A Letter with a Narrative, written to the right Hon:ble THOMAS ALLEN Lord Major of London, &c. concerning a strange Sight that appeared over this City of London, in the yeare 1642. when the King was driven from his Parliament, Dated as followeth.


I Doe with all due respects (upon sight of your late Proclamation) make bold to ac­quaint your Honour, with a strange sight which appeared over this City in 1642. not improper for the worke of next Friday. I am sorry I had not acquainted your Lordship with it, before you publisht your Proclamation, for it will conduce much to the worke of the day, to let the People know what warning God offered to this City in 1642. and may much increase their Devotion and humiliation upon the day, or as many dayes as it shall please God to put into your Lordships heart, to command the people (under you) to meet againe upon the like Humiliation; For this neglect hath been so long, that I feare it will require ma­ny dayes of humiliation before Gods Judgments will be remitted. There hath been many Fasts, since God sent this City warning in 42. but no proper returne hath been made by this City in 17. yeares, to answer God againe; till it hath pleased God to put it into your heart at this time (NEHEMIAH like) to command a Fast, which I hope will prove effectuall as his did.

I thinke my selfe happie, that I can see it begun in Your time, which your Predecessor did ei­ther neglect, or tooke no cognizance of. I hope it will be a means to preserve this City; if with reverence, and effectually performed; as I doubt not, I could have wished that you had made it Nehemiahs fast; that both Man and Beast might have fasted strictly; But for that, I submit to your Honours better Judgment, and shall ever pray for your Honours health and happiniss, and the Cities safety.

Your Honors to command; N. B.
If your Honour doubt the Truth of what I have related, I am ready to make it good, being well knowne (a member of the Company of Stationers) and being Aged 78. yeares, not able to follow my Trade doe the more give my mind to a better world.

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