To the Parliament of England,

THat you have made the Earth to shake, and the Seas to trem­ble under you: (even Earthly men, and Seas of their Traditi­ons) the power of the Lord is magnified, and you are highly honoured.

Would you now die like men, or live like the Sons of God? Remember whereto you are exalted. Remember from whence you are fallen.

Do the first works, and let the last be better then the first. Take off every burthen, and let the oppressed go free.

Your Navy shall be maintained, freedom of Trade regained, Impost and Customs cased:

Your Armies shall be duly paid, Assesment and [...].

Let but the people (who chose you) chuse 2. Out of each Remotest— & 4. out of each well-affected County: (not Cavaliers least they offend you, not Committee—nor long Gown'd-men, lest they offend them; but un-byassed, un-interressed Gentlemen or Yeomen) and let the Souldier (whom you chose) chuse one or more out of every Regiment, to con­sult and judge with you, concerning the proposals to be offered.

If it succeed, you may be established. If it faile, yet may you gather in the dispersed thoughts and wisdom of the Nation and obtain help and assistance for those great affaires which multiply and oppress you.

Neverthelsse, I freely offer my life the pawn of my confidence in the success, if you are pleased to put it to the tryal, If not, yet have I dis­charged my Duty and Engagement; but, in despising the day of small things, Armies will be increased upon you, and murmurings against you: as Taxes and Assesments on the people.

Great mischiefs happen but once. The Poor Mans Advocate would have prevented all.

I have lost, I have suffered many things; You have given, you have granted me nothing. Yet smile, and vote me

Your Sober Friend, and humble Servent in the Lord, PETER CHAMBERLAIN.

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