CHARLES The Second of that Name, by the Grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, Defendor of the Faith, &c.
To all Persons within Our Kingdom of England, and Dominion of Wales, to whom these presents shall come, Greeting.

We cannot without unspeakable grief and sorrow call to mind, nor without horror expresse, That Our deare and Royall Father King CHARLES of ever blessed memory, hath beene most barbarously and most cruelly Murthered, by the hands of bloody Traytors and Rebells within Our Kingdome of England, with procee­dings and circumstances so prodigious, that the particulars induce rather amazement than expression. And although Wee have hitherto seemed silent in a matter so highly concerning Us, as not publiquely to expresse to the People of England Our griefe of heart and high detestation of that heynous fact: Yet being now safely arived in a small part of Our owne Dominions, at the Island of Jersey, Wee have thought fit rather from hence, where Our Kingly Authority takes place, than from any Forraigne Countrey, where Wee have beene hitherto necessitated to reside, publiquely to Declare; That out of a bitter sense and indignation of those horrid proceedings against Our dear Father, We are, according to the Laws of Nature and Justice, firmly resolved, by the assistance of Almighty God, though We perish alone in the enterpize, to bee a severe Avenger of His Innocent blood, which was so barbarously spilt, and which calls so lowd to Heaven for Vengeance. And We shall therin by all waies and meanes possible, endeavor to pursue & bring to their due punishment those bloody Traytors who were either Actors or Contri­vers of that unparalel'd and inhumane Murther. And since it hath pleased God so to dispose, as by such an untimely Martyrdome, to deprive Us of so good a Father, and England of so gracious a King; We do further Declare, That by His Death the Crown of England, with all Priviledges, Rights, and Preheminences, belonging thereunto, is by a cleare and undoubted Right of Succession justly and lineally descended upon Us, as next and immediate Heyre and Successor thereunto, without any Condition or Limitation, without any Intermission or Claim, without any Ceremony or Solemnity whatsoever; And that by vertue thereof We are now in Right lawfully seized of the said Crown; and ought by the Laws of God and of that Nation to enjoy a Royall power there, as well in Church as Common wealth, to Governe the People of that Kingdome according to the antient and known Lawes, to maintain them in Peace and Justice, and to protect and defend them from the oppression of any usurped power whatsoever. And the people of that Nation, by the like Lawes owe unto Us, and ought reciprocally to pay duty and obedience unto Us, as unto their Liege Lord and Soveraigne. This Royall Right of Ours is groundred upon so cleare a Title; is setled by such fundamentall Lawes, confirmed by so many Oathes of Allegiance in all Ages, is supported by such a long continued Succession in Our Royall Progenitors, and by such a constant submission of all the people, that the same can admit of no dispute, no act of Our Predecessors can debarre Us of it, no Power on Earth can justly take it from Us; and by the un­doubted Lawes of that Nation, to oppose Us either in the Claim or Exercise thereof, is a Treason of the highest degree. And although the bloody contrivers of Our Fathers Murther (out of a pernitious hatred to all Monarchies) have by force, as much as in them lies, Disinherited Us of Our Princely Right thereunto, ba­nished and proscribed Us, seized all Our Revenues, prohibited all entercourse and supplies to bee sent to Us, and have by violence imposed upon the People of Eng­land a new Yoake of popular Tyranny, to the utter subversion, not only of Our Just Rights, but of their Lawes and Liberties. Yet We do professe that We can not perswade Our selfe, that the Body of the English Nation hath so farre degenerated from their antient Loyalty and Vertue, as to consent to these horrid proceedings against Us, or to approve the casting off that Kingly Government, under which they and their Fore-fathers have happily flourished so many Ages past, to the envy of all their Neighbour Nations. How can that once happy Nation of England despaire of blessed daies under a Royall Scepter, and vainely hope for them under the Iron-rod of an insolent Multitude? No, Wee cannot looke upon these sad and dismall Changes, as the Desires or Intentions of the better part of Our Subjects of that Kingdome; but rather as the Designes and Contrivances of those wicked Murtherers of Our Father, whose Ambitions are endless, whose Avarice is unsa­tiable, and whose Guilt hath made them desperate. And therefore out of a confidence Wee have of the Loyalty and good Affections of many of Our Subjects of that Nation; And as well for their encouragement who still persist in their Naturall Allegiance and Obedience to Us, as for the security of such as shall yet returne to their Duties and Loyalties; Wee have thought fit hereby further to Declare, That Wee are graciously pleased to receive all persons of Our Kingdome of England and Dominion of Wales (other then such who Voted or Acted in that bloody Murther of Our deare Father) into Our Royall Grace, Mercy, and Protection, w [...]g and esteeming them all as Our good and loving Subjects, whom upon Accesse to Our Kingly Authority, We shall hold Our self bound according to the Law of God, the known Lawes of that Nation, and the Duty of Our Kingly Office, to protect, maintain, and preserve in wealth, peace and happinesse. And for a cleare evidence of Our good intentions towards them, Wee shall be contented freely to pardon, or otherwise by Act to declare, or hold indempnified, all persons within Our said Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales (except before excepted) for any matter whatsoever relating to the late unhappy Wars and Distractions. And We shall (according to the example of Our deare Father) be ready upon the establishment of Our Royall Throne, to make such further Concessions, for the satisfaction & se­curity of Our good Subjects in generall, & of all Interests in particular, as shall be adjudged most to conduce to the Peace and Happinesse of that Kingdom. And We doe further declare, That Wee shall give Our utmost assistance to restore Parliaments to their antient Dignity and Honour, and shall preserve their just Priviledges, and joyne to repaire all those Injuries and Affronts, which have beene done to the Members of that High Court. And because all waies of gaining a mutuall confi­dence, betwixt Us and Our good Subjects, are at present obstructed, by the usurped force and power now prevalent in that Kingdome, Wee are therfore resolved to make use of such expedients as shall bee necessary for the suppression of that Tyrannicall and unjust Power now exercised over them; And for bringing to their due punishment, those bloody Murtherers of Our deare Father; For shaking off the heavy Burthens and Taxes they now groane under; And for restoring Our just Rights, and the antient Liberties and Freedome of the English Nation; Not doubting but Wee shall find all Our good Subjects ready to concurre, and to assist Us in Our just and pious Undertakings for those ends. And in the meane time, Wee require and command all Our said Subjects, according to their duty to God, their Allegiance to Us, their severall Oathes and Protestations, and the love and affection they beare to the Peace of their Native Country, that they doe not betray their Lawfull King, nor the glorious Liberties and Laws of England, into a perpetuall slavery, by acknowledgment or voluntary submission to any new formes or models of Government; under the name or mask of a Free State, nor under any other title or pretence whatsoever.


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