His Majesties Declaration whereby to Repeale and make voyd, all Licenses, by Himselfe granted f [...] bringing any Goods or Commodities, from the Cities of London and Westminster, and other pl [...] ­ces, in rebellion against His Majesty, contrary to His late Proclamation, prohibiting Trade and Commerce, with the said Citties and Places.

WHereas since His Majesties late Proclamation, prohibiting Trade with the C [...] ­ties of London and Westminster, at the earnest and humble suit of certaine H [...] Majesties faithfull Subjects of this City of Oxford, and other places, and fo [...] reasons by them proposed, which appeared to be very pressing, some few licen­ses and dispensations have bin granted, under His Royall Signature, for bringin [...] some certaine quantities of sundry sorts of Goods and Commodities from th [...] said Cities of London and Westminster. And whereas his Majesty hath since found, that by colour of such Licenses, there is a great Trade of almost all Commodities still continued with those Cities, to the enerving and frustrating the scope and intent of his said Proclamation, which in his Royall Wisedome he hath Judged most necessary to prevent: his Majesty hath there­fore thought fit hereby to declare, that from henceforth, and from the date hereof, all such li­censes by him granted as aforesaid, shall be void, and no more put in use, even although the same, or any of them may have bin obtained with intent onely to provide supplyes of such things, as might be needfull for his own Royal Person, or his dear Consort the Queens Majesty or for the Persons of the Prince or Duke of York, their highnesses, straightly charging & commanding all Persons whosoever have obtained, or are possessed of any such Licenses as aforesaid, and all other Persons whatsoever, that they presume not to bring, or cause to be brought any Goods or Commodities, from the said Cities of London and Westminster, or any othe [...] Towne or Place in Rebellion against his Majesty, directly or indirectly, mediately or immediately, unto this his City of Oxford, or any other place in obedience unto his Majesty, upo [...] such paines as are expressed in his Majesties said Proclamation, and such farther punishment a [...] may Justly be inflicted on them for contemning and infringing this his Royall Pleasure and Command.

God save the KING.

Printed at Oxford by LEONARD LICHFIELD, Printer to the Vniversity. 1643.

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