The Kings Majesties last MESSAGE And DECLARATION To His Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax. Communicating

  • 1. His Maj. Desires touching his Subjects of England.
  • 2. His Maj. firme Resolution, touching the priviledge of His Subjects.
  • 3. His Maj. Gracious Promise to his Excellency.

Written by His Maj. own Hand, and Signed Charles Rex, [now resident in the Isle of Wight.] Whereunto is annexed, The Gen. Resolution and Answer, concerning His Maj. Desires; Presented to the publike view of the Kingdome.


G. Mabbot.
[Charles I and Sir Thomas Fairfax]

London, Printed by J. C. for G. HORTON, 1647.

A Joyfull MESSAGE FROM THE KINGS MAJESTY, TO HIS Excellency Sir THOMAS FAIRFAX, Concerning His Majesties Resolution towards Kingdome and Army.


UPon Fryday last, being the third of this instant December, came to my hands, a copy of his Majesties last Message, dated from the Isle of [Page 2] Wight, and directed to his Excellency Sir T. Fairfax; which Message was read in the pre­sence of divers Colonels, Lieutenant colonels, Majors, and Captains of the Army, at a Gouncell held at Winsor; a copy whereof, I have sent you here inclosed, together with the Ge­nerals Declaration and Resolution thereup­on.


HAving left Order at our remove from Hampton-court, that a copy should be given you of what we had then written to both houses of Parliament, touching the causes of our withdrawing, and the continu­ance of our resolutions to improve every oc­casion of the satisfaction of all chiefe interests, that so a happy peace may bee setled in all our Dominions: In pursuance whereof, wee have lately sent a message to both houses from this place, and a copy of it to you, and being desi­rous in order to that blessed work, to give you our present sense upon the condition of affairs as they now stand, We have thought fit to ap­point Sir John Barkley to repair unto you, and [Page 3] to communicate the same to you, And we shal be glad by him to receive a mutuall commu­nication of your sense also upon this s [...]b [...]ect, not doubting but you easily perceive by the late disorders into what a depth of confusion the Army and Nation will fall, if not timely prevented, and therefore we have now again proposed (as the only expedient) a personall Treaty, for the composing all differences, and fulfilling the desires of all interests, to which if you will employ your credit, as you cannot but expect the blessings of God upon your en­deavours therein; so may you justly looke for the best return that ever our condition shal be able to make you.

For Sir Thomas Fairfax, Generall.

The Declaration and Resolution of His Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, touch­ing the Kings Maiesties Desires for a personall Treaty, in answer to the afore­said Message.

HIs Excellency being very tender of admitting any intercourse with the King, or any from Him, resolved not to have any discourse in private, nor any thing in publique, but what might be for His better accommodation, or the like; but for the matter of a personall Treaty, his Excellency could give no answer to it, the Parliament having it under consi­deration.

The General having thus expressed himself. Col. Barkley (who brought the Kings Message) withdrew, and prepa­red his journey towards the King.


For other particulars, touching the procee­dings of the Generall Councell of the Army & the Souldiery, I shall refer you to the enclosed, VIZ.

UPon Thursday last the Councell of the Army assembled at Windsor, where they had many long debates in refe­rence to the settlement of the Peace of the Kingdome, and about disbanding of the su­pernumerary Forces; and after some time spent thereupon, it was ordered, that part of the Souldiery should be disbanded, that so a speedy course might be taken for the ease of those Counties which have been a long time overburthened.

Collonell Lilburns Regiment hath late­ly presented a Remonstrance to the Gene­rall, the substance thus; That they utterly disclaime the disserting of, or engaging a­gainst the Parliament or Army with any, [Page 6] and that they are resolved to adhere and stand firme to his Excellency against all op­position whatsoever, which was very well taken and approvod of. Col. Skroopes Regi­ment of Horse hath also declared their firm and constant Resolutions towards the Ge­neral, and to oppose and hinder the designes of those who shal endeavour to divide the Souldiery from his Excellincy. Thus having imparted the most material passages, I re­main

Yours to serve you, T. F.

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