❧By the King.
A PROCLAMATION For Apprehension of Edward Whalley and William Goffe.


FOrasmuch as Edward Whalley, commonly known by the name of Colonel Whalley, and William Goffe, commonly called Colonel Goffe, are, amongst others, by an Act of this present Parliament, Entituled, An Act of Free and General Pardon, Indempnity and Oblivion wholly excepted from Pardon, and left to be proceeded against as Traytors, for their execrable Treasons in sentencing to death, signing the Instrument for the horrid mur­der, or being instrumental in taking away the precious Life of Our late dear Father of Blessed Memory.

And forasmuch as they the said Edward Whalley and William Goffe, having absented and withdrawn themselves, and fled, as we have been informed, to the parts beyond the Seas, are now, as We certainly understand, lately returned into Our Kingdom of England, and do privately lurk and obscure themselves in places unknown; we therefore have thought fit, by, and with the Advice of Our Privy Council, to publish the same to all Our loving Subjects, not doubting of their Care and forward­ness in their apprehension; And We do hereby Require and Command, aswell all and singular Our Iudges, Iustices of the Peace, Mayors, Sheriffs, Bayliffs, Constables and Headboroughs, as also the Officers and Ministers of our Ports, and other Our Subjects whatsoever, Within Our Realms of England, Scotland, Ireland, or Dominion of Wales, and all other Our Dominions and Territories, to be diligent in Inquiring, Searching for, Seizing and Apprehending them, the said Edward Whalley, and William Goffe, in all places whatsoever, aswel within Liberties as without, whom if they shall hap­pen to Take and Apprehend, Our further Will and pleasure is, That they cause them and either of them so Apprehended, to be safely carried to the next Iustice of the Peace, to the place where they or either of them shall be Arrested, whom We straitly Command to Commit them and either of them to Prison, and presently Inform Vs or Our Privy Council of their or either of their Appre­hensions.

And We do hereby further Declare and Publish, That if any Person or Persons after this Our Proclamation published, shall Directly or Indirectly Conceal, Harbor, Keep, Retain, or Maintain the said Edward Whalley and William Goffe, or either of them, or shall Contrive or Connive at any means whereby they or either of them shall or may Escape from being Taken or Arrested, or shall not use their best Endeavor for their and either of their Apprehensions, aswell by giving due Advertisement thereof to Our Officers, as by all other good means; We will (as there is Iust Cause) proceed a­gainst them that shall so neglect this Our Commandment with all severity.

And lastly We do hereby Declare, That whosoever shall discover the said Edward Whalley or Willi­am Goffe, either within Our Kingdoms of England, Scotland, Ireland, or Dominions of Wales, or in any other our Dominions and Territories, or elsewhere, and shall cause them, or either of them, to be Ap­prehended, and brought in alive or dead, if they or either of them, attempting Resistance, happen to be slain, shall have a Reward of One hundred pounds in money for each of them so brought in, dead or a­live, as aforesaid, to be forthwith paid unto him in recompence of such his Service.

London, Printed by Christopher Barker and John Bill, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty.1660.

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