THE CASE OF THE Undertakers and Promoters of the Bill for the Courts of Conscience for the Borough of South­wark, the City and Liberties of Westminster, the Tower Hamlets, and the remaining Out-Parishes of the County of Middlesex within the Weekly Bills of Mortality.

THat Mr. Thomas Pretyman with others, have been for several Years last past concerned in endeavouring to obtain an Act for Erecting a Court of Conscience for the several places above-men­tioned, and have Expended great Sums of Money, besides loss of Time, and great Attendance in carrying on the same; And in order to the Accomplishing thereof, in the Year 1685, did bring in a Bill to the then Parliament to that effect, and after the first Reading did pay their full Fees (as by Acquittance will appear) in order to a second Reading; but by the sudden Adjournment, and afterwards Prorogation and Dissolution of the said Parliament, it could take no effect, to the great damage of the said Undertakers, who now upon a fresh Encouragement, and at the Re­quest of several of the Inhabitants of the Borough of Southwark, and others of the County of Middlesex, as likewise of several poor Prisoners that have lain long in Prisons for small Debts under Forty Shillings (as by their se­veral Petitions to this Honourable House may appear) have brought in a second Bill to the same purpose, and after the first Reading paid in their full Fees in order to a second Reading, which is since done, and the Bill referred to a Committee, where they have likewise continually attended, and paid all Adjournment Fees, and all other Expences whatsoever to this day.

That the Bill being now likely to take effect, there are several Persons (unknown to the Undertakers) Petitioning, and making their Applicati­ons to have their Names inserted as Clerks and Registers of the respective Divisions, though they have never been at one Penny expence, nor taken the least pains in the Management of it.

The Undertakers therefore do humbly refer themselves to the Honour and Justice of this Honourable House, where they cannot but hope, as a Re­compence of their Trouble and great Charge, and an Encouragement to others to undertake things of the like nature for the Publick Good, they shall have the benefit of having their Names inserted in the several Divisi­ons as Registers and Clerks, with the Powers thereunto belonging, prefe­rable to any others, so long as they shall behave themselves well in their respective Places and Employments.

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