A CATALOGUE Of THE MONEYS, MEN, AND HORSE, ALREADY subscribed unto by severall Counties of this Kingdome, and undertaken for His Majestyes service August the Fifth 1642.

THe Nobility and Privy Councell pay for three Moneths.2150.
Yorkshire doth Raise, Arme, and pay for three Moneths.500.
Leicester shire, Levies, Armes, and payes400.
Lincolne shire, Payes, Armes, and Levies foure troopes or300.
Divers Gentlemen of the Commons House of Parliament have voluntarily subscribed to pay three moneths465.
Notingham-shire, Levies, Armes and payes three moneths200
Herefordshire, Raises, Armes, and payes fixe moneths100
The Kings Domestique servants pay for three moneths169
The totall of the Horse4284.
Sir Bevill Grimfeild undertakes for Cornwall500
The Bishopprick of Durham hath subscribed to contribute in money 3000 pounds, hoping to make it up sixe thousand6000
Newcastle are subscribing also with great chearfulnesse. 
Herefordshire hath sent in money3000.l.
Flintshire, Glamorganshire, and the whole Principality of Wales hath likewise subscribed for great quantities of Horse and money.0000
Kent hath subcribed for1000.l.
The Vniversities of Oxford and Cambridge, have allready sent his Maiesty a Voluntary summe of16000.l.

These were subscribed unto, by the Gentry of the said severall Counties, who was summoned by His Maiesty, to meete at Yorke on Thursday last, VVhere the King and the Lords sate in the Chapter-house, And the Gentry in the Deanery, being the 4. of August 1642.

The Names of the Counsell of Warre are these following

  • LOrd Duke fo Richmond.
  • Lord Marquesse Hartford.
  • Earle of Linsey
  • Earle of Cumherland
  • Earle of Lath
  • Earle of Southampton
  • Earle of Dorset
  • Earle of Bristoll
  • Earle of Carnarvan
  • Earle of Newport
  • Lord Savile
  • Lord Vicount Falkland
  • Lord Vicount Grand [...]sson
  • Lord Willowby of Ersby
  • Lord Seaymor
  • Master Secretary Nicholas
  • Sir John Culpepper
  • Master Comptroller
  • Colonell Henry Wentworth
  • Colonell Wilmott
  • Colonell William Vauasor
  • Colonell Feild [...]ng
  • Colonell Lunsford
  • Sir William Vuedall
  • Sir Iacob Ashley
  • Sir Thomas Glensham
  • Sir Nicholas Byron

First Printed at Yorke and now reprinted at London, for Iohn Thomas, 1642. ⟨August 9th

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