FOr a finall Answer to your Proposition of the 13. of this instant concerning Delinquents, &c. His Majestie will consent, That all persons who have had any hand in the Plotting, designing, or assisting the Rebellion of Ireland, shall expect no Pardon, as is exprest in the first branch of this Proposition.

As to all the rest of the Propositions, His Majesty cannot consent thereunto, as is proposed, otherwise then is here afterwards expressed, viz.

As for all other persons comprised in the said first Branch, His Majestie for satis­faction of His two Houses will give way, That they may moderately compound for their Estates, and desires they may be admitted to the same. And for removing of distrust, and interruptions of the publique settlement, His Majestie will consent as followeth.

That such of them as the two Houses, of Parliament will insist on shall not be admitted to His Councels, and be restrained from comming to the Court, at such distance, as both Houses shall thinke fit, and shall not have any Office and Em­ployment in the Common-wealth, without the consent of both Houses of Parlia­ment, or shall absent themselves out of the Kingdome for some time, if both Houses of Parliament shall thinke fit.

That all other persons in this Proposition shall submit to a moderate Compositi­on, and for the space of three years shall not fit, or serve as Members, or assistants in either House of Parliament, without consent of both Houses of Parliament.

His MAJESTIES Propositions.
  • 1. THat His Majesty be put into a condition of Honour, Freedome and Safety.
  • 2. That safely He may be restored to His Lands, and Revenues.
  • 3. That he may have Composition for the court of VVards, and such of His Reve­nues, as He shall part with.
  • 4. That there may be an Act of Oblivion and Indempnity.

Mr. Vines gave in a Paper in Answer to His Majesties, to satisfie His Majesties Conscience touching Bishops: then the Commons delivered a Paper, desiring a more satisfactory Answer to the businesse of the Church.

Printed for RICHARD ROYSTON, 1648.

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