— Minor extat sacrilegus, qui
Radat inaurati femur Herculis, & faciem ipsam
Neptuni, qui bracteolam de Castore ducat.
Juvenal. Satyr. 13.

THE Royal beams of his late Mjesties fa­vour had no sooner began to disperse their rayes on this ungrateful wretch, but he entred into a Compact with the Devil, and shook hands with Rebellion, Religion was his pretence of discontent, though he was of all, but truly of none; his Cruelties in the time of his lawless liberty are more numerous than my Pen can express; he was one of Julian the Apostates Disci­ples, for he robb'd the Church of its Revenues, and took away all Benevolencies and Contributions to Schools of learning, to the end that Children might not be instructed in any good literature, exage­rating his saeriledge with scornful jeasts, saying, that he furthered our Salvation by making us poor, seeing it was written, Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Certainly he & C.B. the late Dean of Wells were near allied, for I find a great sympathy in their affections, both Church-Robbers and Uncove­rers of Gods House to build their own, not a corner in that Sacred place of Worship went unsearch'd He­rod-like, breaking up of Sepulchers and searching the Dormitories of the dead for hidden Treasure, the Lead, Iron Bars, Glass Pevves, nay, Pulpits were sold by these vermine, as if Paganism had enter'd in among us, and Christianity were taking its farewell; he in those unhappy times, and all such adle brain Church Projectors were with Child, teaming with their own sacrilegious Bastard-brats or false concep­tions how to Usurp the Lawes of God and Man, and to rob God most colourably. I find him at Bristow giving order to his Myrmydons to rob the Cathedral there, the Ornament of that City, of which the Mayor having timely notice, immediate­ly went to him with the rest of his Brethren to desire him to spare that Place; at whose earnest Request he promised them not to deface it: But mark, this sacrilegious thief and lyar at that very time he gave private order and directions for plundering and de­facing that Cathedral, and before the Mayor went from him one of his cropear'd Amsterdammers came to him and told him that the work was done, (meaning that the Church was defac'd and plunde­red) at which words this villanous Rogue and Moc­ker of God rose out of his Chair and held up his hands using this Expression, Even the Lord be thanked; as if the Lord were to be thanked for sacriledge, ex­presly forbid in his Holy Writ: he was a dissembler and a lyar, a Monster of men, and the son of Cruel­ty; he tore out and rent in pieces the bowels of his Mother the Church; he was at Court Treacherous; in the Field a Coward; a Sycophant to his Friend; and a Hot-brain'd Coxcomb in Council; he was a Day-bed for the Devil to slumber on, and his malice suckt up the greatest part of his own Venome, where­with he impoisoned himself, his greatest study was to contemn Obedience and practise Treason, his Re­bellion, Church-robbing and other his cruelties made him challenge his own Damnation by the way of purchase; he was a great lover of Church-Plate and Surplases, for he alwayes gave 'em fair quarter at his own house; he ruined more Families in the time of his Tyranny, than ever his generation was or will be worth; he was a Moath to the Church, a Can­ker to every mans Estate that he seiz'd on, and a Moule to the poor Colliers of Newcastle, who will curse his memory; the very bowels of the Earth could not escape or satiate his plunderage and cove­vetousness, nothing as he thought could put a stop to his careering appetite, in being a second Oliver, till he was Garrison'd in the Tower, the end of all his Projects, where had he liv'd a little longer, 'tis possible Dun might have dubd him one of the Knights of the Halter; but he is gone to his place where I leave him with Zacharies flying roll of curses 20 cubits long and 10 cubits broad, Zach. 5. 2, 3. Expresly sent after the Thief to apprehend him. Thus have I given you a taste of this unsatia­ble sacrilegious Wretch, till an abler and more know­ing Pen shall enlarge his Character with his Crimes.

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