THE Case of the JEVVES stated: OR The Jewes Synagogue Opened. WITH Their preparations in the morn­ing before they go thither, and their doings at night when they come home: Their practises in their Synagogues And some select actings of theirs in ENGLAND, upon Record.


The Case of the Jews stated, OR, The Jews Synagogue opened.

THe Jews had near 500 Synagogues in Je­rusalem, and many in all the Cities of Judea; And from time to time as they are dispersed among the Gentiles labor to build them Synagogues among them; The 48 Cities of the Levites first began them, in which Jews called Archisynago­ges were instead of Levites and Prophets. In their Synagogues they dispute and preach sitting. The El­ders sit it Chairs, the meaner sort in seats, and the meanest of all on the floor upon mats. They pray in their Synagogues stan­ding, and sometimes sitting.

When they were in England (as Matthew Parris hath re­corded in 34 H. 3.) the Jews used every year to steal a young Boy (the child of a Christian, and to circumcise him, and then in their Synagogue sate in a solemn Assembly, chusing one of themselves to be Pilat, who out of their Devillish malice to Christ and Christians condemned the child, and crucified him to death; and this was discovered at Norwich, where they cir­cumcised a Christian child and called him Jurnin, and condem­ned him to be crucified, it was discovered, for which four Jews being convicted were drawn at horses tails, and hanged on a Gibbet, and 18 Jews were drawn and hanged for thus cruci­fying of one Hugh Lincoln. There were banished 1605 11. in 18. Ed. 3. and their houses was given to the Master of the Rolls. By the Statute they were to wear all above seven years old, pee­ces [Page 2] of woollen cloth on their breasts to be known.

In the morning before they go to their Synagogue, the Wife is to waken her Husband and the Parents their Children, who after thirteen years of age are subject to their Laws. They are to awaken before day, that they may make their morning prayer whilst the Sun is rising, and not later, for then they say is the time of being heard, from Lam. 2. 19. They then frame to sadness for Jerusalem, and pray for the rebuilding of that City. They say when they shed tears in the night the Stars and Planets mourn with them, and if their enemies decree any thing against them, those tears will blast it, from P [...]a. 56. 9. And that if any rub his forehead with those tears it will blot out certain sins there written, They say that in the beginning of the night all the Gates of Heaven are shut, and that there are evil spirits then sent into the world which hurt all they meet, but after midnight the Angels are commanded to open Heaven again, and that the Cocks in the World hear that voyce, at which they clap their wings and crow, at which they use these words, Blessed art thou, O God, Lord of the whole World, who hast given understand­ing to the Cock.

They use filthy blasphemous words when they go out of their chamber to the stool. They say they must not touch their bo­dies before they have washed their hands in regard of the evil spirits which have rested in the night thereon, and that if they should touch their eyes they should be blind, or if their ears, they should be deaf, the nose dropping, the mouth stinking, the hands scabbed, if not first washed, because their hands are venomous if not washed first, first they pour water three times on the right hand, then three times on the left, then wash them, and after the face, and mouth, and then they say, Blessed be thou O God our God, King of all the world, who hast commanded us to wash our hands.

When they come to the Synagogue to their mattins, they en­deavour chearfulness, They make clean their shooes at the door, and he that hath Pantables must put them off, and at their en­tring in, cast in every one a halfpenny at the least into the trea­sury, and then bow themselves towards the Arke in which the book of the Law is, using certain words out of the Scirpture, as in Num. 25. 5. Psal. 5. 7. and others, expressing a high esteem of the House of God. [Page 3] Then they begin to pray out of their Common-prayer book, in which their prayers are in Hebrew, in meeter, and after their first prayer they say 100 Benedictions grounded on Deut. 10. 12. Now Israel what doth God require of thee, they read not Mahschoel but Meahschoel, he requireth 100 which they have short, and twice a day repeated.

1. For the washing of their hands. 2. For the creation of man. 3. For that they are made full of holes, one of which if should be stopped they should die. 4. A confession of the Resurrection. 5. For understanding given to the Cock to discern day and night asunder, and with his crowing to awake them. 6. That God hath made them Jews, or Israel [...]tes. 7▪ The Masters that they are not Servants, The men that they are nor women, the women that God hath made them according to his will. 8: That God exalteth the lowly. 9. That he maketh the blind to see. 10. That he raiseth the crooked. 11. That he cloatheth the naked. 12. That he raiseth them up that fall. 13. That he brings the captives out of prison. 14. That stretcheth the world upon the waters 15. That prepareth and ordereth the goings of man. 16. That hath prepared all things necessary for this life, 17▪ That girdeth Israel with strength. 18. That crowneth Israel with comliness, 19. That giveth strength to the weary. 20. That taketh sleep from the eyes, and slumber from the eye lid [...], &c.

Then they pray to be preserved against sins, evill spirits, and [...]vil men; and confessing their sins, they comfort themselves in the Covenant made to Abraham, saying, We are thy people, and the children of thy Covenant, &c. O happy we, how good is our portion, who every morning and evening may say, Hear Israel, the Lord our Lord is one God; gather us that hope in thee from the ends of all the earth, that all the inhabitants of the earth may know that thou art our God. Our Father which art in Heaven be merciful unto us, &c.

Then after some other short prayers they go on to their Sacrifices, and they repeat an history of Sacrifice, and a prayer of the use of the Law, and how many ways it may be expounded. And then pray for the re-edifying of the Temple, and rising with great joy and acclamation, they sing a prayer of praise in hope thereof.

Then they read a long prayer, which they conclude with the [Page 4] last words of the Prophet Obadiah, The Saviour shall ascend into mount Sion to judge the mount of Esau, and the Kingdome shall be the Lords; Which they spake in hope of the destruction of Christi­ans, whom they call Edomites, and of their own restitution.

And in some of their private writings, which it is hard for any Christian to come to the sight of; They speak very blasphe­mously of Jesus Christ, and say that the soul of Esau entred into the body of Christ, and that Christ and Christians are no better then Esau.

Then they fall to singing again, and after that to prayer again turning their heads to the four corners and winds of the world, because the letter Daleth signifieth four, in their repeating the Lord is One, and Echad containing in numeral letters 245. whereunto they add three, God our Lord is true, in all 248. so ma­ny members in mans body, they make so many short prayers, saying a prayer secures each. They use words for charming of evill spirits, and working miracles. And they have another prayer which they call Schone Esre, that is eighteen, consisting of 18 particulars by which they think all sin is pardoned, of e­qual esteem as the Papists have the Popes Pardons, when they say it, one foot must stand on the ground as fully as the other, from Ezek, 17. Their foot was a right foot, and in it they use these words, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Hosts, at which they leap up three times as high as they can; and they say that he that speaks a word whilst the chief Chanter of the Synagogue saith this prayer shall have burning coles given him to eat after his death; And these 18 parts they say are for the 18. bones in the back bone, at the saying whereof they all bend it.

After this follows a Prayer against the Jews revolted to Christianity, against all Christians, saying, These which are blotted out, shall have no more hope, and all unbeleevers shall perish in the twinckling of an eye, and all thine enemies which hate thee, O God, shall bee destroyed, and the proud and presumptuous Kingdome shall quickly be rooted out, broken, laid even with the ground, and at last shall utterly perish, and thou shalt make them presently in our dayes obedient to us.

Then they pray for themselves, and for their Proselites, and rebuilding their Temple, the comming of the Messias, and re­stauration [Page 5] of their Kingdome, and pray for peace among them­selves, at which they go backward three paces, bow them­selves, bending their head first on the right hand, and then on the left, that they may not turn their hinder part on the Ark, and so with a slow pace they return out of their Synagogues.

The Good-wife against her husbands return home, sweeps the house, that nothing may (as they say) disturb his holy co­gitations, and layeth him a book on the table, either the Pente­teuch of Moses, or a book of manners to read, which he doth for about an hours space.

About eleven a clock his wife hath prepared his dinner, clean meats purely drest, there is clean water, in which the houshold first washeth, then the wife, and last of all the Good­man, and must not keep on a ring on their finger, for fear some uncleanness remain under it, insomuch that Rabbin Akiba, having but so much water as would serve either to wash his hands, or quench his thirst, hee washed with it, and dyed for want of more to drink: Then the master of the house cuts a cut of the cleanest and best baked part of the bread, and then setting it down layes his hands on it, giveth thanks, and break­ing that off he hath cut, dips it in some broth, or some thing on the table, and eats it, and then takes the loaf, and cuts for the rest, and the like for wine, or other drink, except water. Their bread they have in that honour, nothing must be set upon it, and they say that a Spirit called Nabal, is deputed to observe such as (through negligence) tread it under foot, and to bring them in to poverty. They say that Elias, and every mans proper spirit attendeth at the Table, to hear what is said if they talk of the Law; but otherwise an evil Angel cometh, and causeth brawls and diseases. They have several blessings they use, and when they have done, there must not bee one crum left in their mouths. They pray in the place where they have eaten, or else they shall lose the benefit of burial.

About five a clock, their Clerk, or Scholae pulsator, knocks at their doors to give them notice of evening prayer, they go to the Synagogue and there they pray, and then the chief Cho­rester or chanter, sings a prayer, and they all sing the prayer of eighteen parts used in the morning aforesaid, and coming out [Page 6] of his Pulpit, he kneels down upon the steps before the Ark, and all the people fall down with their faces on their left hand confessing their sins, and praying for mercy and pardon, and conclude with prayer, and return home again.

In their time of pawsing between their Vespers and their N [...]cturns, if strife be between any, and reconciliation cannot bee made, then he which cannot reconcile his neighbour goeth to the Common-prayer-book, and shutting it, knocketh thereon with his hand, saying Anikel [...], I conclude the business, as if he should say, I conclude praying, till mine adversary be reconciled to me, until which thing be effected, they may not pray further, though for divers daies together, when one party is stubborn. These praiers are much against Christ and Christians, and for the coming of their expected Messi [...]s.

At supper they behave themselves as at dinner, going to bed they put off their left shoe, before the right, and in their prayer Psal. 4. 5. must be their last words, Commune with your own [...] on your bed, and be still, and if they cannot by and by sleep, it must be repeated over until they can, because they say thereby their sleep shall prove good to them. They lye with their heads to­ward the South, and their feet towards the North that they may bee fruitful (as they say) in male-children? And their chamber morals are so lascivious written upon their walls, as is unfit for chaste ears, besides their base words that they use against Christ, and against Christians.

1 Cor. 16. 22.‘If any man love not the Lord Jesus, let him be Anathema Maranatha.’

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