory, world without end. AMEN.

A hymne or generall thanksgiving.

GLORY be to God on high, and in Earth Peace, good will towards Men. We praise Thee, we blesse Thee, we worship Thee, we glorify Thee; and at this time, in a more [Page 9]especiall manner, with the highest expressions of our devoutest hearts, we most humbly give thanks unto thee, for that thou hast been pleased out of thine infinite goodnesse, mercifully to look down upon the late low estate of our gratious Sove­raign; That thou hast brought him from so much scornfull neglect, to appeare so terrible unto those desperate Rebells, who dare yet stand in Armes against him; That thou hast blest him with many, and those eminent Victories, and particularly, for those great defeats which by his Armies thou hast given unto his enimies in the North, and in the West. O Lord God, heavenly King, God the Fa­ther Almighty, O Lord the only begotten Son Iesus Christ, continue these thy favours to us, and perfect, we beseech thee, that glorious work, the happy Peace of this Land, which none but thine own strength can finish. And to that end, Thou that takest away the sins of the World, take this foule sin of Rebellion from us; Thou that sittest at the right hand of God the Father, smite through the loynes of those Sacrilegious men who have not spared at all to prophane thy house, and thy service; so shall we still blesse and magnify thy Name in the midst of the great Congregation; so shall we thy servants never cease to be still pray­sing thee and saying; Thou only, art holy, Thou only art the Lord, Thou only O Christ, with the holy Ghost, art most high in the glory of God the Father. To thee be all praise and honour, and glo­ry ascribed, world without end. Amen.

A Prayer to be said during these times of Trouble.

O Lord our God, Mercifull and Gracious, and abundant in goodnesse and truth, who dost according to thy will in the Armies of heaven, and rulest over all the King­doms of the earth; in whose hand is power and might, and none is able to withstand thy arme; we most vile sinners approach before thy Throne of grace, bewailing those manifold transgressions that have provoked thy wrath and indignation a­gainst us. We know, O Lord, that affliction com­meth not forth of the dust, neither doth trouble spring out of the ground, but it is thou that with rebukes dost chasten man for sin. We confesse that we were a wealthy and a carelesse Nation, & our Land was as the garden of Eden; our delive­rances were great, and thy blessings were multi­plyed; we dwelt alone without feare of evill, and were become the envy of those that were round about us. Peace was within our walls, and plente­ousnesse within our pallaces. But when we had ea­ten and were full, and had waxen fat, we kicked against thee our Maker, who hadst done so great things for us: our heart was lifted up and forgot thee our God; and lightly esteemed the rock of our salvation. We loathed the Manna that rained down upon us; our peace became a wearinesse, & [Page 11]we snuffed at our happinesse; we murmured a­gainst Moses in our Tents, and made light of thy Anointed whom thou hadst set over us. Therfore hast thou recompenced our waies upon our own heads, and suffered our destruction to proceed from ou [...] [...]lves: our wickednesse doth correct us; our back-sliding doth reprove us; and our iniquity is become our raine. Thou hast broken upon us with a grievous breach: thy anger hath divided us, & thy fury hath dashed us one against another. Thou hast mingled a spirit of perversnesse in the midst of us; and made us a Nation void of counsell and un­derstanding: in stead of peace thou hast sent bit­ternesse, and hast sent a fire into our bowels; and it is kindled round about us. And now, O Lord, be­hold the sword is drunk vvith our bloud, and vve are numbred to the slaughter: the high vvayes are unoccupied, and the Travailers goe through by­paths: our fields are divided, our inheritance is for a spoile, and out substance to the robbers. We are become are proach to the foolish people, and ser­vants bear rule over us. The mean man is risen a­gainst the honourable, & the fire out of the bram­ble devoureth the lofty Cedars; our Women are cast out of their pleasant places, and the roab is pul­led off from the aged; there is no respect had to the Priests, nor favour to the Elders. Thy Sanctu­aries, even the excellencie of thy strength, are pro­faned, and they have defiled the places where thy honour [...]d welleth, and yet still the seat of wicked­nesse frameth mischiefe by a Law; and it turneth [Page 12]judgement backward, and biddeth justice stand a farre off; and deviseth deceitfull matters against those that are quiet in the Land. Nay there is a lying Spirit gone out into the mouth of the Pro­phets; they prophecy falsely, and the People de­light to have it so, and they strengthen the hands of evil doers, that they turne not back from their wickednesse. Thus are we covered with a cloud in thine anger, and our beauty is cast down to the ground. But, O Lord, shall thine indignation be powred out for ever? shall thy jealousy burne like fire? O passe by the transgressions of the remnant of thine Heritage, and take away the rebuke of thy People. O remove from us reproach and contempt and strengthen the spoiled against the destroyers. Bow down thine eare, and consider the oppression of the poor, the sighing of the needy, the groaning of the Prisoners, that are fast bound in misery and iron. Lift up thy self because of the rage of thine Adversaries: consider the desolation they have made in thy Courts, and all that the enemy hath done wickedly in thy Sanctuary. And yet still they are compassed with pride, and cloath themselves with violence as with a garment. How long, O Lord, shall they boast themselves in mischief? how long shall they decree unrighteous decrees, and write grievousnesse which they have prescribed? O make not a full end with us, but correct us in mercy, though thou leave us not altogether un­punished. Help us, O Lord our God, for we rest on thee, and under the shadow of thy wings shall [Page 13]be our refuge untill this Tyranny be over past. Disappoynt therefore the devices of the crafty; let not the Rebellious exalt themselves any more, and suffer not the Tabernacles of the Robbers to prosper. And as thou hast begunne to shew thy ser­vants thy greatnesse, and thy mighty hand: so con­tinue thy marvailous loving kindnes to those who put their trust in thee. The Battaile is thine, O Lord, thou hast preserved us from the Arm of flesh; yea it is thou that hast wrought all our works in us, even when there was no might against that great Company that came against us. When we vvere few in number, and there was none to help us, then thine ovvn Arm brought salvation, and thy righteousnesse sustained us. O perfect there­fore thy handy vvork. Give salvation to our King, and deliver Charles thy servant from the perill of the sword, bind up His soule in the bundle of life, gird Him with strength to the battaile, contend with those who contend with Him, subdue thou the people under Him, and suffer no weapon for­med against him to prosper. O deliver him at length from the strivings of the people, and lift up his head above his Enemies round about him, give him the shield of thy salvation, & let thy gen­tlenesse make him great: put a stop at last to the madnesse of the people: say to the destroying sword, it is now enough: send us a seasonable and blessed calme: visit us with the joy of thy coun­tenance, and make us glad according to the dayes wherein thou hast afflicted us. O restore to us [Page 14]our solemne assemblies: bring us back into thy Courts to praise thee, and let us once more wor­ship thee in the beauty of thy holinesse. Save us O Lord, from enemies, and from the hands of all that hate us. That so we may serve thee without feare, living a quiet and a peaceable life, in all Godlinesse and honesty, looking for the bles­sed appearance of the great God, and our Savi­our Jesus Christ. To whom with thee and the holy Spirit, be all honour and praise, world with­out end. AMEN.


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